Wednesday, 23 February 2011

More Awards!

 Righti-ho, I’ve prolonged this post long enough! I have been very kindly given  lots of  Stylish blog awards (far too many my dears, it will go to my head!).
So thank you ever so to…. Bruce , Tuppence Ha’penny, Perdita, Lindsay (vintage rose), and Miss Amethyst Hope I’ve mentioned them  all!…..

To Lina Sofia for the versatile blogger award.

And last but not least…a ‘ I love your blog’ from Nabby of This Old Life- (check it out, she makes the most amazing 30’s outfits- all very drool worthy!)

And now to the tricky part….. The 7 unknown facts about me that are vaguely interesting or even anything that you actually might want to read! (for the stylish blog/ versatile blogger)
I’m rather a bore and to be honest I don’t get up to much. So here goes nothing (of any interest!)….

1. I’m currently addicted to Mr Kipling’s Apple pies!

2. Another great love of mine is Jewellery making, and I started attending evening classes in silversmithing just after I left school! I went for quite a few years, clocking up various amounts of AQA (?) certificates- not sure what this equates to in qualifications, oh, and it doesn’t mean I’m any good at it!!! But hey ho that’s not the point… I just love having a fiddle and a good bash at a bit of metal.

Me Jewellery!
3. I have 10 vintage wedding dresses in my collection, ranging from the 1920’s right through to the 1950’s (One has actually been dyed blue- bridesmaid dress perhaps?). This might seem a little excessive, but I just can’t help it. I find them terribly romantic and so beautiful to look at. It’s odd, because if I ever were to get married- which is very unlikely, and especially so if the unknown fella found out about my wedding dress fetish (!!!) but I don’t think I would want to get married in a wedding dress- I always liked the idea of a smart suit or dress and coat combo, of course all worn with a jaunty hat! Ah well, if the dreaded day ever arrives (hehe), I have options. No doubt you will be shown the secret wedding dress stash at some point….

Here comes the bride....
4. What can be more wonderful for a keen knitter and a fan of Roger Moore…..yes, it’s a knitting pattern with Roger Moore on- marvellous. Within my collection I have mini collections/interests, and one of these collections being knitting patterns with the ever so lovely Roger Moore on. Isn’t he just something?! Him with his fine head of hair and dazzling smile…..I love them so much I have even put one in a frame!
a very youthful Roger.

5. I’m a mother of three…. A mother of three vintage child mannequins that is! Edmund Arthur (Askey), Trudy May (Trinder), and Baby Peggy Lee. They are my evacuees, and I have saved them from an uncertain future that beheld them by being occupants of a charity shop cupboard. The diddy dot, Peg, came later from an antiques shop. I’m extremely lucky to have them, and I love them to bits! I’m a sentimental of fool aren’t I, and daft as a brush at that! Notice how the two eldest critters are named after comedy legends (some may disagree with the comedy legends bit, but please don’t as I’m very fond of them.) Baby Peg on the other hand is named after one of my favourite female vocalists- Darn it! I have given you two extra whatnots in this section for free!

My Edmund Arthur and Trudy May.
6. One of the things on my to-do list is to stay at the Burgh Island Hotel in Devon. It may (fingers crossed) one day happen but I am doubtful! It’s been present in my memory ever since I was a nipper, as we have always holidayed down that way. I get all goosepimply just thinking about all the famous golden era people who have graced the sands and foot-stepped along the Hotel floorboards…. George Formby (most important to me!), R J Mitchell, Noel Coward, and Agatha Christie to name but a few! Last year I managed to get a rather excitable snap of  Tups by the wonderful gates and one naughty snap behind the fence- shhhh don’t tell anyone!

Behind the fence pretending I was one of them!

7. Finally (And now I’m really struggling) my favourite flower is Lilly of the Valley (with sweet pea at a close second!) So unassuming, and delicate, with the most amazing perfume! We have a little patch in our garden, but I keep missing them when they make their yearly appearance! Thought I might add this little snippet just in case my future Tommy Trinder/ David Niven/ Roger Moore/ Bing Crosby (list is endless) finds this blog and decides to come looking for me…. Bring some Lilly of the Valley will you! Also singing the song ‘Salome’ or ‘all over the place’ whilst playing the ukulele would please me no end too...

 ...oh and a Mr. Kip pie wouldn't go amiss either!
Mr Tommy Trinder in Sailors Three.

So there you have it, my 7 things that make me sound like a right nutter!

Your Tups x


  1. I so agree on the wedding dresses, I love them but don't know that I'd ever want to wear one! I'm not very good with froth, a chic little suit and hat sounds much more 'me'. Would love to stay at Burgh Hotel too, sigh.

  2. I love wedding dresses, both modern and vintage. Funnily enough it made buying my own distinctly un-romantic- no afternoons with my mum shedding a tear in a boutique. I knew the style, size etc' from my wedding blog addiction and bought it off the web, bosh job done!

  3. Oh I too have a dreams of staying at Burgh Island Hotel in Devon I even have the brochure.
    Love the vintage manaquines so appropiately named and clothed.
    And congrats on the awards,so deserved brill blog.

  4. Me three has dreams of staying at Burgh Island. I visited a few years ago but sadly they had stopped doing afternoon tea for visitors the year before. Guests only now. Boo.

  5. Ahh, I have a vintage wedding dress fetish too! They're just so pretty to look at; I have a 1930s or 40s silk high-necked one that's just sooo gorgeous. I'd love to see pictures of your collection sometime : )
    Funny enough, if I ever get married (rather big "if"), however, I think I'd prefer to have a quick courthouse wedding in a simple 30s day dress!

  6. Thank you so much for your nice comments about my outfits! You definitely deserve all of these awards; I must say that I am so glad to have found your blog; your posts are hilarious! Also, I love that jewelery that you made; just beautiful!

  7. Mr Robot told me he'd take me to Burgh Island if I could get back into my (1930s) wedding dress. I told him to nut off and I'd pay for us both before that happenned! We have friends who've been there, and they had a fab time.

    Lovew the Roger M knitting pattern :)

  8. Burgh Hotel? I didn't even know of its exsistence! Thank you :) I have loved reading this. Apple pies rock!

  9. The Roger Moore knitting pattern ..... holy karma
    The best!


  10. Ah the delights of Devon. I am usually situated in Somerset. I am bound to Southern England like biscuits are to tea! The villages, picturesque scenery and tradtional cultures.... Ahhh it warms my heart!

    ~Vixen~ x


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