Friday, 3 August 2012

RAF Friday- The Other Box

Fiddlesticks! Last week, when I wrote 'RAF Friday- The Box,' I had no idea that I was to find a real RAF box at the flea, and I'm certain that I would have thought of a different title if only I had known. Well anyway, inspiration and creativity is lacking at the moment, hence the lack lustre title, 'The Other Box'.

please ignore the dirtiness and the partly missing 'r' : )

This was the first thing I bought at the Flea, and I also picked up another hand made box from the same dealer, so I'm assuming they were made by the same chappy. Now, I'm no expert in the woodworking field, but I'm guessing he was better at the cutting out rather than the construction side- lets just say the box is a tad wonky! (yeah, like I could do any better! You should see my only attempt a woodwork- laughable) Nonetheless, it could fill a bucket a hundred times with its charm, and I'm very grateful to this lad, as I now have the honour of owning such a fine box.

Just look at it- wouldn't you love to receive this. I know I certainly would, perhaps without the 'mother' bit though. Please let’s start with my name, perhaps 'darling 'or 'you witch'- you know something more appropriate. ; ) I quite fancy having a box of my very own to put my trinkets in!

The Eagle and Kings crown- lovely isn’t it!

The other box- looks to me like it's been made from a 30's sideboard!!!

I think you could buy these panels back in the day, so perhaps he made the box from those, rather than restyling the mothers sideboard ; )

 I seem to say this about everything that I own, but I really wish that he had put his name and date on the box somewhere. Honestly, he could have at least thought about where it may end up in the future- and the fact that we, the treasure hunters may want to know!

Photos are the worlds worst and most frustrating of this example- I suppose they never think it's going to leave the family, or that it would be of any interest to anyone else if they did,... but still, it's A-NNOYING!

Unfortunately I can now no longer look at these boxes in quite the same way, after Pops suggested that I could use the big one to put his ashes in (oh nice!), with in which, mum retorted " well I s'pose I'll be in the 'mother' one..." (again, lovely!). Mind you, I'm just as bad because years ago I told everyone that I wanted my cinders to be put in my 1950's ice bucket-It’s stylish, practical and nice to look at!

Moving on swiftly- I've shown this off before here, but I thought I'd show it off again, just because I can and because of it's relevance- being owned and worn by a mother at one point. Oh and because it has 'Jim', the RAF chap in it!

Hope you liked this weeks treasures.... now just need to sort out next weeks instalment. I'm thinking either photos or wedding snaps? Decisions, Decisions....
Ta ta all,
Have a lovely weekend,

Tupps xxx

RAF Friday so far....


  1. These are very poignant, aren't they?

    And wedding snaps, please, please! I love looking at old photographs but the wedding ones are always extra special, the clothes and the endless speculation about the people involved.

  2. What a deeply lovely, special find. You really have some of the best (vintage treasure filled) flea markets in the whole wide world in your neck of the woods.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Lovely boxes, I agree, such a shame that the name and date wasnt included, I love thinking who's life these little trinkets were so important to. And yes, wedding photos please, you can see how beautiful people looked on their big day and feel as if you get to know a part of these people by sharing their special day. Funny isnt it, but oh well! Thanks for the post
    Isabella xxx

  4. Those boxes look very like the ones my Dad and uncles made in woodwork at school! Lovely finds.

  5. What lovely handmade boxes..... funny story about the ashes, that's the sort of thing my pops would suggest!! x

  6. What beautiful boxes. You manage to find some truly amazing items - your collection is vast :o) Would love to see some of the wedding snaps you have :o)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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