Thursday, 2 August 2012

I spy with my little eye….

…. Something beginning with …. Copycat knitteds!

Well I’ll be darned; the fabulous, and rather popular hand knitted pattern of its day has found its way into the Ralph Lauren collection, but this time modelled by a gal!

I could hardly believe my eyes when Mammy came to show me the “Downton” effect that’s all so prominent in sissy’s latest copy of Vogue.

I’m a knitting pattern junkie, so things like this matter to me… well. To a degree it does! What really gets my goat about this, is that they haven’t even changed the colours- was it intentional or did the powers that be think that people (well the big knits!)  wouldn’t notice the pullover design has been taken form an original 40’s pattern?

I wrote a blog post about this pattern a while ago, so take a look and see the original pattern and pullover in all its glory…

And to the silly photo's...

haha, this one makes me giggle- I must have been distracted by something outside the window, forgetting that the self timer was on.... oh the concentration... or was I thinking about those pesky knitting pattern thieves!!!

Golly, does this mean that if I wore this mans pullover I could be considered fashionable for once in my life?

Cheerio Folks

Tickety xxx


  1. It comes to us all! It feels odd when I suddenly find myself fashionable and not gawped at in the street!

    I love the last picture of you xxx

  2. Fantastic sweater! And the pictures are totally cute! Heheh, I have been in and out of fashion over the years, trends come and go but my style stays the same!

  3. Can't believe they used the same colours - I love this pattern and have knitted it before for my Dad. At least I can tell him he's following the latest fashion :o)

  4. I have a huge gripe with these people, I used to know two older ladies who were fabulous knitters and used to knit for this crowd, they were paid thirty quid for each garment....and the finishing took ages to do too....but they were being sold for well into the high hundreds. I thought that was taking the p***, it was sheer exploitation but they lived in an area of low emplyment and it was take what you could get.

  5. That is a rather uncanny take on the original, which surely someone on their end must have seen at some point. It's a lovely sweater for sure, but I like your version so very much more.

    ♥ Jessica


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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