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Mystic Mugs Horoscopes- Aquarius

*Mystic Mug would like her apologies for the lateness of this article be known to all*

January 21st to February 19th
The Water Bearer.

Saturn or Uranus rules Aquarius- the eleventh sign of the zodiac, which the sun passes through between January 21st and February 19th.
The symbol of this sign is a man pouring water from a vase.
The people of this sign have long faces, neither fair nor dark, reddish complexions, especially when cold. The hair turns grey while very young. These people are very progressive, clever, inventive, and scientific, with advanced ideas. They are impatient with orthodox people, and cannot be happy when forced to live in a conventional atmosphere.

It is considered a humane and charitable sign, yet these people quickly throw up relatives and leave the parental roof as soon as circumstances permit. They are neither lucky nor clever in money matters. It is the Aquarians who give wonderful inventions to the world, but financiers of other signs who collect the money.

Aquarian man, and even the children, love tinkering about with the wireless set, the household system of electric lighting, and they invariably improve these things. They love all kind of literature, art, music, mathematics, and lie chiefly on the mental plane.

In the business world the men are not enterprising, but are very successful in controlling large staffs and in improving an existing business. Aquarians usually find great pleasure in any work they take up, but if forced to do uncongenial work their inventive faulty will find expression, not in their career, but in their various hobbies.
When these men are enterprising it is usually in some uncommon business. They have peculiar dispositions and are somewhat difficult to live with. If their work is criticised they will be intensely irritable, as they hate criticism more than anything. Whatever they do they usually do well, but they must do it in their on way and time.

Sometimes these people have a disregard for clothes and appearance, which can be very trying for their relatives and friends. The Aquarian women share this peculiarity. The invent ability of these people sometimes amounts to genius, and it is a notorious fact that a genius often goes about unkempt and absent-minded.

Every unkempt Aquarian is not however an genius. He may be the reverse, and this would show in his particular horoscope. They are very careless in money matters, spending freely while they have it. When doing the work they like, they have no thought for the financial reward. They are generous with money, but if a definite appeal is made to them for help they will possible refuse it.

To handle an Aquarian successfully one must not only be a good judge of human character but a good judge of this particular type. They have a systematic, methodical mind, but untidy personal habits. It is useless to try and argue about personal trivialities with an Aquarian.

If you want an elusive, abstract subject thrashed out, an Aquarian man will patiently explain and argue for hours. Tell him he is wearing odd socks, and that his hat is out of date, and he will flatly contradict you, be very annoyed, and the matter will end. You will not have improved this part of him, and you have gone down in his estimation, for he will consider you an interfering, shallow minded person (cow).

It is useless to offer advice to Aquarians. Even when they pay a doctor or lawyer to advise, they generally ‘gang their own gait.’ They must go straight through life learning from their own experiences. Aquarians are fickle in love affairs, and the men are seldom in a hurry to marry. Of course, these people often do marry, usually because the prospective partner is the deciding factor- but that person is not the Aquarian.

They may not be deliberately fickle in love affairs, friendship or marriage, but unless there is a strong mental attraction these affairs are of short duration. The Aquarian man may treat his marriage vows lightly, and to him this is not a crime, because he has never had time for convention. The attitude of course, shocks his relatives and friends. When he meets a suitable partner he is an idealist. His love of a high type, emotional, but not sensual. Marriage is then a Marvellous affair. The home is beautiful; they live up to, or beyond their income.

The Aquarian woman is more practical than the man. Quite early in life she decides about a career. She is not conceited, and somehow does not expect to marry. She will start with a secretarial career, for which she is admirably suited. Later her inventive ability will work out as enterprise. She either enters a profession or runs a business, and in either she is likely to be successful.

These women often surpass men in the professions. They are not sentimental, and it is the exception, rather than the rule, if they dress well, yet they have heaps of men friends. They dress in a plain workmanlike fashion, but are sometimes untidy. They are idealists in love and rarely marry just for money, unless circumstances compel. They seldom crave for marriage or children.

The Aquarian woman is often considered changeable, because she will drop one man after another, but this is usually due to flimsy minds of the men rather than her own fickleness. A deep affection and mental attraction count for more than sentiment and passion with her. When she gets a suitable partner, marriage is usually a success. Her home always looks as if it’s lived in, nothing ostentatious, everything for comfort and use, and work minimised.

There is a very high type of Aquarian found among both men and women, who work for the benefit of humanity. They include doctors, scientists, and religious workers. They may not renounce worldly affairs, but they work for life in the interest if mankind without thinking of rewards. The Aquarian is a great lover of animals, and a large percentage of these people are vegetarians on principle. They are fond of the study of occultism, religion, and philosophy.

The Aquarian boy child is a serious individual. He wants to know the why and wherefore of everything. He has very little use ofr toys except to take them to pieces. Complicated mechanical toys, miniatures of real trains give him great pleasure not only in childhood but right through life! He is usually very obstinate, takes keen likes and dislikes to people, but will cheerfully obey those whom he likes. He prefers books and animals to the ordinary toys of childhood.

At school he is very studious- possibly too much so! Mathematics, drawing, and chemistry are his best subjects. Often he passes examinations easily and takes many prizes. He will take up sports, but is not very keen. May be indefinite about a career, because there will always be a desire for something out of the ordinary which might not be allowed, or there may be a hankering for invention, which he will be told, will not give him a living.

The Aquarian girl will not want dolls, but will have a love for books at a very early age. She passes through school easily and is a favourite with teachers and children. She has definite views about a career, as it is very important to this girl that she earns money. To her it means independence and the key to everything she wants to do in life. She does not covert riches; apart from getting independence, she has more often than not a great disregard for money.

The sign Aquarius affects the circulation. These people feel the cold intensely, but can put up with heat cheerfully. They also suffer from nervous worry and throat weakness. Both the men and women are liable to suffer from anaemia.

Mystic Mug.


  1. My best friend is an Aquarius and some of that is very apt! I think she will love the comment about men having 'flimsy minds' lol

  2. Very apt indeed- especially the arguing bit! NEVER try to argue with one even when you are in the right- it’s just no use they will have none of it… said from experience- the Aquarius men are little monkeys!

  3. Sorry to delete the last comment but I didn't know how to edit it!
    I loved reading this!
    I was born 28th January and I'm an Aquarius as well as a fire rabbit (chinese zodiac).
    When I was little I didn't have toys but a set of old weighing scales (which were broken but it didn't stop me weighing everything I could in the garden) and broken plugs which I took apart with a screw driver. I loved playing in the garden rearing chickens, catching frogs and raiding the raspberry cains.
    At school my best subjects were science and maths but I stopped trying as hard when I got older and I took up art and drama.
    I now work as a Development Officer for a charity but started out as a receptionist; my neat and tidy nature lends itself well to administration. My sister is 3 years older than me, studying a PHD and still doesn't know what career she wants but I have known for a while that I wanted to help adults with mental health illness. I was also the first to move away from home and didn't got to university because I wanted to get a career and gain qualifications while I work.
    I'm also a pescatarian because I believe if you can't kill it then you shouldn't eat it. And please don't argue with me about this - I'm an Aquarian! :D


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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