Saturday, 12 February 2011

Tups in London Continued....

Thursday… Now this is more my style- The Cabinet War Rooms or Churchill War Rooms. Not only did we get to meet the wonderful Jenny/i (!) (yesterday girl) -it was so lovely to see someone else dressed vintage, and who was also wearing the loveliest tan suede shoes (certainly put my trusty brogues to shame- but lots of walking in London calls for practicality!), but we also had a glimpse into the rooms where such important military and governmental decisions were made. Such decisions that helped change the uncertain out come of war and mould it into a future of peace, and well, normality!. It’s truly a remarkable place and a real place of intrigue at that!
The importance of work did not however mask quibbles over rationing, life went on, and one of the items that really brought the whole place to life (for me) was a part ration of sugar that was wrapped up in an envelope and hidden away in a drawer (reminds me of a knitting pattern I have- for a sugar purse to use when visiting!) we don’t know we are born these days!
There’s also a large room dedicated to Churchill, exhibiting countless items of memorabilia- my favourite being an example of one of his many Siren suits- this little number was in a lovely soft red velvet- I also liked seeing examples of his art work, and was amazed at how diverse he was as an artist- such a talented man. (Wouldn’t mind one for my wall!).

Later that day, after deciding that it was too late to go to Alfie's Antiques, we made our way through St James Park and up to Buckingham Palace (we didn’t stay for tea- she wasn’t in!). We then walked up The Mall, where we heard and saw a police escort with Princess Anne (I think) in the car… down through Horse Guards Parade, then up to Trafalgar Square- so I could take a wonky photo of Nelson, back down Whitehall, where I proceeded to take more wonky photos of the cenotaph and a blurry picture of Monty, and then we walked back to Westminster Bridge for the underground. A special thanks to my ‘The Coronation and the BBC’ book for its use of its map- I wouldn’t of had a clue where we walked otherwise!

Friday…..Haha Shopping! Alfie’s Antiques was our destination (squeal with excitement!). Lovely but expensive is all that I can say- oh, and don’t go with a father who doesn’t like shopping! Bought a few odds and sods, but saw many a thing that I could of quite happily of taken home with me if money permitted…1930/40’s fishnets for one, too many lovely hats to describe for another, and all the 30’s dresses (never seen so many in one place before) they were all so lovely (and expensive) it hurt. One stall had two of my yacht heaters (my- meaning I wish!), another shop had one of my haberdasher/outfitters draws (again ‘my’ meaning 'in my dreams'…oh, what I could store in those- would be the end of all my muddles…hehe), and another had a lovely collection of tins and point of sale boards- All out of my price range, of course!.  Well worth a trip though….
Alfie's Antique Market
Saturday…I’m afraid before we departed for home more shopping had to be done! I didn’t expect to find anything but came away from one shop with a load of wonderful vintage cosmetic packaging (yippee)- I plan on doing some posts about them soon, so no pictures yet! After a quick bite to eat and some knitting it was time to make tracks- my much longed for bed was ever present in my mind, and the peacefulness of the country grew ever near-‘Yay’ to home! No doubt I will be back soon though, as however much I moaned to my ma and par about my poor legs, my uncomfortable bed, and the traffic, I did have a tip top time.... oh, and I want to spot more famous people! (The other famous person being the dark curly haired man from Garrow's Law- don’t know his name so I will leave it at that!) zzzzzzzzzzzzz! That's enough, I bored you far too much!
TTFN Folks
Tups x


  1. Lovely photos! I absolutely ADORE your coat!!

  2. Ah, London! Your look is PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. I can't get enough! More outfit pics!!! :)

  3. I love your outfit! I am going to have to get to that market, I work in central London, just to have a looksie. x

  4. Another stonking post! And I agree with BVV - MORE outfit posts!

  5. Your green hat is just darling = want!

  6. Come and see me next time you're in town! Please!!
    I'm glad you had a fab time; I adore this city xxx

  7. So glad you had a lovely time and that you met up with Jeni (Yesterday Girl), it is grand meeting and talking to like minded people is it not.
    Your outfit was just lovely from the top of your lovely green hat to the toes of your comfortable brogues.
    Lucky you having been shopping at Alfies Antique Market, one of my favourite places when in London.
    I can hardly contain my excitment with regards to future photo's and post on the vinatge cosmetic packaging that you purchased.

  8. I love that coat! I've been following your blog for some time, and I wanted to let you know that I have given you a blog award. I do love your blog!



Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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