Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Need for Woollies.

My, it’s been mighty chilly, with temperatures fairly low due to fog and now frost, and it’s without doubt time to think about the winter wardrobe. Luckily I’ve been blessed with many a nice vintage coat, all of which are from the 40’s and early fifties, so I don’t need to worry about that… I have plenty of tweed skirts which have seen me through both the spring, autumn and on some occasions, the summer - so again, I have no worries there! Slacks- check. Hats, Berets and Scarves- check,check and check. Plenty of useful woollies- erm, well, I have plenty of said woollies, some of which are ye oldie but none of which are that useful, due to shrinkage or style!
Hang on there… how did this happen? I’m forever knitting, so why is this, the case?!  I’ll tell you why… I never knit anything of much use and when I do, I never finish it…. And here’s the evidence!
 Appalling, isn’t it.
In the picture you will see a
-1930’s cardigan/jacket (blue)- needs the ends tying in and buttons.
-1940’s red sailor type coatee, which needs the buttons…
and a sock- just one sock- naturally!
Hmm, can you tell that the making up is not my forte?
At the mo, I have an early 50’s Tyrolean cardigan on the go- with bobbles and all! With only a sleeve and a bit to go until the dreaded sewing up! After that, I have plans to knit a chunky thirties jacket to wear with my new 30’s/40’s hat which also sports a Tyrolean air….. But it’s less than 5 weeks to Chrimbo, so that will be put on hold until I’ve finished crafting some novelty (in other words useless) woolly wonders for presents!

I’ll leave you with two photos, to show off a recent knitted triumph…. Me stockings!!! Knitted in two ply- they’re just the ticket for these wintry spells! By the way, imagine the last photo all nice and in focus!

Off I toddle to try and sew a blouse….
Tickety xxx

P.S. the suit is the one I mentioned in my post about Goodwood


  1. I love that red jacket, actually, I love it all. I'm with you on the sewing up, I'd happily pay someone to do it for me - I want to knit, then wear, no messing around!

  2. wowowow! You are so talented. I've got the same issue with sewing, though. I get 3/4 done with several garments and then don't add the zips or buttons. Gorgeous creations!!

  3. Knitted stockings - absolutely wonderful! I love your jumpers too. The sewing up part of knitting always goes wrong for me - ironic as I'm a far better seamstress than knitter.

  4. You have put my "pleased-as-punch-with-my-primark-£2-wool-cotton-mix-tights" smugness to shame. Oh how I long for woolen tights in BROWN! that are not £12 and "one size fits all". It doesnt. And you can't return. Bummer.
    You are looking a treat. I do so love green and brown.

  5. Oh, I hope to become as a good a knitter as you one day - those look amazing. I have a week of and my aim is to finally seam the growing pile of knitting projects in the cupboard!

  6. I’m quite amazed with the comments about the stockings- most people I know pulled a funny face when I said I’m knitting stockings! (Must go to primark as I need some woolly tights, thanks) Long socks next I think….
    Ta very must for the lovely comments all!
    Tickety x

  7. Have you got a copy of A Stitch in Time? I love that book! I'm still working on a 1951 Vogue jumper that I started in August :( I hope to finish it by Xmas but I can't see that happening... xx

  8. Oh Yes, Indeed I do and it is a cracker! Too many things to knit and not enough time.... xx

  9. Look how petite the waist of the red jacket is! You must be so trim and delicate!

    ~Vixen~ x


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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