Thursday, 31 March 2011

You will travel….

…..said the gypsy lady.

Hullo All… have you forgotten who I am?!
Well me deari-o’s I have been feeling rather poop (certainly not Tickety Boo as my name suggests) for what seems like forever, so this has meant that I haven’t been very post happy-or rather, I’ve been very post unhappy.
So here is a little something to get me back into the run of things…

Inspired partly by a meeting with an old Gypsy Woman the other day, and a post on Vintage Peasant blouses by Lauren at Wearing History (My how my blue eyes turned green once I had seen her blouses!)
So for this post I decided to turf out my drawers in search for my little bloose (blouse). I went through countless drawers which seem to be packed full with a scarily large amount of vintage tablecloths…… shame I haven’t got a table to put them on isn’t it! (I lie, I have but it’s in the summerhouse) Well, I’m wondering off the point, and anyway it turned out it wasn’t in any of the places I searched, but in a plastic box instead. A box that is filled with a load of old holey undies- grrrrr, typical- my room is now in even more of a mess, all for a sake of a blouse that I cannot wear due to its delicate condition!

I’m very fond of the peasant blouse- especially the 30’s ones, all smocking and embroidery- the ones to be worn with much gaiety to match the many colours and patterns.  Like these little peasant wonders….

My little lovely on the other hand is rather more sedate, and is made from a white crepe, with smocking of the brightest colours at the shoulder and on the ickle sleeves (the middle of the cuff). Flowers and bows adorn the bodice, while the collar and neck is edged with a two colour zig zag type stitch- all very pretty, and all very suitable to wear while yodelling (well ? hmmm…). At the waist point, a few inches above the hem there’s a channel where once upon a time elastic was cased, but that’s has long been lost- not to worry, as this blouse has been put into retirement, due to holes and it’s delicate state…. One last wear won’t do it any harm now, would it…….!
ooo, pretty...

one with a hat...

I hear gypsy violins...
trying to look cool...

Dirndl: 40’s Rayon with Huge pockets!
Sandals: 40’s utility.
Hat: who knows- possibly 50’s.
Messy hair: models own.

Ooo, I nearly forgot to mention what the ‘old gypsy lady’ (her words not mine!) told me… well, apparently I’m going to travel (can’t be far as I haven’t a passport- hmm, always fancied the idea of a pilgrimage to Wigan though.),…. I’m going to be going places (did she mean I’m going to make something of myself?)…., and this, the most laughable and interesting…two boys are in love with me, yet I’m only in love with one of them! Well if these two boys are in love with me, I certainly don’t know about them!! Ah, it was going so well until the last bit….

I shall love you and leave you until the next post with a pic (yes another!) of yours truly in today’s house attire- groovy eh?!
Tada all
Tupps x


  1. Such a sweet blouse...I love them.
    Like your second outfit too, very fetching!

  2. You look marvelous! I have a very frail peasant top that a friend gave me..I wonder how long it'll make it but I've always been fond of the stitched flowers and bright colors. Really screams summertime! It's always fun to see your outfits, such authentic style!

  3. I've had peasant blouses on the brain since Lauren's post, too!

    I love your outfits in this post! Those capris are particularly great.

  4. Ooooh, how lovely is that peasant blouse? Absolutely amazing!
    AND, I LOVELOVELOVE your darling house look amazing! Those capris are beautiful! xxx

  5. I adore peasant blouses. I also LOVE those check trews in the last post- unfortunately I doubt they'd be as svelte on me as they are on you! :)

  6. Oooooh! How GLORIOUS do you look??? As always, I might add!

  7. I'm itching to wear mine out...yours is DARLING! LOVE that second outfit, too!

  8. Love those bright colours in the embroidery. I used to have an upmarket blue silk blouse with black and red stitching, (bought at a car-boot) but a friend who worked at Brighton Museum begged and begged until I donated it. (Sigh)

  9. That blouse is utterly gorgeous. I have yet to find the perfect one for myself, but am relieved they were also popular in the 60s and 70s so I don't have to worry about inevitably ruining a delicate 1930s number when I do find The One x

  10. Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! I adore the blouse!!

  11. I love the blouse. I was hunting for a cardigan yesterday & did the same to my bedroom, when I found it it wasn't how I remembered it!! :)

  12. I actually have a wonderful one that I picked up from.....Primark. I know, terrible.

  13. Wow that peasant top is Beautiful! And your Capri's and blouse combo, is stunning!

  14. Ooh I love that black blouse in the last picture! It's adorable :).


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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