Thursday, 24 February 2011

A 30's Quick Knit.

I’m currently knitting a cardigan on size 11 needles in 3 ply and it’s proving to be a real Troll- I started last Tuesday and I’m still on the back- huff!
This little number however took less than two weeks if I recall correctly!  Big needles + chunky wool = one happy Tupney (a Tickety boo Tupney). Hurrah to big knits!
Boxing Day saw the commencement of this knit- a joyous day indeed…. And looking back in my diary (yes I keep my knitting movements recorded- the only thing I have to put in my diary!) I can tell you that on…
Friday1st: I had finished the first sleeve, started other- went to grannies, ate cake, and set my hair!
Sunday 2nd:  Finished second sleeve and started collar (no cake!)
Monday 3rd : Knitted collar. Sewn up sides, shoulders and part of sleeves….
Skip a few days to the 5th, and that’s the day I finished it completely… so that looks to be nine days of knitting, and 1 extra day for sewing up! Would have been less days of knitting if only I didn’t have to re-knit a front….
My Shooting Stick and I...
Hat: 1930’s old stock.
Cravat: 30-40’s? With golfers on.
Pheasant brooch: 50’s
Cardigan: mid 30’s pattern
Skirt: made from a 30’s pattern.
Beloved Brogues: 40’s.
Shooting stick: age unknown, but is good for parking ones behind on (charming!) and ever so good for poking people.
a close up
the original
Looking rather snooty...
...and another with the stick for good measure!
Who's that tip, tap tapping over my bridge (huh?)... back to the lacy troll I guess!
Tups x


  1. Size 11s?! Your poor thing, a cuppa is needed. Good work on the chunky cardi, infact, on the whole outfit - Stunning xx

  2. brilliant!! love every bit of your ensemble!

  3. Fabulous as ever Tups. You are a very inspiring young lady.

  4. great outfit...always in style. Nice to get a 30's pattern in chunky.

  5. That skirt is bang on for styling, would never know that from an original vintage piece. Looks fab - wish I could knit. I am going to hassle someone to teach me I think. x

  6. Gorgeous outfit, you do put things together well x

  7. Fabulous outfit. Very sporty. Is the cardigan pattern available somewhere online?

  8. Lovely cardi. I wish I was a knitter.

  9. What a lovely cardigan! This is going to sound like a really dumb question, but please can you tell me, when you are knitting, on which side is your little bit of dangly wool that you have at the start of your cast on row? My nan says it is on the left when your 'right' side is facing you, but someone in a wool shop told me the opposite! Thanks x

  10. It’s not a dumb question at all- I cast on the thumb method so my ‘dangly bit’ or the cast on wool hangs on the right when the right side faces, but it’s the opposite side (the left) if you cast on using the needle method. So it all depends on the way you cast on! Hope that helps.
    Oh my, I can’t handle all this flattery Ladies- Thank you though, and I’m glad that you like it!
    Lauren: re the pattern- I’m afraid it’s one from my collection, sorry.
    Tups x

  11. I had an inkling that might be the case, so thank you for confirming! I cast on using the needle method :) x

  12. I think we should set up a pattern sharing community, have been thinking about setting up a site. I'd kill for this one, have the perfect yarn too.

  13. Ohhh you're putting my knitting to shame! I never manage to finish anything in under six months! x

  14. Great knit, and I am green jealous of your whole beautiful ensemble :)

  15. Oooh that cardigan is gorgeous and has reminded me of me "learn to knit" resoloution

  16. OK, I dream't about this pattern last night. Can I get a copy from you. Will pay you, send you photocopies of several patterns of mine, make a charity donation....anything you ask.

  17. dream't - honestly. I can't even spell for the love of it. Damn you and your amazing pattern collection. ;-)

  18. I agree with Lisa, I am very willing to buy this pattern :)
    If you are not able to sell is there anyway you can let us know what company this is from or any other information?

  19. Fabulous fabulous cardigan! The whole outfit really is spectacular! Do you have more information about the pattern you knit? On Ravelry maybe? I'd love to try my hand at the same pattern or something similar. Thanks so much for sharing!


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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