Thursday, 13 January 2011

Pizza and Land Girls

Oddities are my forte, so here is a very random post….
Tada…. It’s A Utility Pizza! Ok, so it’s missing a C in the ‘CC41’ bit, but I was the only one to have a pizza that night!
I know it’s terribly naughty of me to play with my food, especially at a restaurant (slap my hands), but does anyone else find eating a pizza to be a little monotonous at times? I sure do, but I grant you they are extremely yummy indeed…mmm Pizza.

Right, that’s enough marvelling at my feats of food presentation, and now to some news….

For UK residents, next week sees the beginning of the second series of the terribly inaccurate, but none the less well worth watching production of ‘Land Girls’.
Last series was fun to watch, but boy did it niggle me so. Black outs, well, just didn’t occur, bells rang out on a wedding day, the story line was a little naff, and of course it contained the obligatory unmarried pregnant land girl ( it seems every plot should have this!), the GI Boyfriend unwilling to take responsibility, an AWOL airmen, plenty of people with a chip on their shoulder, affairs, and a city dweller (who’s a bit full of herself) that at the beginning finds the farming life a little challenging, but grows to love it in the end…… pass the bucket.!
Hairstyles, well…. Ok I s’pose, but I’ve seen other programs with better- all too clean for my liking and no frizz! I’m afraid that I’m super picky about hairstyles. (Our television set gets covered with criticisms!) Costumes were not bad at all (gasp- did I just say that?!)
 In recent times I like to play ‘spot the costume’! In other words, costumes that have appeared in other programs, which I might say, happens a lot in the new Miss Marple and Poirot,…Anyhoo did anyone spot the gorgeous dress, worn by Lady Thingymabob, with ladies with hats on?  No? Yes? And did any one see the dress worn by a landlady in the first of the three new Foyles War? Look familiar anyone!?
   SNAP!  Lady Thingymabob in Land Girls top, and Landlady in Foyles War, bottom.
Lovely fabric! I want.
I’m beginning to sound very geeky and obsessive about costumes, but the images of these dresses and such like get burned into my memory (unfortunately, I have no ability to remember anything of much use or importance) so it’s hard for me not to get a little annoyed. Ok, fair enough if it’s a different production altogether, but spotting them in a Marple or Poirot, which are separated by a decade, is a little off don’t you think? No? It’s just me then!

I shall now button up…. And this post was only to hark out about the new Series and all, not to rant on and scorn!

So if you can watch it, please do, as it is well worth watching just for a little light relief.
Land Girls, Starts Monday on BBC1 at 2:15.- what a rubbish time to put it on!

Tickety xxx


  1. It was a bit of a cliche, wasn't it? But I will say two things for it: The costumes had a bit of colour, and it was well filmed - None of this drabness that is found in a lot of wartime set dramas.
    Love the utility pizza, getting a bit peckish looking at it!

  2. Ha! I have literally JUST posted about this over at the Library!!! HOW schpooooky!

    I am loving your spot the costume game!

  3. I am so glad you spotted the dress, I thought I was the only one who spots things like this!

    I drive my boyfriend mad by saying things like "Shes wearing the same dress as Phoebe was in Goodnight Sweetheart, do you see? look that one, no not her, oh never mind" he tends to roll his eyes, can't think why:)

    Really looking forward to the new series of Land Girls, its sure to brighten up these dark old winter days a little x

  4. hehehe, I do that "spot the reused costume" game, too. I've seen a 30s bowtied sweater reused between an episode and Poirot and other British film or show (must think what it was) and it seems to me I spotted something in The King's Speech that had cropped up somewhere else too. Anyway, good times ;)

  5. I know the exact red bow sweater you mean, and I’m pretty sure it’s been used in several Poirot’s! Looking forward to seeing The King's Speech, so I will be on the look out again! Glad I’m not the only one- if only these costumiers knew what we are like!

  6. I do the costume game too! Glad others are as nerdy as me... x

  7. I never noticed the costume thing! Will have to do that now!


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