Friday, 30 November 2012

Nothing but Patches

In one way or another I've had a bit of a rotten day. Facebook chums will know what I'm talking about, but I feel it's now time to move onwards and upwards, and forget about the horrid people who have no respect for the feelings of others. As you can imagine, it's not nice for someone to call you 'sick' and say that you are 'pro death' just because you take an interest in the Royal Air Force. No I'm not 'pro-death and if I'm classed as being’ sick' for taking an interest in history and indeed of all those who served, sadly lost their lives or survived the war then so be it. Just because I take an interest doesn’t mean I want to glorify it or even agree with it, but these things should not be forgotten and nor should the people.


First off let’s see what all the fuss was about hey!

 Please ignore the wonkiness..
“ The Roval Air Force” I think I need to put another stitch on the ‘y’!

Pretty innocent looking isn’t it. Who knew that this patch would cause me so much grief both before and after it was finished! The funny thing is, the two monsters harassed me, then had the nerve to say that it was ‘a nice bit of needlework’….blooming cheek!

Well, my first ‘proper’ patch is indeed finished (celebratory jig and ginger beer for all!) and I’m rather pleased with it I must say! It’s quite big at 5 x 6 inches. I had the notion that if it was bigger it would be easier to work, which is true, but boy has it taken some hours!

Another patch finished for the 'show me your colours' project.
Well that's a'nuff of that trouble maker...

Now moving on to something that has caused me no hurt feelings (well, it has a few holes, but they can be darned!). Chums, meet my very own service knit! It's one of my most treasured items. (Yes I know, I say that about everything... but I mean it!)

To my knowledge I'm the third owner that has had the honour to keep this scarf safe, and only the second to wear it! You may be thinking what is she on- it's only a Air Force blue scarf knitted in a simple garter stitch, and yes, you would be right, but to me it means so much more. This very long scarf may have been knitted by a RAF Comforts Party, or it may have been knitted especially for a loved one- who knows? I also have no idea who collected the patches- some are older than others, so it may have been started by the original owner and then added to over the years?
Did I mention that it smells divine? Well it does! Yes, it has that old wool smell, but it also has an oily musk about it too- you know that lovely engine-y/garage smell? Please say that you know what I'm on about.... please! I wish I could bottle the smell...then again, s'pose I just need to buy a bottle of machine oil eh!!!

A picture of yours truly wearing the scarf- twas a very windy and cold day! Picture taken not long after Christmas last year!

Anyway, don't you think it could do with a few more patches? Hint, hint, hint. here's nudging all you RAF folks out there... please feel free to send me some new patches to sew upon my scarf! I know, subtlety is an art I have yet to master! :p

I wasn't even pretending to sew on a patch here- one really needed to be sewn on again!
Here's two very simple patterns for scarves from the "Knitting for the R.A.F" booklet...

And here's a great little pattern for an easily knitted service pullover.
December, 1940.

Have you got any original service woollens?

Also I would just like to say a big "Ta very much" once again to all on FB that helped me along today- You are all stars!
Here's to a chirpier weekend...
Sincerely Yours
Tickety Boo Tupney


RAF Friday so far...


  1. Some people don't know what they are talking about!

    Your patch is lovely and you should be very proud of yourself.

    Love the RAF scarf, I only have the patterns for such things but alas, no originals :o)

    Could have done with a massive scarf today, it's flipping freezing here!
    Have a great weekend :o) x

  2. Oh what horrible people. I do not understand why it pains people to be nice. I shall chalk it up to jealousy. Forget them. I had my own weirdness today with my inlaws spying on my blog and questioning my husband as to whether I make money or not or really-am I spending his money. Goodness. So many people just cannot be happy for others.

    With that said I think you are doing a wonderful job remembering those who have passed on. I feel like its imp to give respect to all humanity no matter who it is. Bravo to you!

    Now onto your patch-you are amazing! You are so talented! Don't let anyone stop you!!! Hugs-Bunny xox

  3. That patch of yours is definitely something to be proud of! Very nicely done! I wish I had the patience for more needlework, but alas, I am a master at the fine art of starting projects and never finishing them. oops. hahaha

  4. I did wonder what had happened on Facebook and now I know, poor you.

    Just remember water off a ducks back these people are nut jobs pure and simple and not worth wasting your time and emotions on. Your embroidery is lovely and that is all you need to know. x

  5. That is an amazing piece of embroidery that very few people nowadays could manage sadly. Be proud of your patience and skills. As to the facebook trolls I am sure the irony of the fact they use their 'freedom' to say and do as they like so glibly without being at all aware that without the bravery of our servicemen in WW11 they would have lost it! You have absolutely no reason to justify or explain yourself to such people.

  6. Very Pretty Tupney! So sorry for all your troubles with it. :(

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  7. Sweet dear, I am so, so sorry that such terrible (and ignorant) insults were hurled your way. If you're "sick", then so too am I, as I have a deeply rooted interest in the history of both world wars, especially the second, and the countless brave men and women who helped to set the world back on the right track again in both cases.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. The Facebook business was disgraceful but you have risen above it magnificently :) Love the patch !

  9. What a horrid thing to say!

    I think you dod great work on it!

  10. That's the worst of the internet and things like facebook in particular, they attract such loathsome scum. The patch is great, as is the scarf. Carry on with what you are doing and to hell with them all.


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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