Monday, 14 March 2011

Love and Kisses….

…. Carmen Miranda. Ooo arhhh!
Just a little something I picked up recently. Isn’t she just the bee’s knees?! Thinking back, I’m glad I decided to take her home… you see, I had the choice between a photo of John Gregson, or a photo of the delectable Carmen Veranda (hehe), and as I already have a cut out of John Gregson on my wall, and the fact I don’t want to be constantly reminded about Septic’s tragic end in Angels One Five, I went for Ms Miranda.
Seeing CM every morning when I wake, will cheer me up no end- I’m sure!

Couldn’t resist doing some more photographic nonsense, so Tickety here went and had a rummage through her scarf collection, pinning a few whatnots here and there in homage to the lady in the tutti frutti hat!
Just a bit of Fun!

* I would have flattened off my curly top, but it’s the first day of my weekly set and I didn’t want to go against the wave!*

beads galore...

Secretly I wish I could shimmy around in an outfit adorned with countless spangles, big shoulders, sporting a bare midriff, and wearing long skirts with cheeky splits…donning countless turbans or natty hats, all worn whilst fluttering some false eyelashes and doing some fancy foot work in a nifty pair of platform shoes,…but alas, I cant- I am too long and stringy with no rhythm or outfits to match, so such flamboyant fancies would be wasted! Ah well, a girl can dream…

Ta Ta all
Tups x


  1. I love Carmen Miranda, the costumes and headdresses are so vibrant. I also love the way she was funny and sexy before it was OK for most stars.

  2. John Gregson or Carmen Miranda? that certainly is a dilemma. I would probably have had to have BOTH.

  3. Ooh love the combination of the fruit and the beads!

  4. ah, how fun! Carmen Miranda was so vivacious! Here's to a summer filled with bright Carmen-inspired accessories galore!

  5. Love this post!! :) And am intrigued by how you set your hair :)

  6. Fun! You look adorable.
    I totally want a Carmen outfit, too. LOVE her musicals :)

  7. Great photos! I've nominated you for an award - check out


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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