Friday, 17 August 2012

RAF Friday- Here comes the bride...

Yes I know, I’m a bad blogger- how could I miss RAF Friday last week I hear you cry…or is that my imagination again?…. I thought so!
Well ducks, I was just being grumpier than usual and it was one of those days/ weekends where everything seemed to be going wrong. Well after my week long blog vacation, I’m back, and I’m ready to start shoving more of my beloved treasures into the window of your computer screens! (It’s a sign of happier times in the house of Tupney)
I gave the option of snaps on general RAF, or wedding pics for this/last weeks RAF Friday and the majority ruled for the wedding ones, so weddings it will be.
I still can’t believe you turned your nose up at the first option- just think of all the lovely airmen, but I suppose you do get the best of both worlds with the wedding shots.
Wedding snaps = dashing RAF chap + lovely bride wearing pretty outfits.
General RAF snaps = dashing RAF chap(s) + aircraft + camel or cactus

(See for me, the choice is too difficult, but I must say I’m veering towards the aircraft and camel option myself, but don’t you worry, I’ll show them off in the many Fridays to come!)

So to the joyous wedding photos

here are two of my very first adopted photos- they were pence to buy!

This couple makes me just go “bless” – they look so young. I love her sweet outfit and snappy hat. And what about Mr and his waves- Mr Whippy or what! (Nice studio shot- great painted backdrop)
Her legs also make me giggle- they are just like mine, but shorter!

 The second shows more lovely outfits, in particular the brides fab hat and the lovely pleated detail on her dress. Like the hat in the first picture, it’s not a hat that’s easily worn. I do rather like the outfit on the left (standing)- I would wear something like that myself!
Also what’s the lighter coloured uniform belt about- it’s not totally foreign to me as I have seen it before, but I’m not sure on what it is and why he is wearing it? (As most of you already know I’m not clued up on my uniforms! Haha wouldn’t it be awful in none of these were RAF!) Any info would be great on this- I should really ask my grandpapa! The bridegroom really reminds me of someone too, but I just can’t think who : (

What a handsome couple these two make eh!
I love the fact she is wearing a pair of wings at her neck too, though her bouquet annoys me because I can’t see her outfit properly. Is it a dress, a coat or a costume of some kind?  I like what I can see, and what about that hat!

They had quite a large wedding party too. The happiness in the snap is lovely- I wonder what amused the Groom?

 For a girl who loves her vintage and her wedding dress collection, these photos are invaluable for researching fashions of the time. Strangely, I’m more taken with the brides that have chosen not to wear the floor length gowns (I have far too many wedding dresses in my collection and I’m saying this- doesn’t make sense to me either!). Maybe it’s because I like the potential reasoning for their choice in outfit or maybe I just like my hats more?! I don’t know, but one thing I do know is how much I enjoy looking upon the happy and hopeful faces of the bride and groom. Does lead you to question of what became of them though, which soon depresses me, so we won't dwell on that.

And here are two wedding snaps with the lovely gowns....

Another very beautiful Bride- lovely veil I thought, but what about him? Mr man doesn't look too chipper does he- cheer up fella....

Well you can't say this chap isn't happy- what lovely smiles. The dresses are lovely, the bouquets are frothy and dreamy,  and Little Miss Bride has the loveliest dress with the most wonderful padded shoulders! This is a great snap for hairstyles too- I shall be trying them all!


And as we are on the subject of weddings, I thought I would add this in too.....

Isn't it lovely- I can't believe I'm jealous of an illustration!
Don't you think he looks like a young Roger Moore?

Don't ask me whats on page 11 either- as it's not there. I'm not a happy bunny- just look at the price I paid for the incomplete magazine! What am I going to do if I ever get married now eh? (unlikely as no man in the world is mad enough) Well I s'pose I will never know the secrets of being a beautiful bride- ah well ; )

I'm sorry that I cannot give you any information about the couples, they are all unknown and dateless I'm afraid.

So which is your favourite Bride, Groom or outfit?

Here's to the weekend...

Tupney xxx 

RAF Friday so far....


  1. Hello! Hope you like the one of my grandparents, Grandad was in the RAF so it's definitely an RAF wedding. I think they were married in 1942 or 3. I love these photos - especially the grumpy groom - I wonder if he was forced into it. I like looking at the non white gowns and mad hats and I'm jealous of that illustration too!

  2. I love the couple with the large wedding party-they both looked so happy and his smile and joy is just uplifting! Her hat was amazing! I cannot imagine my wedding day being in the middle of such a large scale war-so much unhappiness and joy mixed together. It must have been odd in some ways but they made the best of it I suppose.

    Happy Friday to you!! xox

  3. Ooooh, more vintage wedding dress inspiration! Thank you for sharing x

  4. Thanks for showing them. You're right, so much to think about and so very poignant. I'm not that big on weddings in real life, probably because they have become so over the top and rather ghastly, but I do like seeing old photos of them and the outfits. I wonder what became of them. Who made it through, were they happy, did it all work out etc. I do like the bride's frock in the last one.

  5. I have such a soft spot (die hard romantic that I am) for weddings from all eras, but especially those from the mid-twentieth century like the heartwarming ones in these beautiful photographs.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I'm obsessed with the hats in these wedding photos, they are like nothing you get today! So extraordinary, thanks for sharing x

  7. Beautiful photo's.... my favourite is the last one. But now I feel sad..... what happened to these people? Why did their photo's end up in the hand of a stranger? Where are their families?...... it's very sad :( I alway feel the same about books at boot sales that someone had taken time to write in & they're being sold for 10p! x

  8. I love these pics. Weddings looked a lot 'simpler' then. I've become obsessed with a couple in the fourth picture down - the big group. Fourth and Fifth from the left are two tiny little dots of ladies (sisters?) that are peeping out in their matching hats. They look so cute and cheerful, just like the spinster sisters from many an old novel. Of all the pictures that's my favourite - such a genuinely happy group. Is it my imagination by the way but in that picture of the bride is the bottom edge of a jacket just visible at lower hip level (bridegrooms side). Might just be a shadow or something - but might solve the problem of whether it's a dress or costume.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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