Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I shall start off with a rather nice tune from White Christmas (I prefer Holiday Inn myself- thought you might like to know that!)  Isn’t Bing Crosby simply lovely…… and his whistling is something else- I can barely make a sound! You are probably thinking what on earth that has got to do with price of fish, as he doesn’t actually whistle in the clip, but you have got to agree that he certainly knew how to whistle!
I really wanted to post a clip of The Andrews Sisters singing ‘Winter Wonderland’ or even the Perry Comb-over (Como) version but couldn’t find them- HUFF!

It may be blooming chilly out, with winds whipping up a rosy glow onto ones cheeks but I say…. you can’t beat a jolly jaunt in the country, when the town is covered with an icy but powdery blanket of snow. We have only had an inch but somehow that’s enough to excite little old me….. Isn’t it funny how something so cold can make you go all warm and fuzzy inside?
While trudging through the snow, the crunch made by my sheepskin lined booted foot gave great delight (simple things for very simple minds… oh, and I said ‘foot’ but it should be feet as I do have two!). Even with the likelihood of slipping over, the snow has made me thoroughly happy and has lifted my otherwise limp spirits. This morning's walk has been like prancing around on top of my grannies Iced Christmas cake (yum). If only the snow was made of icing sugar and the pavements made of marzipan- forget the gold, I’d much rather have the marzipan!

Such weather not only causes great gaiety (unless you have to drive) but also gives us the chance to pull out the winter wardrobe that has lain dormant since the early year. I do like a nice coat, so my early forties blanket coat was awakened from the closet. It’s certainly my warmest and most cheerful coat I own and the colours are perfect for this time of year. Hat wise, I chose a knitted hat that my ma had knitted (dad thinks it looks like a flower pot- ta very much Mr!) Nothing fancy today as I was off to have my hair cut, which is now much shorter (eek) with most of my perm gone too (NOOOOOOOOOO) oh well, some thing to look forward to in the New Year. On the shoe front, I wore my Morland zip up boots which come just a few inches below my knee- thankfully they are slim legged and are far superior to Wellies, well, they are in my opinion! I was extremely lucky to find them and plainly see that they will be worn a great deal this winter. 

Pictures of my Coat and curly top tomorrow, as I forgot to take a pic today- oops!
back to the knitting....

TTFN, Tickety Boo Tupney x


  1. Im pleased someone else calls him Perry Comb-over. ha ha ha.
    Totally cut off here in Surrey. And working from home SUCKS!

  2. hehe, I'm so glad I'm not the only one- i do like his voice.... don't worry Bing you are still my all time fave! I’m not sure if we will be getting any more snow.. have to wait and see in the morning as we seem to be getting it all at night- just like Camelot! xx


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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