Saturday, 30 July 2011

Little Pearly Yachts.

My Yachtachachas- or more commonly known as yachts outside the Tickety Boo Household…   Yes, two more vintage fancies bought in readiness for when I have my nautical themed cockatiel (hehe) cabinet!  

Unfortunately I have decided I may have to give the idea of having a sophisticated, stylish cocktail cabinet/ bar the old heave ho just in order to give the above lovely pearly ornaments and my other knick knacks (that are the epitome of good taste itself don’t you know!!!) the best and most suitable setting possible…. But not to worry all is not lost as I can have something just as snappy……
Think 50/60’’s, and think cocktail bar in the shape of a boat thingy made of wood with portholes and anchor- kitsch-tastic or what! Yes, I have the tendency to sway a little, ok, a lot towards the kitschy side of vintage. I can’t help it- really I can’t, Mystic Mug would say it’s because I’m a Gemini and having two sides and all!
some of my doodles...
Well anyway, whatever I end up with, you’d be sure to find my cabinet with a cardboard cut-out of Bing Crosby alongside it, and may I add Life size cut out at that… (I have mum to thank for this brilliant idea!) I can picture it so clearly- there he is in his stripy-T, navy blazer with brass buttons, sailors cap, pipe- Bertie, my wind up gramophone would be playing ‘All over the place’ sung by Tommy Trinder, and then there would be me in my anchor print playsuit mixing up a nice batch of cold ovaltine for us….me, to enjoy- ahh happy thoughts!  Anyway, what more could you want to adorn your nautical cocktail cabinet, hey?  Well, I sure can’t think of anything else more super, that’s for sure!

See, if I had a classier bar area, 'Cardboard Crosby' still doesn't look out of place! It's win, win!

If the lack of space doesn’t allow me to have my ship bar, then I will quite happily settle for a 1930’s barrel cabinet, with my pearly lustre’s dotted on shelves above- I’m not particularly picky (not much hey!)… especially after reading about a stylish young couple in a 1937 Good Housekeeping who owned such a cabinet! See first doodle for a loose idea of what I mean!

Some more bits I've collected...
top left: a set of small glasses, could date from anytime!
top right: 50's set with yachts on, which daddy bought for me!
middle: Salty the pepper pot and Pedro the spill holder (30's? will be changed to hold mini parasols instead!) found by Ma.
bottom left is a 1960's lamp with plastic fishes and an enamel badge for the P&O's  Canberra!
bottom right- Thanking pops again- a WW2 poster- I think this is the tops!
A nice little Tasteful number with Prince Philip!

Heyho, I suppose this little item of furniture would be categorised as a luxury and isn’t a necessity as I don’t drink that often, hmm, maybe I could turn it into a milk bar instead…. Anyway, a piece of furniture that is a necessity, a must, and is classed as an ‘I want, I want, I want’ item is a Kitchenette cabinet! Now then, that’s another post entirely!

Rightyho that’s enough daydreaming,
Off I trot ....

Tups x

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Gladioli, White Heather and a Veil of Silk…

A while ago, ok, an absolute age ago,  I said that I would show my wedding dress collection off, and I have decided today, ( OK, now it’s yesterday-oops) would be a rather good day to start. Why? Well, 64 years ago today (yesterday), 26th Jul 1947, this beautiful wedding dress of white crepe was worn by the equally beautiful Betty, and she was to marry her ‘Doug’ at St. John the Baptists church, Halesowen!

St. John the Baptist church, Halesowen

This wedding dress was very kindly gifted to me by Betty last year while I was exhibiting some of my collection at a local event. I absolutely adore it, not only because it’s soooo unbelievably beautiful, or because of it being given to me, but because it’s also the only wedding dress I own where the date and owner is known. For me, this makes the dress come alive- however fanciful my imagination can be with the past lives of my unknown wedding dresses (and believe me I can make up quite a story!) it’s just not the same as placing the garment to a real person and to an exact date in history.

I was amazed and somewhat overwhelmed by this gift as it’s not everyday you get given something so precious and so personal- I couldn’t wait to get home that day I can tell you!!! It was like Christmas and even more so when I discovered her silk veil, which Betty originally thought was no longer with the dress! Wow- lucky or what!!! Betty also gave me some photos, which I scanned and posted back!

Well enough of my babble, here is Betty, Doug and their cake!

1. The Cake. 2. Betty and 'Arber'.  3. Doug, Betty and their Nephew.

1. Their Wedding cake was again made by her sister (there doesn't seem to be anything this 'Mona' can’t do… bit like my sister!) She said the top tier was of plain sponge (Madeira
mix!) as the groom ‘Doug’ didn’t eat fruit cake!

2. Betty with Arthur Johnson ‘Uncle Arber’, neighbour of Mona’s.
She wrote on the back that her father died in 1938, and that Eric, her brother in law took ill in the night so ‘Arber’ did the honours!

Betty carried a prayer book, and she told me that her sister wanted a bouquet so she (Mona) made one upon a tin foiled covered potato!

3. Bride and Groom- Betty and Doug and their Nephew. Unfortunately both the nephew and Betty’s Doug are no longer alive.  

Details of Betty's wedding dress.

Betty’s dress of white crepe was made by her sister, Mona (I think Mona was 13 years her senior… I can’t quite remember- oops!).
Her Silk veil was sent from Canada (ooo, fancy!) by a friend, and was held by white gladioli, & buds- white heather and moss. How pretty!

Now on to something less pretty... one crumpled wedding dress being worn by tickety here! I must say it's a must to try everything in ones collection on at some point, and I mean EVERYTHING.... shoes that are too small or too big, hats, mens wear-yes, even a pair of woolly long johns have I donned all in the name of....hmm, not sure what for actually- probably just because I could!

May look crumpled, but my hair is pretty good- if I do say so.....

So there you are Betty's beautiful wedding dress- Happy belated Anniversary, Ducky!

Tickety x

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Meet Harry and Jim.

Being far too sentimental for my own good, this little wonder found its way from an antiques (pronounced Anti- queues of course!) fair to Ticketys trove of many treasures!

Harry- looks a bit of a one if you ask me, but Jim looks a nice lad! Well I think he does...

I don’t have a clue as to who they are, but they seem nice enough chaps, and as I don’t like to see such things unloved and left forgotten, I decided to adopt them.  The lady on the stall said it was purchased from an elderly lady and that it was given to the lady by a man- Intriguing or what!  I’m a bit miffed that the dealer didn’t enquire more into it at the time, but hey ho what can I do….well if it was me I would have shone a light, whipped out a pad and pencil, quizzed the lady on who, what, why, and when!!! Yes, interrogation may have helped with the history of this piece…it just shows the difference between the collector (or the sentimental/romantic social history nut) and the dealer (in this case anyway!).

Who were they?
What are the relations? Was one of the chaps pictured the sender of this gift? If so, who did he give it to? Did it belong to a mother? Were they brothers of a girl or maybe pics of her brother and sweetheart?...or were they both sweethearts!!! I’m going with the mother theory personally!

Ok, so we all know it’s a sweetheart brooch and dating from the Second World War, but to whom it represents I just don’t know. Shame hey! Anyway, they are now known and Harry and Jim. Harry (the left) being in the Army, and Jimmy or Jim is a RAF chappie.  Harry’s picture somewhat distresses me, he looks tired and rather, well, war weary- which brings me to think what did these boys see and do and then to the most sombre of thoughts- did they survive?  

On that cheery note
Let us raise our glasses and drink to Harry and Jim!!!

Tups x

Friday, 8 July 2011

Time for a hair cut me thinks…

… and about time too as it’s been 8 months!

Yes indeedy, you know it’s time for a trim when you start to look like you could be a relation to Lion-o from Thundercats…  well I don’t have a red mane ( not yet- hehe) but I must say when my hair is in its natural state, and fluffed up a little bit- the likeness is uncanny!
Thankfully I’m not daft enough to post pictures so you will have to take my word and imagine it.

The last couple of weeks, (so the last two sets) have been extremely troublesome to say the least. Fluffy, frizzy, big, wayward…. All the things this girl most certainly doesn’t like to deal with. I suppose I have never had to deal with it as I’ve always had much shorter hair in my years of vintage! Any roads it was past my shoulders and took forever to roller up and dry.

My tresses are now 1 and half inches shorter with the layers cut into to take some of the weight off ( I’m positively weightless now!) and with the majority of my perm cut out! I’ve also got Ma to put in a pink streak to pay homage to my younger self. The Rouge might cover the rest of my Barnet by the end of next week though!

Me with pink short hair (16?) with a sticker on me head and with my beauty of a sister!

I want for it to be much longer, unfortunately this probably won’t ever be reality as I’m not one who can be carefree when it comes to hair. I like it to be just so- if even one curl, one teeny tiny curl is out of place or just wont play ball, then I will have a fit- when this occurs I would recommend that any person in the vicinity to 1) leave the room and 2) make for cover!!!. Mind you, the last couple of years I have (luckily) managed to keep ‘the mane’ under control and to the style I like. I have gone with the flow of the daily changes that my ‘weekly set’ makes- From the curly, curly, to a soft page boy bob of pre washday! Not to mention the fact that my perm has been on its last legs for the last few months, so I think I’m entitled to a few more gold sticky stars for how well I have coped.  
Having said all about my want for long curly hair and the perfect set, it doesn’t stop one from wanting a short curly top like the ones seen in the 30’s and early 50’s!!! What can I say- it’s my fickle nature… To be honest I’m surprised I have lasted this long without chopping it off!

I really like this cut at the moment- well, from this morning (Cough- that’s years in my head) I have been besotted with it!!! (And might I add with the hairdresser too-
How wonderful it is that he is wearing a suit, and just look at those turnips Turn-ups!

Oh, what it would mean to be able to time travel back just for a haircut!

HAIR MODES - British Pathe

well here's to the next time and
fingers crossed that my new do and set turns out tickety boo

Tupney xxx

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Doris Day- Heaven Tonight

Just a quick post on one of my favourite Actresses/ Singer- Doris Day.
After reading in the paper about the debut airing of  one of her previously unreleased songs (1985-86?) on the Paul O’Grady show (Sunday)- I just had to I-player it! I was so curious about this as I could listen/ watch her all day, every day….and may I add, I have even given  ‘Luther’ on the goggly box the old heave ho just to listen to it!
It appears about 53 mins into the show and I think its rather nice… quite catchy in fact (I have rewound several times already!!!)- shall be looking forward to the release of her album later on in the year.  Click here for the link to the show- remember 53 mins in!
Night/ Morning/Afternoon all!
A Whistling Tickety Boo Tups xxxx
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