Thursday, 20 January 2011

Nanas Tea Trolley...

...Now my Tea Trolley!

Tea Anyone?... Don't say yes, I make a hideous cuppa!

Just a quick shout about my new tea trolley.
 I just have to show it off you see, as I have been hankering after one of my own for what seems an age! I have come across many tea trolleys of all shapes and sizes, eras and manufactures, but however this one tops them all; because of course it belonged to Nana, my great grandmother. It may not be in the best condition or of the uppermost deco styling but I think it’s grand. I will have to ask my grandma when it dates from; I’m guessing it was bought sometime in the 30’s or 40’s as she was married (grt grandma) in 1930. But who knows (?)  as it’s quite an ordinary, classic shape when it comes to tea trolley design!
The manufacturers label states it was made by a firm called Atcraft, and here is a little info about them…. (found on the web)

The firm was established as E Atkins in 1879 by Edwin Atkins. The firm originally had factories at Church Row, Bethnal Green, London and in Birmingham. It was incorporated in 1922, with Edwin Atkins, his son Claude Cyril Atkins and George Clifton Sunley as shareholders and directors. It later changed its name to Atcraft Ltd, and moved to a factory at the Atcraft Works, Alperton, Wembley in the 1920s. The product range consited mainly of indoor and garden chairs, occasional and garden tables, hall furniture, bureaux, hammocks and camp beds, cots and playpens, prams and invalid chairs. In later years the firm concentrated almost entirely on producing nursery and garden furniture. The firm ceased trading in the 1980s.
very welcome to a biscuit! 1930's biscuit barrel found in a charity shop.
Breaking News- (so important I have put a line under it!)
Just had another look at the label, only to discover that it has the utility mark too, situated in the middle of the top shelf- (I actually have tear in my eye! I’m sooooo happy) so now it dates from around 1942/43 when the furniture scheme started to 1952 when it ended! And to think, last night I was trying to see if it had the sacred cc41 mark….oh, happy days! Now where’s me prefab to put it in?

A Very Tickety Boo Tupney! xxx


  1. Oooooh la la! What a lovely piece of heritage to have! Nice biscuit barrel too!

  2. Congratulations! It's a glorious feeling to find that cc41 mark isn't it? Nice to see the Woods Ware up top too x

  3. I feel very honoured to have it- I shall love it forever and ever and ever…..
    It’s my second piece of utility furniture ….I get far too excited when I find the utility mark- may it be in clothes, shoes or stamped on a tea trolley! And yes, good old Woods Ware!

  4. You lucky girl :) I've wanted a tea trolley for ages, the 3-tier ones are actually quite hard to find!

  5. Yeah! I clocked it right off as utility! My wheeler-dealer eyes never fail, I should wear a donkey jacket and hang round car boots at 6am.

    Funnily enough I grew up near the Atcraft factory and used to pass it on the way to my mate's house to play. Well I never!

  6. Lovely vintage styled photo and the Woods Ware looks so right on it. That CC41 label is definatly an added bonus too!

  7. Beautiful!
    And I love the biscuit barrel!

  8. I love the biscuit barrel! I have a very similar tea trolley so I'll have to have a peek on his underside to see if I can spot any marks.

  9. My Grandparents Charles and Amelia Wood worked at Atcraft as french polishers at Bethnal Green and then Alperton, Wembley. Luckily the firm relocated before the Blitz.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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