Friday, 11 February 2011

Tups in London...

Ahh London, a week full of trains, more trains, the underground, and being a complete tourist. Those happy but exhausting days being filled with much interest and the luxury of not having to have a tissue welded to your nose (due to catching a cold probably from london!). Well I suppose I should look on the bright side (even if my head feels like it’s about to explode!) at least I didn’t have the cold last week.
^annoyingly off centre- V for Victory and a big- 'de boom!' IWM

Monday saw us motoring down to London and all was well! Very much so in fact, as once in London, the journey soon entered the 'Spot the Art Deco Buildings' phase-when I mean Art Deco, I don’t mean your ordinary 30’s semi- I’m looking for the white streamlined beauties, with curved lines or the bricked factory/flat blocks with their original crittall windows- the hands were pointing everywhere and we were not disappointed- there were loads! Once reaching our destination (my sisters flat) we did very little apart from the usual clean up that so often happens when we get to a holiday home- Sorry Sis!

Left: My Home (so near yet so far- weldon's knitting pattern on the sofa!) Right: Numpty IWM
Tuesday… The Imperial War Museum (again!) oh I did like being reunited with my home! ‘My home’ being a replica of 1930’s house built within the museum- very cleverly done and fitted out perfectly. I could of spent all day pottering around and it has everything you could want/need (and I do want/need!!!). It even had a Weldon’s knitting pattern booklet, casually lying across the lovely sofa as if someone had just left it while they went off to make a cuppa! Reading ‘service knits for men’ well along those lines anyway- can’t quite remember, but all I do know is that it was a knitting pattern for service wear and that I indeed wanted it!
We spent most of our day there, and I found great delight in spotting things within their well put together displays that I have also the pleasure of owning myself. These items being a temporary pack of Empire Dominoes, a book on aircraft recognition, and a booklet on 'basic wireless’ which was found in the SOE section,... so now of course I have visions of it belonging to one of the trainee agents!
After exhausting all possibilities at the IWM, we took a gander down to Westminster Bridge, and I immediately was transported to the closing sequences of Genevieve... Well nearly, apart from the fact that the wonderful John Gregson or Kenneth More were nowhere to be seen, there were more people and modern traffic, and that it was 2011 and not 1953…..the list of differences are endless, but I love the film, so I don’t care!

Ding Dong, Ding Dong...
Wednesday… The V&A, and to be honest I was quite disappointed, mainly due to the costume section being closed, which was the main reason for us going. I did however enjoy the 20th century bit... seeing a cocktail cabinet of dreams, and a utility dressing table which I visualized in some of my more humble of dreams!
After being swallowed up by such a large museum for most part of the day, I was eager to get back out into the fresh air, walking until we reached the Horrific Harrods. Now that shop is truly stuff of nightmares (not quite as bad as being naked on the train or finding yourself in a loo without a door- but near enough!) the whole experience wasn’t pleasant at all, I felt so out of place (a real county gal) and so uncomfortable- surely this shouldn’t be the case when you are shopping! Maybe it’s just that my mentality towards shopping has changed (?) as I only shop vintage now. Anyway I couldn’t wait to get out of there, it was all far too ‘in your face’ for my liking. Shopping is so much better when you have to rummage for your spoils, and not when its handed to you on an overpriced plate. Rant over and out!.....

If you want to fall asleep, then read the next instalment too (sorry it's so long!)
Tups x


  1. Oh my, it looks like you had a wonderful time!
    And that coat...beautiful! xx

  2. ooo you should have mentioned you were coming and you could have had tea inside an art deco building... mine. Would have been lovely to see you. Your trip sounds t'riffic xx

  3. Can't wait to hear the next instalment.

  4. Fab pics so far! I have fond memories of the IWM. x

  5. Lovely coat! And you always look so happy in your pics!

  6. So pleased that the house is still there. I was not too sure if it was a temp exibit or not! I need to get my butt up there - PRONTO! I love the fact that you have a picture of your inside. Ghost from the past springs to mind! I echo Gem - we could have met up - I'm only 45 mins away :)

    Roll on the next installment!

  7. Hehe, the time before some ladies thought I was part of the exhibition which I was highly delighted with- next time I’m bringing a suitcase and moving in…

    I’m sure I’ll be in London again so there are still possibilities for meeting up!
    Gem- a very unwise offer(!)- you probably wouldn’t be able to get rid of me!!!- I would be hanging on to your Crittall windows, refusing to budge ;)…

    …As for the coat, I’m super lucky- though it doesn’t look like I wore anything else for the whole week …
    Tups x

  8. I hadn't realised they had a house at the War Museum! Sounds most interesting.

    Isn't Genevieve a great film? I love it too!

    You can buy PDF copies of wartime knitting patterns here
    Not the one you saw on display, but they have lots of others. (I've bought patterns from them myself.)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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