Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Sun and a Film*

*Film pronounced Fillum of course!
Yesterday, like today was such a joyous day. The sun was finally shining and there was a subtle warmth in the air- not warm 'get out the deck chairs warm' but you know, enough to take the chill factor down a peg or two- ha- take that my winter blues- we have sun…. oh and I was off to the flicks in the evening (the Kings Speech)- the first of the year, so I had things to look forward to too!
I’m afraid I got a bit carried away with such sunny weather frivolities, and  pulled out my white linen skirt and bolero suit, teamed it with a sprigged blue and green blouse, and my pink 40’s sunnies! (The only original part of my outfit! Also not pictured!). I was rather pleased to get out this costume- maybe not quite right for this time of year, but this didn’t stop me, and anyway, there was no way I was going to dress in something dull if I had to be (stuck) at work on such a lovely day.
Haha this one makes me laugh- a short timer…at least I smiled!
.. I can just hear my ma saying…" 'ere she showing a bit of leg!"- Honestly!
In the evening I had a rummage, and had great fun picking outfits out ready for my outing- even donning completely inappropriate evening dresses- just because I was in the mood and because I could! Ok, so the full length numbers were a no-no, and there were some depressing moments when I tried on a dress that I have grown too tall for (sticks tongue out at my legs and the shortie that owned the dress originally!)- It was actually the dress I had planned on wearing, but there was no way I was going to show off my knees in public!
Finally I picked two dresses- my navy crepe and another 40’s American brown crepe dress (one with issues!) both had their good and bad points, and both went with my pink heels that I had set my heart on wearing….after all that dressing up nonsense, I picked a totally different dress (needs no excusing, I’m a girl!)- My very first in fact. Mum magically ironed it larger and longer (hurrah to the extra wears I can now get out of this dress!).
I dressed, found my 37 coronation brooch, clipped it to my favourite navy coat (my only navy coat!), slipped on my pink 40’s peeptoes and I was away to watch the kings speech.
 Whilst approaching the cinema I got ‘ what on earth are you wearing’- but I didn’t care as it was hurled across the street from a right scruffy lot, and any hoo it was soon cancelled out when a very well dressed older lady complimented me on my outfit.

my first 40's dress.... sniff, sniff.

As I have said before- big shoulders are a weakness….

All in all the film was very enjoyable- quite funny in fact. Mind you, I was a little niggled about the speck of dust that kept on moving in one scene- first you see it, then it’s a shot of someone else, then back on to Colin Filth (hehe)...hang on, where’s that white fluff? But that’s just a minor quibble- but an annoying one! As for the surroundings- rather nice as modern picture houses go- luckily I was on the end of a row so I could stretch out my dying legs, wiggle my numbing arms and sort out my annoying necklace clasp that kept on catching on my ye olde beaded hairnet- darn it! Why did I wear both? (note to self: wear one or the other, NEVER both). It was soooooo embarrassing trying to untangle it in the foyer, none of my friends could do it, and it was made even more cringe-worthy by the fact every body was staring at me! Oh, the swift side glances, the ever so loud whispers and the obvious head to toe lookers- my own fault, so I can’t complain….
I just loves it I do- shame 'bout the missing stones :(
That’s about it for the mo- nothing more or interesting has been done in the world of Tickety Boo Tupney- not been out and I have done nuffink!!!

Cheerio Tups x


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  2. I just love your white linen outfit~ perfect for spring~ you have amazing style!

  3. The linen outfit is just stunning, I love it!
    Everything here is lovely though, those big shoulders are amazing too!

  4. Looking spectacular!! I love them all!!

  5. perfect perfect perfect. Love every single look. And those shooooooes!! I went through a similar wardrobe ordeal on Saturday: I was intent on wearing my new "early birthday" green re-mix 30s style shoes. Of course, it was miserable and there were torrents of rain and we were going to a Home & Garden show; in the end, the shoes didn't make it into the final outfit, so hurrah that you prevailed!

  6. Ditto Baroness. Perfection!
    LOVE the first outfit. Love, love, love. And the brooch! *swoon*

  7. LOVE them all! I love big shoulders too...and the brooch is amazing!

  8. People stare because you looked ahhhhmazing! And different. And well put together. And.. well.. spot on :)

  9. Super coat! It's lovely. I'm still in the strange confused state where I try something that looks right for this bright weather, realise it is much too cold, and then change!

  10. Did you make the linen suit? It's just lovely, very Spring-y

  11. Ok. I am gonna say it again; I am jealous of you. Your hair is perfect, your clothing is perfect. And your shoes .. well .. those aren't good for me shoe addicted eyes. At all.

  12. Lovely outfits! I too am pretty emotional towards my vintage stuff - for me the whole process of buying vintage is quite charged emotionally from the joy of discovery, the thrill of the chase, to the anguish of bidding, the sadness and sometimes tears of missing out on something special (yes I am that sad) and finally the exhilaration of having won/acquired something you wanted so very very much...At the end of the day the emotional investment in all these things makes one treasure them, recognize their unique beauty, great craft and documenting value and care for them even more.

  13. Amazing outfits! I am so jealous of your wardrobe. I'm also a big fan of the padded shoulder!

  14. What lovely outfits. And a stunning brooch too!

  15. ~ * ♥ * ~

    Your linen suit is divine Tupney! I am sure you looked perfectly gorgeous for your 'fillum' outing. I love dressing up to "go to the movies" but often get the head-to-toe-what-ARE-you-wearing?!! stare as well.

    I just ignore it and I am glad you do too ~ it would such a shame not to wear your beautiful dresses out and about!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  16. I have a question : Could I please post the first photo on my blog (Of course I'll link back to this page) as part of a few inspiration photos of bolero suits ? I am planning on making a tutorial about how to make one, and this photo would be perfect for inspiration !

    - Jip


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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