Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I want that House!

All I can say is....... What perfection! A nice price to boot!

Just imagine the house coats you could swan around in, in that house…..

7 bedrooms.... think of the house parties.
Garage for two..... I fancy a Standard (but maybe we would have something a little fancier too!
2 ½ acres... what glorious garden parties.... sigh.

One can only dream.
Tups x


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  2. Look at the PRICE!!!! Good gods! If that was still the case - I could afford 4! Oh for house prices to have remained the same! Alas - tis but a dream. *sob*

  3. Not bad at all!

    Personally I'm all for swanning around in evening wear as host at house and garden parties, with a car or two in the garage ;-) (a Bentley for me, I think). My dream house to do all that in, though, would be this:


  4. Oh wow! We could buy it and start up a vintage guest house, which would basically involve us wearing our best bib and tucker and being proper in the proper surroundings! x

  5. It goes without saying that we would need to pay the mortgage on the house!!!! (haha as if!) So Gem’s idea is a good’un… Oh, and I can provide my own outfit!
    Bruce- your dream house puts mine to shame and my Standard would look extremely out of place on the drive when visiting- I think I’ll upgrade to a Lagonda then!

  6. Goodness, how lovely! I'm looking to buy a house at the mo (in London?! PFFFFFT!) and recently fell in love with a crumbling gothic house. Sadly, it all fell through, so I'll have to settle for your 7 bedroomed delight instead ;)

  7. Shame to hear that Kate, I’ll go back and look through the magazine to see if there are any adds for London...though it would probably make you feel worse If I find something! xTupsx

  8. Hi there I have nominated your blog for an award, have a look at my latest post for details x

  9. The house is on my Christmas list!
    I've also nominated you for an award!


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