Thursday, 29 November 2012

Checks for Autumn.

What'ho Folks!
Yesterday I had the house and garden to myself, so I popped out the conservatory window (don't ask!) to take a few snaps of Mammy's newest creation.
Facebook chums have already been treated to a glimpse of my new suit (how very modern of me), and I have finally sat down without any embroidery hoops or knitting needle to hand so I can show all... show the suit off, that is!
 Such a suit has been on my ever growing wish list since I don't know when, so I can't even begin to tell you how much I'm in love with my natty new suit. I must say it's real boon to have a suit that hasn't been ravaged by moths, that doesn't need mending somehow and not to mention one that doesn't have stained lining (always find this gross when inspecting old clothing!).
Plus it's quite, quite lovely to have suit that has been made to fit ones awkward frame- no tight shoulders, short sleeves or baggy waists with this suit,.... oh no!
c.1942- the pattern.
'squse the dishevelled look- I chose a 2 second timer to do these as it was very nippy out, thus not having enough time to straighten myself out!
 Mother being mother expertly matched up all the checks- makes such a big difference I think.
We did chuckle when I wore it out and we overheard people saying things like "oh look at that girl in the original suit" or "well it's easy to find good vintage it her size" (is it?).
Snazzy welted pockets
It even has three welted pockets- mammy wasn't looking forward to doing these, but I got my whip out because I.. well because I wanted them. Luckily mammy dearest didn't have any trouble in the construction of these...phew! Funnily enough the jacket took hardly any time in comparison with the skirt, which proved most troublesome!
The jacket is also fully lined- that's how much my ma loves me!
Ain't I lucky girlywig having my own tailor!..... now waiting for Ma'ma to give me a kick up the never mind......ooh, ouch!
Suit made by Mammy
Hat: 1940's quilted beret
Shoes: Modern loafers
Hair: Models own
Silly poses: Models own
Scarf and Gloves are old'uns too.
Photographer: Tupney- who else!
Well, here's to tomorrow and RAF Friday and all.
I'll have to do something extra special, well try, as I haven't done one in a while- oops!
Tickety xxx


  1. Oh, don't you look swell? It's fabulous and I want to kidnap your mum!

  2. Wow! She must really love you. That is a beautiful suit!

  3. That suit is amazing! Your mum has done a fabulous job! Perfect outfit for the chillsome day we've had here! :o)

  4. Those checks are perfect for autumn, and I love the pic!

  5. You look so elegant and classy, wow! Lovely suit, it fits you very much.

    Welcome to my blog :)

  6. Oh, that's fabulous! Love it! :-)

  7. You look smashing! Your mama does amazing work! Omg you are like a 40s goddess my dear-everything you wear looks amazing on you!! xox

  8. It's a cracker of a suit! Your mum did an amazing job!

  9. How sophisticatedly, timelessly beautiful. This is the kind of suit that one owns, and regularly wears for a lifetime. You look utterly splendidly, dear girl, thank you for sharing this tremendously lovely suit with us.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. That is the ultimate in perfection!! Oh I just love it. What a suit to be proud of (your mom, too!).

  11. You look smashing! Very stylish!


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