Saturday, 28 January 2012

^that’s me trying to be sophisticated!

Well hullo campers! Tupney here, reporting back on her ‘Retro Curls’ trial!
So how did I fare?
To be honest, I actually found it quite a learning curve! I consider myself quite proficient at my usual set- I’ve got the sectioning and curling down to a Tee
(though I have to admit that the said Tee sometimes wobbles!). You see, I’m not used to using a hair dryer and curling tongs. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I used them!
Anyway, I set forth into the uncharted world of the ‘blow-dry’ and ‘styling products’ and commenced battle with my Barnet.

So, I did what the man said (makes a change) and washed my hair- simple.. I then found a hundred and one other things to do, like trawl the internet, nosey through my knitting patterns, and I even found time to move some of my old tat around in my bedroom (though, do not  for one minute confuse this with tidying up, as I did nothing of the sort- I just added a muddle to another muddle!). Anyhoo , what I'm trying to say, is that I didn’t follow the tutorial straight away, ending with a result of my hair drying, and  turning into something that very much resembled a throw back of the 70’s glam rock era. Ghastly I tell you. The pictures are so shocking (really they are!) I can’t possibly show them on here!

With visions of the wind blowing and making my hideous hair ‘do’ stick for all eternity, I hurried myself back into the bathroom, and flung my head into a basin full of water, so to regain the required towel dried state. Phew!
- excuse the no make up...
I'm showing the pics in b&w to try and make the pictures a little more viewable!
I then wasted no time by brushing and squirting in all the necessary products into my hair.  I even used my Ma’s brush (not sure what it’s called- I only ever use a comb!) and started to brush and blow-dry in the correct directions to create the root volume……well I certainly got volume…. After a quick snap I continued to keep clonking my head with the hairdryer and carried on with the upside down drying!

A horrendous photo- but needs must!
Oh the volume!
With that stage now completed, I dusted off my curling tongs and fired them up. ( I’m hoping at this point my sister will be also humming the tune from Ashes to Ashes- don’t worry, it’s a sister thing! Are you sis?). For me, this bit was fairly easy, though my hand eye coordination could do with a bit work, as the mirror was showing me all the wrong information! A few neck singes later and I’m all pinned up and ready for a slice of stollen and a cuppa!
Hardly pin up material!
I found using the long clippy clips easier to secure the curls... pics of the back as I was huddled in a small space!
An hour later, lets say, as I was in no hurry- I started to un-pin and brush out. And my
was this a doddle. No knots, no nothing! The brush glided from root to tip- it was heavenly, and it certainly makes a change from my usual brush out! A quick spray and voila- bouncy curls!

quite a nice soft wave at the front- strange picture- I blame it on the limited space ;)

ooo lets fling our head back to show the curls!

trying to get a shot of the back nearly put my back out!
So what do you think? It’s quite a bit different to my usual curly top and certainly doesn’t last as long, which in all fairness is to be expected as it’s not a wet set.
I would definitely say the technique worked, and I was pleased with the result. Lotto!
I’m also quite taken with the Frizz- Ease secret agent perfecting crème. I’m a girl that
usually uses brylcreem when my hair is very straw- like, filled with frizz, and needs much taming!
Heres a picture to show such a time!

I found that this worked extremely well, making my hair look and feel more conditioned (now resembling less like a scarecrow) and without feeling sticky or heavy. Quite the little marvel!

Heres the link once again...

Well done John Frieda and team!

All the very best for the weekend
Tupney x


  1. It's a very dfferent look on you, but I like it! It's quite amusing that you, I and Annie Pancake all have this tutorial up... The John freida people must've literally skipped from blog to blog and sent emails on the same day! :)

  2. Wow! If only I had some tongs! I must invest to put the products I was sent into play!

  3. you really look like from the 40's...i adore it! your face, your attitude, are so vintage <3

  4. Wow, you look so different with that kind of curls. The result is wonderful, very 40s Hollywood, but I think the smaller curls are just perfect for you :)

  5. The front wave is perfect! Something I never manage, whatever style I'm trying to achieve. Looks good!

  6. Wow! That looks stunning! It really suits you. Must give it a proper go x

  7. You hair look great! Well, it always does, but still. :)

  8. OOh, your hair looks so full and glossy. I did the same tutorial, but sadly I have wispy rubbish hair and it simply doesn't look as amazing as yours. This style gets my vote!

  9. that looks fantastic! A nice change-up from the tighter set now and then perhaps? Or when you have the time to faff around with curling tongs! Interestingly, I read in Lauren Bacall's biography that she did it this way, rather than sleeping on pin curls. I wouldn't have the time in the mornings though, except on a weekend!

  10. You look so familiar, do you go to events on the Watercress Line by any chance?

    Fabulous hair by the way!

  11. It looks lovely, well worth the fuss!! :)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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