Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hullo Playmates!

I’m not ashamed to say that I am indeed an Arthur Askey fan,  and like Tommy Trinder (sigh) and George Formby (bless him), Arthur Askey has the ability to lift any weight from my shoulders, smooth a frowning forehead and well, simply makes me smile when spirits are low. Hurrah for Arthur Askey!

I have watched the box set many a time through, taking great delight over Miss London Limited. It has the catchiest opening tune ever! Honestly, after seeing this you will find it hard to get rid…. It doesn’t actually feature our Arthur but it does include Anne Shelton’s voice of velvet (love her uniform!) and Evelyn Dall, who wears an outfit of dreams! The Captain at the end (can’t remember his name- tut tut) isn’t half bad either or as my Grannie would say- easy on the eye!

Cheerio All or should that be…. I thank you!
Tups x
….. the choo choo from Waterloo choo, arrives in platform….. do di do.. sorry x x

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