Wednesday, 5 December 2012

To keep those chills at bay...

Hello deary do's,

Thought I would share some of my very latest purchases as I haven't done that in quite a while. To be honest, I haven't been out much to do any shopping, so purchases are a rarity indeed!

I need another bed jacket like a hole in the head. My excuse for buying this one is that
1. it's wearable and
2. it was cheap, so I don't need to worry about wearing it! It's also very pretty...
This is my "don't you dare mess with me" face!

A rare photo of yours truly with her mouth firmly shut, looking not best pleased I must say. I don't tend to ever not smile in photos after being told I have a mean mouth -I guess it's the thin lips and I s'pose I do- haha oh how lovely teenage boys can be!

My second purchase of note was this stunning and may I add, huge posy- isn't it divine.
Mammy is going to make me a black dress (bought the fabric!), so this will look quite wonderful on it. Why have a tiddly posy when you can have a whopper like this one, eh!
“For me!? Oh, you shouldn’t have….What a darling” ;)
Moving on swiftly....
I was also saved this fabulous knitting pattern booklet. Quite a little treasure for me. It's a great issue, though I am quite jealous as I can't knit any of the garments for myself as they are all for the menfolk! I haven't found any patterns for 'me' me in such a long time :(
  (some lovely illustrations and pictures inside)
And last but by no means least, I found this little cutie-  all shout "Oh no! Not another Sweetheart brooch Tupney"
 (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers)

Though you really should be proud of me as it's not another pair of wings!!!

So there you are, some of my most recent purchases.
I did pick up a couple more things as well, but no doubt I will blog about those separately at some point!

Found anything interesting lately?

Tickety xxx



  1. I love bed jackets and yours is a super one. Don't get me started on the posy! They did indeed seem to like rather large ones back then, quite a few of the original patterns I have are for huge ones. I made one with three life size tulips and haven't had the guts to yet wear it!
    Hen x

  2. What a lovely collection of things! My favourite has to be the Weldons knitting booklet - I now have pattern envy :o) Will have to track this one down myself now! Brooch is very pretty but the posie is stunning! Will look amazing on a black frock - lucky you x

  3. That is such a wonderfully lovely bed jacket! I only have one (a darling 50s number with a cream background and lush florals on it), but goodness do I live it in all winter long - especially when I'm downstairs crafting or using my laptop in the basement, where an extra layer is a must most days.

    Inspired by you, just last night I bought (online) my first CRAF items. A wee little lot with a pin, another pin with the pin back missing, an a heart shaped sweetheart pendant that I'll be stringing from a chain (likely brass). Thank you very, very much for inspiring me to start collecting (albeit probably at a very leisurely pace) items pertaining to Canada's military history to compliment the books and articles I often read on it.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Lovely, lovely bed jacket. I need to get me one, too! Especially since it's so cold this season sitting in bed whilst reading a book.

    And talking about a mouth firmly shut; I hate photo's of myself with my mouth shut. I get a chin that looks like it's wrinkled... or something.


  5. Lovely, and that posy is just the sort of thing I'd launch myself at.

  6. You couldn't leave that bed jacket behind. It's go rgeous! So is the sweet heart brooch

  7. Bedjackets are wonderful things - and with the weather turning cold, very practical too.

    I have been buying costume jewellery on Etsy. I really ought to stop, but it's so cute and pretty...

  8. Cute! J gave me a bed jacket for my birthday and I love it. It's quite smart, so when I have been ill, I don that for dinner and look a lot better (and feel it) than slouching around sweats.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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