Friday, 21 February 2014

Oh no! Not another RAF Friday!

Hullo Kiddies!
Today I bring to you my latest acquisition. It’s a real corker- obviously; otherwise I wouldn’t have come home with it! (hehe, because we all know I have impeccable taste…. *cough*!!!). I splashed out with the Christmas dosh. I probably spent more than I should have on it, but it was just too super to leave behind. Anyway, that’s what Christmas money is for, right? It’s there to splash out on the special things that you really desire, and not the mundane everyday purchases that usually deplete the pennies in our pockets! Well that's my thought on the matter. No doubt I would feel a little different if I had bills to pay. ;)
Anyroad, I have now gone way off course- back to the purchase….
Fancy a look?
I have decided to take loads of close-ups and leave you guessing what it actually is until the last snap, then all will become clear!
Ooh, so it's embroidered....

...Hmm, a crown... could it be a Coronation cracker or another military crest to add to the collection (remember the RAF crest mammy found?)…


...Oh, so it has the words ‘Peace’ and ‘Victory’ embroidered too- must be wartime related then... First World War? Or perhaps the second???


..."War Ended.", definitely war related then! 

...I say, is that the RAF ensign I see top right….

...3rd September, 1939.
Ahh, its from WW2 then.  Oh and look at the Wings! I know someone who has a thing about those ;) ....

...Starting to take shape but I think something is missing....


... EEEK! A dashing airmen! Everything can be improved/ enhanced with the addition of an airman- especially if he has a nice haircut like the one above!

Sanzzy, eh?

♥♥♥ And here it is in all its glory! ♥♥♥
Such a gloriously romantic piece of history, don't you think? I wonder who made it, and I wonder who the young chap is? Just things I will never know I guess. :(
I can't tell you who worked it, and I can't tell you if he survived the war or not , but one thing I can tell you is that whoever made this must have been so proud and loved this chap very much. ♥
Welcome to the family, young man. Hope you like your new home and guardian! Don't worry old bean, I'll get you a new frame with glass in it as soon as possible! ;)
Here's to a wonderful weekend,
Your Tupney
RAF Fridays so far...

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Home Chat: Feb 12th 1955

(Due to my incompetence, I have had to postpone sharing this lovely twin-set pattern on pdf format. Don’t worry though, as soon as I have worked out how to do something,I will post it here and announce its arrival on a future blog or facebook!)  
I’m sorry if any of the images appear a bit checkerboardy on your screen. I’m not sure what is going on with them. Maybe it’s just my computer, as they seem to be all “Tickety Boo” on Mammy’s ipad!  






I’m afraid this Home Chat isn’t the most enthralling of magazines, but it is the only one that had anything Valentiney in- hence the sharing! I shall endeavour to find a more interesting magazine for next time… honest! ;)
Tupney x

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