Friday, 21 January 2011

Rise and Shine…

....or Nightie Night!
Me pretty new nightie.
One of my newest finds! I’m sure it will prove to be a well loved and worn night gown.
With an endearing pattern of blue birds and sweet blossoms (can’t wait till spring!), how could one not fall in love with it? (I’m not that with-it when it comes to birds, so please correct me if I’m wrong…. all I know is that they are birds and they are blue in colour, hence the blue birds!)

Close up of the print.
Its home made from a rather diaphanous, but crunchy, nylon type fabric (?)
‘And honestly’ * said with great disgust!* and please remember I was born in a full petticoat, but who on ever thought that a see through night gown was a good idea?... erm... well any way, lets just say I had to wear a slip underneath to keep my modesty!!! Tut-tut, but I just had to show it off, it’s too nice to be not shown…
It also features rows of shearing around the waist, and a self fabric frill around the hem and yoke- I’m secretly squealing about the frills, I seem to have found a fondness towards anything with frills and lace at the moment (oh, eck what’s happening?)….

Date wise I would say late 40’s at the earliest, but I’m veering more towards the 50’s with this one- what do you gals think? Well whatever era it’s from, I just loves it!

Well it really is a Nightie Night from me as I'm rather tired now...
Don't let the bed bugs bite!
Tups x


  1. G'night Tups!

    There's a shiny blog award waiting for you when you wake up.

  2. You have just bought a tear of utter jealousy to my eye. It is now dragging my masscara down my face. Thanks. *sigh*

    This is the sort of thing I am ETERNALLY searching for. This EXACT thing. Where on EARTH did you find it?? *SOB SOB SOB*

    They are Swallows/Swifts from the tail shape. But the word swallow on a nighty leads me to think of incredibly unlady-like things. Because I am a child.

    And, I'm a little over tired.

    I shall go now....

    *SOB SOB SOB *

  3. Simply gorgeous Tups! You and the nightie :)

    F x

  4. Thank you all…
    Here have a hankie Miss LandGirl! Don’t cry- just pretend it’s horrible with holes and pigeons on (See I know of another kind of bird!!!) oh and a big Ta very much for the bird info, much appreciated.
    Woo-hoo awards awards-yay! Thank you. Tups xxx

  5. What a adorable nightie and bed jacket!!

  6. I'm in love, you stylish gorilla-tamer xxx

  7. Really lovely, and that powder blue color really suits you!

  8. Wow, it is gorgeous. And see through, how saucy! I would agree that it is 50s too x

  9. Gorgeous! I am jealous, I have been opening my nightwear drawer recently and promptly shutting it again. I've been going to bed fully clothed in disgust at my lack of vintage style in the nightwear department. (Well, I haven't, because his Lordship would object, but if I could, I would) Lovely photo as ever! xx

  10. You look marvellous. I'm sure you will sleep soundly in that beautiful nightie!x

  11. Fabulous! At the moment I look like I'm wrapped up for the arctic for bed (not centrally heated!) and could do with some glam...

  12. PS. stylish blog award waiting for you and your nighty on my blog!

  13. Swoon ! I just adore your night gown!! the color is just so perfect for you!!!

  14. Thats just the cutest print! Wish I had a night gown like that ;)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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