Wednesday, 4 January 2012

More Christmas Goodies….

More, More? Yes More Goodies- I’ve been quite the lucky young miss this Christmas!
Quite an assortment too, then again ‘variety is the spice of life’ and all that malarkey!

First up....
Santa obviously knew that I like to do a good jig-saw now and then, and this one is certainly a corker with hand cut pieces and made of plywood!
The finished Jig-saw with missing pieces :(- still it was fun putting it together!
A Radio Times cover- He must have also found
out how much I have been wanting one of these too!
(Do I need to get out more?)
I'll have to scour my stitchcrft mags to see if I can see the original!

A yellow and grey (very cheery indeedy-do) Nightdress cas for
my boudoir! 

A tootal childs tie with Galleons on from my big sis!
I think bought with Edmund in mind, though I might thieve it to wear for myself!

What every girl needs.... a marmite crate! Isn't it just super (this is where you nod in agreement !) ;)
An unusual sleeping beauty wall plaque.
Not sure on age-  I would put it pre 60's though....
even 30's/40's?
A lovely 30/40's  stocking box- I do like a nice box, me!

So there you have it- I was also given a stitchcraft, a Tootal scarf and a Bakelite dice shaker thingy, but at this moment in time the thought of taking more photos fills me with dread!

Next up I will show another pressie, but I going to run a mini series so I have decided to keep it separate!

Tupney x


  1. damn the little red crossed boxes stopping me from seeing your latest goodies, serves me right for peeking at work i guess

  2. Ahhhhhh, I have just checked and I too couldn't see the pictures so I have just re-done them. Not sure what had happened? Hopefully it's fixed now!
    Tupps xxx

  3. I have always loved the Hoover building. The best bit of the endless bus journey into London!

  4. ah ha! sorted! All wonderful! I wish Mr S Claus knew me as well as he seems to know you. I think possibly late 40s to 50s for the wall plaque. It's a beaut! xxx

    ps: adore that marmite crate!

  5. I love the radio times cover :) x

  6. Wowzers what wonderful gifts, you must have been a very good girl indeed:) Adore the Radio times cover and nightdress case my nan had a similar one I remember from when I was little, but unfortunately it has long been thrown out, she never liked to keep anything that she no longer needed, I certainly didn't get my hoarding side from her!

  7. You got some lovely pieces. Having a nosey on your blog after this post popped up as a "you might also like". :o)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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