Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Just to say that I'm still here!

I have spent most of the day fantasizing about being a domestic goddess…. HA! I shall butt into my own conversation and say that Domestic Goddess I am certainly not. I hate to employ the term’ Domestic Goddess’ but it describes what I so crave for at this very moment. Mind you, I may want to live with pixies tomorrow, so I’m sure these fanciful ideas will be soon forgotten or live as long as it is needed for me to find out that it’s near impossible for me to change my clutter bug ways. To be honest I’m barely house trained (not in the doggy way!!!- the washing up, cooking and tidying way!) but I’m sure I would be more house proud if it were my own little abode!

So let’s face it, my fantasies shall stay only fantasies as I’m one of the most un-organised, messy and quite frankly lazy (sometimes with good reason!) people I know.
However, this doesn’t stop me from dreaming about whimsical ideas of  flitting  here, there, and everywhere around the house, all made up perfectly and wearing a sprigged cotton house dress with my hair swept up in a careless but oh so glamorous fashion, attending to all the house hold duties ……(my parents are probably beside themselves with laughter at this very moment)
In reality I was sorting out my beloved knitting pattern collection, which I put to you, is no walk in the park- of course in my pyjamas, looking like I don’t know what…..Funnily enough I seem to work better in my jim jams!
This soon grew tiresome and anyway I ran out of poly pockets (so there!)

I decided to turn my hand to a spot of cooking and again I’m no culinary queen, either! I shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen and if allowed, supervised at all times. I manage to use every pot, pan, bowl, spoon, lardy- lardy- da, (you get the picture!) possible.  I may be messy when cooking but I am cautious, so to avoid disasters…. And I did rustle up a tray full of cheese straws…… super yummy they are too!
Here’s the recipe if you fancy some yummy, yum yums.
4oz Plain Flour
1oz lard
1oz butter
2oz cheese
1 egg yolk
salt and cayenne pepper (a pinch)  cooked at 170- 180’ c  375’F (mk 6)
6-10 mins

Sieve flour with salt and pepper,
Rub in fat,
Stir in grated cheese,
Add egg yolk and mix into a dough (add a little water if necessary)
Roll out and cut into straws….

Cook and eat….. yum yum yum.

That’s all for now as I must get back and tidy up as the sister and her fella plan to return at the weekend.....
I also have a couple of photos to share from my holiday but my Pops is in Germany at the mo so I am unable to post them.
I also have knitting news and plans to revamp my blog space….
Tups x



  1. Love the vintage tinting! Welcome back!

  2. haha, thanks- it's a great way to waste time on the pc and get away from tidying up...


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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