Monday, 7 February 2011

Can I go another day without washing my hair?

Well me hearties or should that be 'Arr me hearties!'. It’s Peg leg Tupney here (not sure why I have gone all ‘Pirate’ on you for?)  Haven’t quite got enough energy to do my report on my trip to the metropolis, or to stage the award ceremony, so here’s a quick ‘Today’s hairdo’ post instead!

I’m super pleased at how well it has lasted…I set it on Sunday, styled on Monday, and here we are a week on, and at day nine! It’s a miracle I tells ya- and there was me thinking that the London air would make it a lot greasier- but no, quite the opposite in fact. I haven’t even needed to powder my wig to disguise the fact that I don’t wash my hair that often!... by the way I don’t actually wear a wig, though I do frequently get asked if I do don a wig! (Does make me chuckle) Hmm, still not sure if that’s a compliment of not?

Of course I cannot do a hairdo post without pictures, so I suppose I must share them (oh, do I have to!) and it goes with out saying they include funny poses... but I’m sure you expect nothing less from me- what can I say, they are my specialty! Brace yourself they are daft! Oh, and no back views as my arms are long but not that long!

Pondering on whether I should take a bite from my imaginary apple….

….. oh, just take it away, I can’t bear to look at it!

I hate photo’s showing my profile- *shiver* what a nose! And grrr to the curl dropping!

The Curly Top!
.....And  to day Ten? And to the kitchen for a hankie... I have a cold on it's way- I'm sure of it.

Tups xxx


  1. Was an absolute pleasure to meet you m'dear! I would have loved to have given you a tour myself but unfortunately a girls gotta work! Your hair is simply splendid...9 days has got to be a record! Love that curly top.

  2. Your hair (and yourself,too) look fa-bu-lous!

  3. WOW! Your hair looks amazing!
    And you have a beautiful profile!

  4. gorgeous! I find my hair impossible to style if I don't go several days between shampoos as well (and I use hair powder); still, your locks look lovelier than mine would on day nine!

  5. I do a weekly shampooing/ setting/styling, and it doesn't always look amazing in the last couple of days. But lately I think that is to do with the overgrown length and the fact that is doesn't dry and set properly anymore.
    Well done to you for managing so well on the 9th day!

  6. My hair would never, ever stay in place like that. You lucky thing!

    Just as well my current fascination is with the 60s and 70s really, I just pretend I'm going for the counter-culture vibe, not that I have a mad red bush on my head.

  7. My hair would NEVER do that. Not in a million - not FOR a million! Looks a treat! :)

  8. I'm with you LandGirl. My hair truely has a life of it's own!

  9. Silly, your nose is fabulous - very refined looking. I am in awe that your hair has stayed up that long x

  10. Hello sweetie, I've just discovered your blog and I like your style so I've given you the Stylish Blogger award

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  11. Amazing!! A whole week I cannae go more than two days without a wash! Hehe that comment about whether you are wearing a wig being a compliment or not did make me laugh, but really I am sure it is - your hair looks so perfect. There isn't a single one out of place!

    I often have 'other speak' phases too - I've turned my fb profile onto pirate speak at the moment. Instead of like it says 'be eyein' this with pleasure' hehehe! x

  12. Oh my, your hair is absolutely flawless and lovely.
    Aghh, I have gotten my fair share of wig inquiries; it's a rather awkward and mildly offensive question, I think, but I take it as a compliment... it means your hair is quite literally too good to be true!

  13. Your hair looks fabulous....and nine days? I have literally no idea how your hair looks so perfect! My hair dreadlocks within about a day, no idea how but it just gets completely knotted! It is a nightmare!
    How did you set this? And what do you do for bedtime to retain the set etc? A 'how to' post would be a dream! xxx


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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