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Mystic Mugs Horoscopes- Pisces

Uh oh, Mystic Mug is (again) behind with her horoscopes- but to be fair she is a mug and hasn’t any hands, so typing is hard…blame me entirely and ‘DARN’ to my laziness/forgetfulness and the rotten mood that I have been encumbered with for the past few weeks!
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Pisces the Fishes
February 20th to March 20th

When you have met a friend who has grown stout early in life, find out is she was born between February 20th and March 20th, when the sun is passing through Pisces, the twelfth sign of the zodiac. The ruling planet of this sign- represented by two fishes- is Jupiter.
People born at this time often have round, colourless faces and light blue eyes. They are below medium height, with small plump hands and feet. The sign rising at birth may, of course, modify the physical type.
Pisces people are extremely kind, obliging, sympathetic and very humane. They will go out of their way to do a good turn, even to a stranger. They are very hospitable; often giving away things they need themselves.
It is one of the chief pleasures in life to entertain their friends and relatives. Pisces people will give the most plausible beggars the benefit of doubt. It is one of the water signs of the zodiac, like Cancer and Scorpio, but it has not the strength of Scorpio and is kindlier than Cancer. Remember that Pisces is  rather a weak sign, so that its children require very careful training.
There is natural ability for business and household management. The men of Pisces are often very fortunate in business, building up huge concerns and acquiring a fortune very easily. They are fortunate in the catering and provision business.
When in employments of others the Pisces man will be conscientious worker. If hid salary is small he will not complain, but will look around for a position where he will be better appreciated. He makes a very good employer, often spoiling his work- people with kindness.
Should the Pisces man have a difficult time when young, because of family and environment, then he will find progress in life strenuous- and real success may not come until the middle of life. Health might also be a source of trouble, these people suffering through chest and lung weakness. Unless there are other indications in the birth horoscope, the Pisces man does not aim high in the professional world.
He may take up medical work because he is a born physician, although surgical work may be repulsive to him. He will often forsake the orthodox methods for healing without operation, herbal treatment and natural remedies. In this direction both the men and women of Pisces are clever if not brilliant. The men are also successful as publicans, bakers and in hotel work.
In house property the Pisces man is also fortunate: transactions in this direction proving generally remunerative.  He is intuitive and intelligent rather than intellectual.
In his love affairs he is rather fickle, especially while young and because of a weakness for the opposite sex. He marries very early and there is often a large family. He has a great love for wife, home and children, and although he may have various flirtations after marriage, they are often of a superficial kind.
The Pisces woman is very feminism; she actually thinks that men are superior creatures (ha, I think not!), which shows that she suffers from an inferiority complex! With this outlook, she often marries early!
(The Next bit is a real hoot!)
When very young the Pisces woman is often plump and fluffy, like a kitten , but without the claws. Other women do not dislike her, because she is always read to help and admire, and is never envious of jealous. She has an instinctive idea that she is placed in the world to marry and have children.
These women are very domesticated- good housekeepers, cooks and nurses. When leaving school, if they must earn a living, they usually take up hospital nursing, cooking, or domesticated service, and are fitted for, and happy, in these callings. Picses women are incurably romantic’ they do not expect much of men materially, but they can be supremely happy with the Don Juan type of lover, in whom they will place implicit trust.
If they have money they are ready to help a lover, not having the sense to realise that they are helping to demoralise the man. Pisces girls have more love disappointments than any other sign, because they are ready to trust and serve. Only a few are really fortunate in marriage. Even then happiness comes through the numerous children, and the security of the home.
Pisces women have not a strong mental attraction for men. They frequently marry men much older than themselves who are attracted by their strong femininity. Occasionally Pisces women do well in business, in confectionary, tearooms, boarding houses, hotels and nursing homes. They like a business with a home, rather than with a commercial atmosphere.  In youth they dress well and are rather attractive, but the people of this sign get dumpy and fade rather quickly. Ti try and reduce is dangerous, as Pisces are designed by nature to be fat.
The children of Pisces are very shy, sensitive, often backward and are ready to weep at the least provocation. These children are very impressionable, imaginative and adaptable. They often do not like to sleep in dark rooms, and to a certain extent this wish for a light should be humoured.
Pisces is a psychic sign, and the strong imaginative faculty may enable them to see things, and in the dark most pictures appear grotesque. A sympathetic parent or nurse will soon overcome this weakness. These children often get into bad company and they take up undesirable habits very quickly, the boys often smoking or drinking to excess. This habit, in a lesser degree, applies to the girls, so that a religious training is very beneficial to these children.
Children falling under this sign are not particularly brilliant at school, but painstaking and plodding, always wishing to excel or at least to give satisfaction. A Pisces child who fails to pass an examination is more sorry for the teacher than for his own failure. The boys are often clever at figures, drawing and art. The girls are clever in music, art, dancing, and domestic economy. They love animals of all kinds and prefer a live dog, rabbit or bird to the most expensive toys.
Although the health is not robust, the constitution is strong and the life is usually a long one. There is a tendency to chest or lung weakness and colds may be frequent. There are also tendencies to gout, rheumatism, and dropsy later in life. These people are often very careless in matters of health, and the more serious complaints usually come through their own neglect.
Pisces people often eat and drink too much. They should eat a small amount of lean meat every day. Milk, butter green vegetables, salad and fruit are good. Bread potatoes should be eaten sparingly. These people do not care for walking. They usually ride everywhere, but walking is their bet exercise.

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  1. Hahaha Priceless. My sister is a piscean and whilst some of it is horribly accurate some is just too funny. I can't wait to tell her she is destined to be fat. I probably won't live long after I do mind you!

  2. My mother is a Pisces and is the complete opposite of this. I do have a theory that she is not entirely human however, which may explain things.


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