Friday, 7 January 2011

Happy New Year Folks.

In tribute to the loss of our tree.

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL. Long time no blog!
Well I’m just about recovered from the Christmas festivities, and on the whole it was a good’un. Turkey was delicious, my table decorations turned out well, gifts were made in time and without stress (well not completely with out!) and I hate to mention the pressies, (because for me the joy of Christmas isn’t the presents, though it is lovely to receive them), but…..  My presents were wondrous!
Part of my Christmas table display, not showing the tacky vintage novelties.

I don’t think I have ever known it to be a white Christmas and it was quite magical if not a little chilly. We were awoken at some unknown hour to me… I think. Yes, SIX THIRTY- (gee dad, that was a little on the early side, don’t you think.) Oh, well I was awake anyway, so it wasn’t too painful, but I did notice the cold, and apparently it was minus 16 that day- oow!

Next was the getting ready for breakfast. My hair went unnervingly quickly into my usual curly top and I was ready for breckkie, but we won’t mention that (even though I already have). All I will say is that Christmas traditions weren’t upheld due to family and the perils of alcohol and fish allergies. ..And there was me looking forward to my scrambled egg and bacon up the road (grandparents) too. Christmas is probably the only day in the year when I feel like a proper breakfast and it was cancelled! I was not a happy bunny and was a real grump for the rest of the day.

In the end we didn’t play any of my ye oldie games (grr) and settled with a game of monopoly, courtesy of my grannie. Oh, and that’s another thing … I’m never playing with her again, the property tycoon, she was buying everything- didn’t win though, came second.  Mum won, even though she had very little property to her top hat.  I came third- so I’m the one with the hairy chest. (hehe, how old am I!).

Boxing Day saw the usual celebrations at my grandparents, filled with cold meats and pickled onions (yum) oh, and sweets galore. After lunch we all settled down to a game of table top basket ball, where I was a late scorer, but eventually went on to win- It proved to be very monotonous after a few rounds (literally as we were playing on a round table!), so we decided to see who could get three baskets, and that was me and dad, so then we had a shoot off- how thrilling! Anyway, it was only right that I should have won, it’s was my game!

My killer icicle, which also is now departed from my bedroom window.

New Years was a non stop party……and saw the dizzy heights of Knitting whilst watching a recorded Poirot , eating my last Champagne truffle ten mins before (couldn’t wait), and watching the fireworks on tv. Fun, huh! But then again, I was never one for parties.
Last pictures of Tups 2010.  my version of those photo whatya’call it’s (can’t for the life of me remember the name-doh)
That's all for now, pics of pressies and my finds to follow shortly (well within the week!)

Here’s to a Tickety Boo 2011 and a new decade….

Tuppy xxx


  1. Love your table decoration- and the killer icicle!!

  2. Happy New Year! What an enjoyable account of your holidays!

  3. Happy New Year Tups! Love those pics of you.xx

  4. Love the branch table decoration, very clever. And how disappointing none of your vintage games were played. At least your gran didn't get away with her devious proprety schemes ;)

    I hate NYE parties too, we just had a few friends over at ours. Hope you have a great 2011 :)

  5. A very Happy New Year to you poppet! Shame about the games - be sure to keep them for next year. At least you had Monopoly. I had "Strictly Celebs Waffting About A Stage" instead. Yawn.

    I can't wait for more Tuppy goodness to get me through 2011 :)

  6. I have nominated you for a blog award :)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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