Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Holiday in Pictures

Here's a few snaps of our jaunt up in bonnie Scotland- nothing particularly interesting or vintage related, but I thought you might like to see them....
In The Car
Day One:
Are we nearly there yet?
The only pic I took on the way up- Stirling Castle.
The Wedding
Day Two:

Part of the Hotel- I stayed in the Turret room! 

My Room for the night 
Chanonry Point
Day three:

Fort George
Day Three:
(An operational 18th century Garrison- lovely place, but mighty chilly and windy!)

Me and my fella!


Day four:
Again, mighty windy and cold!

which is which?


Loch Ness
Day Five:
Could this be Nessie?
 Urquhart Castle
Day five:
 (horrid stairs- not suitable for a skirt wearer like me!)
The Commando Memorial
 Day Five:

Day Five:
 Does anybody remember Monarch of the Glen?
Brodie Castle
 Day Six:
Day Seven:
Not much to be had in the charity shops we went into- not that we got to do much in the way of shopping :(
Day Eight: Home!

I love going on holidays, but I was certainly looking forward to going home by this time!
We took a bit of a detour on the way back to check out one of our old and much loved holiday haunts.
We had pizza at the amazing ArtDeco restaurant/cafe, Nardini's (not as amazing as it use to look mind you!). I found the name of the restaurant quite amusing!
And no, I didn't take any pictures of of Nardini's- I was beyond wanting to do anything at this point. I think we all just wanted to be at home!
Tupney x


  1. Omg the photos are sooo lovely! Thank you for sharing! Staying in a castle overnight is on my bucket list! How fantastic was your trip??!! Oh my swoon! Next time take me with you heheh J/K! xox

  2. Lovely photos! Thank you for sharing. I know how great it is to finally get home, but at least it looks like you had a pleasant vacation.

  3. Aww I remember when I went to all of those places (apart from the castle hotel! envious muchly) *sighs* lovely photos Tups xx

  4. Ooh, Bonnie Scotland! I'm missing it all now, but your photos have bought back some good memories :) Congratulations to the wedding couple too! Looking forward to seeing where the Tupney-mobile takes you next x

  5. I want to visit Scotland so badly. Looks like you had a good time! Seeing these lovely photo's makes me want to go to Scotland even more.

  6. Oh how this has me yearning to see Scotland firsthand. Once long ago, I lived so close (ok, relatively close), when we were in Ireland, but we didn't have the means to travel much and so I didn't get to explore the neighbouring Island and all of its marvelous countries. No matter, there's always the hope and prospect of future European travel, and should that happen, I'll most definitely try to make it to Scotland.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* I adore the snap of you do your best furry cow impression. Too cute for words.

  7. Lovely photo's & your room is great :) x

  8. You look lovely.
    I used to go to Chanonry Point quite often when I worked in Inverness, we'd take a picnic and head out that way, spent quite a bit of time collecting bottle glass on the shore. I rather miss it but not as much as I miss our own proper beaches at home. I've got numerous ancestors buried on the battle field too.
    And yes, our charity shops are mostly rubbish, especially for anything old!

  9. You look just lovely and I adore the highland cow, they're my favourites xxx

  10. Gorgeous photos! You look lovely and your hotel (could hardly call this just a hotel!) room is just mind boggling. Oh I want to go to Scotland so badly now. We're planning to next year if all works out!


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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