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Mystic Mug’s Horoscopes- Capricorn

Ok, I thought I had a Bourn-vita mug with a face, but I don’t, so I had to stick a face on instead!
I have many a Home management book in my collection, at least five. I find their reading matter, invaluable, sometimes complete utter rubbish, and other times highly amusing. And the ‘House wife’s handy book’ (1930's) is no exception. Enclosing everything from ‘How to Dance’, cookery, and dressmaking, to etiquette, money making at home, gardening, and science for the housewife!
So without further ado, here is Mystic Mugs horoscope reading from said book…
I have underlined things that have made me chuckle- sorry it's soooooo loooong!
December 22nd to January 20th
Capricorn the Goat

The sun passes through Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac, between December 22nd and January 20th. The Symbol of Capricorn is a goat going up a mountain. The ruling planet is Saturn. The old astrologers were not very complimentary when writing about the appearance of these people, one astrologer stating that Capricorn people have lank hair and sad wizened faces. The human race has certainly improved, and the modern girl coming under this sign is often of great beauty.

Capricorn people are very ambitious and will do anything to attain their ambitions. They are shockingly selfish, and this is one of the outstanding characteristics of this sign. They are cold, self contained and calculating. These people scheme more than work to attain their wishes. They shine in public life not because of the good they do, but because of the noise they invariably make!
The men aim for high political honours, titles, and directorships. They love money, but they love fame more. It is possibly an advantage to have a Capricorn father- he will leave you something, a title or money, probably both. The very poor Capricorn people will own the houses they live in. They have an instinctive desire for property.
However not all Capricorns are intensely selfish, but where ambition is a ruling passion there is likely to be selfishness. Another type of Capricorn is the lazy person. He envies the man with position and money, but will not do anything towards acquiring these for himself.
In business Capricorn people are usually attracted to the trades and professions where big money is made. The man who starts with the legal profession would look upon law as a stepping stone to politics. In business they are very successful in antiques, property, jewellery, chiefly diamonds and pearls, and as moneylenders and bookmakers.
They do not make sympathetic employers, but they are very successful for themselves in this capacity, as they are capable of ruling large numbers of people and getting the maximum of work out of them.  Lower down the social scale the Capricorn man is a steady and enduring worker, not particularly cleaver, but painstaking and accurate. 
Should his horoscope at birth not be a good one, he will lack ambition, and this will prevent him making anything of his life. He would then also lack self-confidence, be too reserved, even surly, and it would be very difficult or him to make progress. This type of man usually stays in one position for years, sometimes for life. Capricorn people sometimes utterly lack a sense of humour.
            They often marry late in life, the men after thirty years of age. In love affairs the Capricorn man is very intense, jealous, and he expects the girl of his choice to drop her interests in life and adopt his. He usually has a long engagement because he wishes for something substantial in a way of a home. Also he wants to make sure he has not made a mistake in his choice of a life partner.
Capricornians have very good taste in houses and in furnishing them. They have not the ostentatious taste of Leo people, but defined, exquisite, yet austere. A piece of furniture is often bought with a view to it’s increasing in value, rather than for comfort. They are good judges of antiques, whether dealing in them of not.
These people entertain for business reasons and not because they are hospitable. They are not good at making friends, but they retain faithful to those they have. The good type of Capricorn man is certainly not superficial, is upright in his business dealings and commands respect.

The women of this sign are sometimes very beautiful, but more often ordinary and unassuming. If circumstances draw them into business or profession they are preserving and fairly successful. They have a great desire for marriage, and their ambition is shown in this direction chiefly. If born in lowly circumstances they are capable of rising to any great heights with a husband.
The Capricorn woman is exceedingly careful with her spouse’s money, often even mean! She is a good house keeper, although not always shining as a cook. Some Capricorn women have a great desire for children, but others are just indifferent. They make good mothers while children are young, but they are not very sympathetic, and the children drift away with maturity and marriage.
These people are often very lonely. The women never give up hope of marriage, and it’s always possible, no matter how late in life. Both the men and women of this sign may have marriage prevented or delayed through parents. Capricorn women are happier in marriage than in business life.
As the Capricorn man has a flair for public life, so the woman will have a flair for social life.
The Capricorn child is a shy little individual, often diminutive. He does not mix readily with his playfellows and usually has a very dull, even unhappy time. People who love children should not order them for January. (!!!)
It is difficult to understand Capricorn children, so they are often wrongly judged and driven into bad habits. They may undergo punishment at school for the misdeeds of other children, although this would only happen when very young. It is possibly one of the reasons why they grow up selfish and hard, wishing to get their own back on an unjust world. They do not care for sports, but are often forced to join in games for which they have hatred.
This is very silly, because these people seldom have an ounce of superfluous fat. Later in life they will take up golf for  social reasons. During the latter  part of school life these children come into their own. They carry off the prizes and pass examinations easily, in the most difficult subjects. After school life they quickly settle down to the business life.

Wow, all I can say is the astrologer must have had a bad run in with a Capricorn!

May the stars be with you
TTFN Tups, cough, I mean
Mystic Mug


  1. heheh, awesome. What does Mystic Mug say about Aries (or dare I ask??)

  2. Glad I'm not Capricorn. I remember an old astrology book saying that people of my birthday had no self control and were likely to over eat, over drink and involve themselves with questionable men! Maybe it was this particular astrologer!

  3. Perdita, I would ignore that reading, Mystic Mug is the astrologer you need! ;)

    Well Miss Aries, Mystic Mug says you will just have to wait until March! All I will say is that ‘meat and alcoholic drinks are not required, and in some cases are harmful!’ (What!?)

    Tups and Mystic Mug x

  4. Oh, It's all so familiar - I'm a Capricorn... Selfish & proud!

  5. Reminds me of a chinese horroscope I read for my best friend's sign and mine. It said we didn't make good friends, among other things it was because we were both so vain we were always fighting to get in front of the mirror!

    I'm all agog to hear how hideous Cancer is!

  6. Haha, I had a quick look at Cancer and it’s a lot better than Capricorn!
    Jenny- if you say so! (But I don’t believe it)I know several Capricorns and wouldn’t say they were all that Mystic Mug stated!
    Mine says I don’t like collecting or clutter…..*choke*.
    Tups x

  7. Wowzer, so if they are not selfish, cold and calculating, then they are Lazy! She definitely sounds like she has been spurned by a Capricorn! Well at least they will have nice houses full of antiques and a round of golf to look forward to!! I dread to think what she will make of Sagittariuses:)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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