Monday, 22 November 2010

Uh oh …..5 weeks to go! Game N0.1

 Righty’ho ho ho my little Christmas elves, it’s just under 5 weeks to Christmas and my extended advent calendar in me noggin (started since late October) will soon make way for the choccie variety (is 21 too old for one….. naaaaah). And the count down is most certainly on. Unfortunately the excessively quick demise of these calendar dates only highlight my ‘to do’ list even more and I am determined for it not to end up like last year and in fact all the years previous, where I leave everything to last second, get rather ratty and mess up my enjoyment of Christmas eve.

This year I have taken it upon myself to provide the Christmas Day entertainment….. And no this doesn’t mean I will be hiring a brass band (however much I would like to) or to put on pantomime- oh, the mere thought sends a shiver… my acting ability is more wooden that  Mrs Santa’s wooden spoon….. That is, presuming she has a wooden spoon… I don’t know? She might have preference over a metal one! Oh dear I’m veering off course again….. Now can you see why I never get anything done in time- Huff.
No, my entertainment comprises of vintage games- naturally!  Mainly all dating from the 1950’s and all designed to either bore or frustrate you in just a matter of minutes- perhaps that comment is a little un just, I find them highly amusing myself….  
Over the next 5 weeks, I shall endeavour to show off each game that has made it into the line up for the Christmas day festivities- how exciting!

First up is…..
Table Basket Ball (Woohoo!!!!)
Bought yesterday with Christmas and my collection in mind…….it’s blooming fantastic, yet falls into the frustrating category. I think I’ve only managed to get the ball in once every 50 or so shots…. not a particularly good game for those who are stubborn,  as they will hog the ping pong ball, refusing to let go of the firing position until triumph prevails- In need of some rules methinks! Any ideas?

It’s in mighty fine condition (I think it spent life forgotten in a cupboard, cast aside for the thrills of Meccano) and states…. ‘Moulded in shockproof high impact Styrene’…. Fancy!

Off to practice!
Tickety Boo Tupney x (The Christmas Kid)


  1. Ha! I LOVE it! I am going with Taboo this year. I played it in Hay and fell in love with it. I cannot wait to launch it at my brandy-riddled Nan.

  2. Oh that is really cute :) I think I am going to buy a quiz book for our xmas day, so we can sit around eating and yelling out answers.

  3. The quiz book sounds a good’un, especially the sitting, eating and yelling bit- Usually in our household emphasis is on the eating bit!
    Hehe, a brandy riddled Nan and Taboo- that should be interesting to say the least!


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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