Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Email troubles...

Hullo All!

 Just a quick message to let you all know that my email is still messing me about! Apparently all it needs is a mobile number, so I can unblock it, (sounds simple enough)… Well that’s all fine and dandy, but I don’t own a mobile! I’ve only just found my way to facebook, so it will probably be decades before I buy a mobile…. Anyway….

Thankfully, I can still receive your emails, but the darn thing won’t let me reply.

So to those who have already sent me an email and to any future email senders (just in case!), I shall say a big “SORRY” for not replying. It’s not that I haven’t read them, or that I don’t want to talk to you- I have and I do, honest- it’s just because I can’t.


Well,  if I can’t figure out how to fix it by the end of this week, which I probably won’t, then I’ll fire up a new email account! :)
Tickety Boo Tupney


  1. I feel your frustration, Tups! I've even thought about doing a post about what I've termed the "presumption of technology" as I find more and more people, forms etc. peremptorily asking for a mobile number which, like yourself, I don't have! (I don't even have a Facebook account though, so you're one up on me there!). For what it's worth whenever I'm confronted with an insistent "mobile number" field I just make something up - usually involving lots of 0s and 7s ;) - and that seems to satisfy it(!).

  2. Oh no! Gotta love technology right! I have a love/hate relationship with it. Love it but I usually can't figure most of it out which makes me hate it hehehe Good luck with that-I hope it works out soon for you!! xox

  3. "Presumption of technology" - I like that, it's the perfect description. I was ranting and using some very fishwife like language indeed to the same effect last night. I, too, make some cobblers up and lie to it when required.
    The whole damn internet has been giving me grief lately, don't know if it's me or it!

  4. I usually skip the page and just press "continue" when it asks for my mobile number and for anything more insistent, I make one up! Hope you're back soon.

  5. I have had this issue before - with the blog not email (touch wood) - where it locked me out of my account. It's a password thing usually - and a friend of mine advised me to try and access on a different server. I am on Chrome and I switched to IE and was able to log in as usual and change my details. I then went back to Chrome & it worked fine. The only reason it asks for a mob nr is so it can generate a code to verify your account if it thinks it has been "comprimised".

  6. Oh "presumption of technology" is a wonderful description! It haunts me as well and I DO have a mobile. But along with the presumption that people do indeed have all this technology at their fingertips seems to come the automatic belief that we're all also willing to share it with anyone. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I would certainly prefer facebook and the like to NOT have access to my cell phone number. I too input bunches of 0s and such on web forms when they refuse to process without an entry in the field. Usually it works.

  7. Internet can be a pain in the arse! Hopefully it will resolve soon!

    By the way have you read my reply in respons to your message about the autograph photo? If you want I can give it a go for you. Send me a picture you want to use and write down your autograph (with thick pencil or emphazise it) on a white piece of paper. (In the brightest light possible, like, next to a window!). And I'll see what I can do. :-)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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