Friday, 2 November 2012

Mrs Pickup's- a couple of snaps...

 This wasn't the planned RAF Friday, but I'm feeling rather 'meh' today, so I have dug out a couple of pictures instead (yeah I know it's not much!).

And for once (Note that I'm merrily jigging away in a happy fashion here) the lovely original owner annotated her darling snaps. "I like you lady very much indeedy".

I don't even need to consult people in the know for possible dates, as she noted that too...All this information is nearly too much for me to handle. Well, perhaps that's a little over the top, but nonetheless it's nice for once to at least know their names. Mind you, it still leaves me wondering what became of them all.

"Group on the steps at Mrs Pickup's.
Back- Dorothy and Bill.
Centre- Jack, Mona, Myself and Leslie.
Front- Roy, Bertha, Douglas, Basil and Alan.
July 1941"

(just look at all those glorious names!)


 "Leslie Shuttleworth and myself taken on the steps of mrs Pickup's.
July 1941"
(I'm guessing she liked Leslie!)
They look such a contented bunch in these snaps- happily sitting on each others laps, and with the girlywigs trying on their uniforms.
I presume these lads were billeted with the rather amusingly named 'Mrs Pickup'- that or the girls were.
And it is here, on Mrs Pickup's steps, that these little treasured moments were recorded on film.
And one last photo....

 Isn't he gorgeous?! Well at any rate, I think he is. Mammy says he's a "really beautiful boy"! But oh so young. (You know, if you disagree I am going to think there is something wrong with you!) Unfortunately I know nothing about him. Cracking teeth too- with teeth that white he would be very handy in the blackout ;)
 Haha, that was a bit random after exclaiming to know nothing about him- ah well!

This chap came from the same dealer (one of my favourites). I can never pass their stand without checking out the photos. I think such an occurrence has become noted by them because they always say “I’ve topped the photos up…”! Am I really that predictable… well, obviously, yes!
Well folks, thats all from R.A.F Friday this week....
I will leave you with this little ditty from one of my favourite george Formby films ;)
TaTa all and have a grand weekend wherever you are,
Sincerely Yours
TicketyBoo Tupney

RAF Friday so far....


  1. This post is a total gem - I love that you shared some wonderful WW2 snaps with us today even though you were feeling a bit meh (I'm with you there). Thank you, dear gal.

    Have a beautiful, relaxing first weekend of November,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I love your RAF Fridays! I agree those names were fab! Oh those times so rocked! Hope you have a great weekend! xox

  3. What fab photo's Mrs Pickup made me chuckle..... what sort of lodgings was she running!! :) x

  4. Ohh this post is so lovely, thank you! I really enjoyed reading this and I love your RAF fridays!
    Love Lil x

  5. The young boy looks like he is wearing a KD shirt, so was serving overseas at some point - somewhere likel the middle-east, far-east or north Africa. Maybe he was flying a fighter as part of Operation Battleaxe in summer of 1941? Who knows...

  6. Thanks for sharing these, they're great. I always wonder what became of people in these old pictures. But oh, that boy is so young, rather upsetting really. I do hope he made it home safely. He rather reminds me of my youngest cousin to look at, he'd wanted to join the RAF, too, but he had quite bad allergies so couldn't.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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