Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Treasures For Tupney

Righty ho, so I have been neglecting my blog for far too long and it’s just not on. So here’s a scribble to keep it ticking over.

Yesterday was a bank holiday and there were a hundred things one could of seen and done but me, myself and my shadow decided to take a quick gander up town to see all the wonderful old cars displayed in all their glory around the grounds of the park (sorry no photos -what a plonker for not taking my camera!) and by George were there a lot of cars, even more than last year and terribly busy to boot. I only stayed long enough to see my pa and our old motor, have a nose at the stalls and a quick look at all the other posh cars. I would liked to of stayed longer, listen to the brass band and maybe even of had a picnic but I’m afraid the call of a flea fair was too much for me to resist, so off popped me and ma to that. There are always bargains to be had…… and here are my treasures……

Three sewing patterns- one from around 1937 and two more from both halves of the forties. These pleased me no end.

Some 30’s/40’s fabric. Ma and I have great plans for these!

Two 1950’s magazines.

A handmade paper nylon bra with dinky do embroidery.

A postcard from 1949 and a very cute picture (probably once a calendar) from the 1930’s. I want the dog; the girl’s little green spotty smocked dress and her hair…… well ok, I don’t actually want her hair, quite honestly that would be creepy- just the skill to get my own hair like that!

And our find of the year…….A drum roll if you please………

tadaaaaaaa ...A second world war ‘careless talk…’ hankie. It wasn’t cheap mind you- but isn’t it just wonderful?!

I also purchased an unfinished child’s romper/swim suit in the most darling green patterned fabric and a coronation brooch from 1937 as I do like a nice bit of royal memorabilia but I shall save those for a future post that I have in mind.
Ta ta for now.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

One must have some woollies

It’s has become quite apparent as of late that I have several different levels of productivity when it comes to knitting. Sometimes I will churn out the woollens at great speed and other times I will have a bout of not being able to even get past the ribbing. These disastrous ‘Episodes’ can diminish and halt my production line output completely making me quite miserable and destroying all faith in the craft ……. (Well, only until another new pattern captures my imagination). I usually end up flinging the needles and wool in any direction away from the misery (me) with great frustration. Does this sound familiar?

At a time when my latest knitting endeavours seem to go to pot as soon as I start them, I thought now would be a good time to reflect on some of my victories.

The first being from the mid thirties (?) knitted it in two ply cotton. I nearly went mad doing the 5 1/2 inches of ribbing on no. 13 needles. In the end I decided against the collar as I thought it dated the jumper too much.

The second being a rather yummy sun top that I had to make smaller from 1939. I would really like to do another in the original colours stated on the pattern. Oh and I must get round to making the proper straps!

Hope you like them…… now I must get back to my latest creations!


Monday, 16 August 2010

Crikey the first post!

Well hullo Possums or should that be Possum as I have only one follower!
Obviously this is my very first post so I shall make it short and sweet. Mainly the lack of content is due to loosing the ability to remember all the ramblings I've had planned for months, typical. Any hoo I shall love and leave you with a picture of my wartime bottle of Worcestershire sauce, here to draw you all into my little world of vintage loveliness.

                                               I know, I know the bottle is a real cracker!

Cheerio for now and expect to see more of my ramblings soon.....

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