Sunday, 22 January 2012

Quick Curls!

We all know the trials us Vintage girls go through to get perfect hair. Patience is a virtue, and time is essential when recreating such styles- For instance, with the thickness of my hair, and also the growing length, it can take up to 30 rollers (sometimes more!) to create the look I want. It can take up to an hour on a really bad day to roller up, and then you have to let it dry over night, and not to mention the traumas of brushing out time! Its hard work and calls for much dedication! Oh, how I envy those girls who seem to create such lovely curly tops with very few rollers and bobby pins!
Which is why I became very intrigued when I was pointed in the direction of the new John Frieda tutorials on the You Tube! I’ve never been asked if I would like to put links up on my little old blog before, but I thought I would give it a go as they could possibly help us girliewigs out on the days (or in my case weeks!) when a full set isn’t possible…. In the words of Greg Wallace from Masterchef, or is it the other one(????) ‘Cooking doesn’t get tougher than this’…. No no, silly me, I mean ‘It could change your life’! Actually I think it’s the other one, but hey ho!

I’m certainly going to have a bash at the retro curls tutorial and hopefully the halo braid (she says, hoping her hair is long enough!) as wouldn’t that just be the perfect holiday hair do- rather 30’s don’t you think!
I must admit, I’m rather dubious about the retro curls style. Will it work on my hair? I’m not so sure, but I thought with a few changes here and there, (maybe adding an extra row of curls along the back?)…. well I’m sure it could work for the setting guide for a more authentic everyday style! After all I am a girl that tries to be as authentic looking as possible!!!

Well here are the links. There are also 6 more 'style on demand' tutorials to see too. Why not have a gander or even have a go yourself! I would love to hear of your results- Hopefully tomorrow (fingers crossed, as I had a blooming migraine in the night L) I’ll have a chance to fiddle around with my much neglected curling tongs! So watch this space for the results!

For the Halo plait click below!

and for more John Frieda tutorials

All the best,
And back to the sofa for me….

Tupney x


  1. hey Tupps. Not too bad is it? Will ignore the "up to date" bit. The root lift technique is really good, will have to give this a go! x

  2. I love this one too- very simple and relaxed. I love step by step guides on youtube- how DID clumsy people do their hair before the internet?

  3. I tried the retro curls yesterday - or at least, I got as far as drying my hair. My roots were indeed voluminous, but seeing as I'd just dyed my hair (orange again; oh woe) and it was feeling dry, I daren't apply any more heat... I do really like the concept of huge pin-curls made with the aid of curling tongs though, and shall try it eventually.

    Oh, and I'm completely with you on the halo plait - isn't it divine?!

    Can't wait to see the results xx

  4. Oh the trauma's of brushing out indeed.

  5. I will be having a look at these, but I'm the odd one out. Having argued with my curls for most of my adult life, my hair is now finally happy when I style it curly!!! Lol. X

  6. I'll take a look but I have waist length thick curly hair so 1940's style is not easy! A bun & a head scarf is all I can do :)

  7. Thank you for the linkies, the Halo braid is lovely I will have to give it a bash!

  8. As a fellow sufferer I sympathise with you re migraine, vile things.
    My hair has become very thin due to health problems, and just does not seem to keep a curl anymore, and I struggle to keep my arms up for any length of time to do anything time consuming. I'd absolutely love to have a proper old fashioned hairdresser near me to help out, not a chance though, the only one we have is dreadful and clueless. She will make you look like hell, guaranteed, and has an obsession with making sure all hair is ironed flat, awful, awful creature!

  9. this is great! thanks for the share :)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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