Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Chubby Knit!

My latest completed knitted- a chubby wonder!

I started knitting this at the beginning of December. I found the magazine on the 4th  (rather attracted by the words ‘make this coat in 12 hours!'), and got home to find that Arran wool came up too fine for the pattern! So Mamma Tupney went in search of a suitable wool baby, and she (the cat’s mother!) came home with two colour possibilities! Mind you, it wasn’t until Thursday (8th) that I finally got round to doing a tension test…. All was well, and by Thursday evening my needles were clickety- clicking, and I was knitting along at great speeds! By this time, I had also fixed in my mind  that I would like to wear this coatee at the weekend ‘do’ we were attending - so no pressure, eh!
On Friday however, I had run out of wool, (Oh, Budgies!) and the only evidence that there was ever a wool baby, was that I now had a completed back and a part front, instead of a little bundle of woolly joy! On Friday evening I was once again knitting away, surrounded by more wool babies.
I carried on knitting throughout Saturday, loosing all hope by the evening that it would be ready to wear the next day, even though I had only the collar left to knit! So with this being the case, I forced myself to get up at about half four on Sunday morning, to once again pick up the needles and knit the twisted rib collar. My determination saw the completion of the collar, but by my normal wake up time, eyes were tired and nerves were frazzled, and this meant I had little patience to sew on the ruddy collar (which actually I have only just done, as it was a real pain in the behind to sew on) Grrrr. L So close- and to think it would have been knitted in three days, if only I had all the wool to hand!

Any roads-up,  here it is… all rather lovely (if I do say so myself) and purple!
oh and 'scuse the large amount of 'me' photo's ;)
My, this stand up collar is just the ticket...
....and look, if I just un-button the lapel and button it to the other side, whistling winds
will be kept at bay!
I say! That's a rather nifty idea.... snug too!

.....Anyone for a motor in the country?

If not then I'll just wear it at Halloween and say I'm Dracula!

Cheerio from a very purple and woolly


  1. This is gorgeous! Would you be willing to post scans of the pattern?

  2. What a beautiful colour wool you've used. It looks nice and snuggly!

  3. Oh well done Tuppy old thing. Sometimes it can feel like a battle with old knitting patterns. But with perseverance you've come up trumps.


  4. This is lovely! It looks so stylish and cosy.

  5. Oooh! It's lovely!! Well done on the perseverance and getting up at insomniac o'clock! X

  6. I salute your early morning knitting dedication! Tis lovely, you've made me rather envious with that un-buttony collar :)

  7. It's absolutely beautiful! I am so amazed at how quickly you knitted that. I started the date maker last monday and still don't have the back finished. ha!

  8. AMAZING! I seriously am in love with all your glorious sweaters. Lucky you!

  9. It's SO pretty! I love the colour you've chosen and the colour combo in your outfit!

  10. I am in LOVE!!! I love the colour :) Well done you!

  11. Impressive !! I love it very much !! :)

  12. Oh, it's simply fabulous, and I love the colour.
    I would love an old style cardigan..or three or four!....but I am a sewer not a knitter and unfortunately the repros I have seen only come in size small boob, which is not me, alas.

  13. That collar is SO clever! I saw the first shot and thought 'nice decorational buttons' and then - gasp - realised they're super-useful too!

  14. Beautiful! It looks so good on you and the colour is lovely :)

  15. Wow! Its adorable and a lovely colour too!

  16. Gorgeous! I love how versatile that sweater is; you're a talented knitter!

  17. Lady, you've done it to me again, my fingertips are tingling I want to make this so much!


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Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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