Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A Jacket Fit for a Wedding?

Hullo kiddies,
Tupney calling!

A while back I started a new knitting project as I was in need of a brown jackety thing to go over a 'possible' wedding outfit. Time was limited, but luckily I had four balls of dk wool lurking in one of my stashes of doom. Anyhoo, I had the wool, I had a time limit, I had the enthusiasm and I had the pattern. Hang on, wait,... don't be silly, of course I didn't have a pattern.... I can never find that 'perfect' pattern when I need to!
For some reason when I  buy wool in advance, without a pattern in mind, I always find it terribly hard to match them with a suitable pattern later on. It must be a subconscious thing of not wanting to waste the wool.... well, I don't want to take the time to knit something, only for it to look rubbish at the end, or find out nearing completion that I'm half an ounce short do I?!
(Funny thing I often feel like I'm an ounce or two short of a pound! Anyway...)

Initially on first looking for a suitable pattern I had come across a lovely 30's one, which I thought was perfect. I even started knitting it, but soon gave up when I remembered how I hate stocking stitch with a passion! I then came across a super late 30's suit pattern with a lovely jacket, which would have been just the ticket. Unfortunately it needed more wool, so this was a no no. (but now on looking back it may have been possible)
Then I  eventually started looking through my 40's knitting books and luckily I found 'the one' lurking in the renovations section.
(Hopefully by showing the original pattern first (fingers crossed) it will make me look incredibly glamorous in comparison..., though when you see the next pattern picture (blah) all illusions will be shattered)

The stitch pattern and original model.

I decided on a few changes- omitting the ribbed welt being the foremost of these changes. I felt that the ribbing wasn't really smart enough looking for a wedding, so I swapped this with the main pattern. I'm rather pleased that I did too!

Tupney found that the time taken in knitting her new cardigan and the time spent in the grocery shop queue paid off equally....

The Back-
(excuse the funny jumper bulge- the rib doesn't stay on my hips) Perhaps if I knit it again I might take an inch or two off the length.

(Blimey, my hair is a funny colour!)

It took practically no time to knit- I like thick wool and big needles.... a lot!

I chose modern buttons for this jacket because it needed more than I have in any of my vintage sets.
Originally I had chosen a different style, but after completion I found that I was one short. I'm rather pleased with these though!

In the end I didn't wear it for the wedding, but it didn't go unworn on holiday. Oh no, certainly not- it proved most useful indeed!
If you are wondering what I did wear to my aunts wedding, then  'ere you are!
  Photo's taken in my Turret room- just look at the carpets.... don't suppose the wedding was in Scotland perchance!

I've got two more (and the rest) knitting projects on the go at the moment, so I'll blog about my progress with those soon!
Tuppy xxx


  1. That's a lovely cardigan, I love cables but it still looks feminine and fitted without being thick and bulky.

  2. That is lovely. Is it a sort of twisted rib?

    I'm constantly on the look out for vintage patterns that would work in a DK or above. If you ever fancy a pattern exchange we could sort summink out. :-)

    You must be a much faster knitter than I or have more time or both. either way I'm jealous. I do an hour of a lunchtime on my work knit and an hour every other evening on my home knit. I never seem to have time at weekends.

    I seem to have a huge stash of yarn building up and no progress is being made on my current projects. Must devote some serious attention.


    1. Oh ta, yes it is a twisted rib. I forgot to say it only took 2 ½ balls in the end -I used stylecraft life which has a really good yardage.

  3. Gorgeous! Suits you perfectly, even if you didn't wear it for its initial intention. I love fingering weight yarn but there is something so satisfying at whipping something out at a heavier weight. And that's perfectly useful many months out of the year where I live! So I'm working on some heavier knits right now.

    The wedding outfits are gorgeous, and I can't get over that carpeting!!

  4. That is so pretty. I prefer it without the rib and the buttons look lovely - well done :o) What shade did you use? It's so pretty. I love Stylecraft - good value for money!!

  5. Oh seriously I just love your work! I have been inspired to try knitting although I am nervous and actually afraid bc I have a disability and my hands are weak. One reason I want to try it though is I figured it would be a good for them perhaps and also bc I want fabulous 40s jumpers too hehehe I look fwd to your next posts on your other knitting projects! xox

  6. What a lovely sweater!!! I'm pretty sure you will wear it a lot this winter.
    I love your navy wedding outfit, a perfect match with those crazy carpet!!!

  7. I really does look lovely Tups! I need a brown cardi rather badly yet I can never make myself buy brown wool. And I buy A LOT of wool. I guess it's just the lack of appeal of "utilitarian" brown - though I can get excited about brown in the shape of shoes and bags! - don't know what it is, but I shall have to get over it.

  8. as usual you look fantastic, that jacket is rather fabulous. and the black dress is very glam. A turret room no less!

  9. Dear Tups, your newly knit sweater is so timelessly lovely. I am always in awe (and endlessly inspired) by everything you create from scratch, as well as the fantastic outfits (like the what you wore to the wedding) that you share with us, my fellow 40s loving gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. You look fabulous as always! :) x

  11. Oh, that looks so lovely! you're always so beautifully turned-out.

  12. Your wedding outfits are both utterly stunning and your gorgeous new cardigan is wonderful! I love that cable pattern its very pretty, I do love knitting with thicker wool it knits up so much quicker than that pesky 3ply. :) x

  13. What a lovely cardi, oh I wish I could knit like you, you can easily make those beautiful wardrobe must haves like woolen cardigans. I have one similar to this in red, but I love that brown as it is more practical for everyday wear. You look so glam,
    Love Lil x

  14. It's really super, what a good knitter you are. Lovely photos, too.

  15. Love it Tupney! Very Cute!

    The Middle Sister and Singer


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Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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