Thursday, 24 February 2011

A 30's Quick Knit.

I’m currently knitting a cardigan on size 11 needles in 3 ply and it’s proving to be a real Troll- I started last Tuesday and I’m still on the back- huff!
This little number however took less than two weeks if I recall correctly!  Big needles + chunky wool = one happy Tupney (a Tickety boo Tupney). Hurrah to big knits!
Boxing Day saw the commencement of this knit- a joyous day indeed…. And looking back in my diary (yes I keep my knitting movements recorded- the only thing I have to put in my diary!) I can tell you that on…
Friday1st: I had finished the first sleeve, started other- went to grannies, ate cake, and set my hair!
Sunday 2nd:  Finished second sleeve and started collar (no cake!)
Monday 3rd : Knitted collar. Sewn up sides, shoulders and part of sleeves….
Skip a few days to the 5th, and that’s the day I finished it completely… so that looks to be nine days of knitting, and 1 extra day for sewing up! Would have been less days of knitting if only I didn’t have to re-knit a front….
My Shooting Stick and I...
Hat: 1930’s old stock.
Cravat: 30-40’s? With golfers on.
Pheasant brooch: 50’s
Cardigan: mid 30’s pattern
Skirt: made from a 30’s pattern.
Beloved Brogues: 40’s.
Shooting stick: age unknown, but is good for parking ones behind on (charming!) and ever so good for poking people.
a close up
the original
Looking rather snooty...
...and another with the stick for good measure!
Who's that tip, tap tapping over my bridge (huh?)... back to the lacy troll I guess!
Tups x

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

More Awards!

 Righti-ho, I’ve prolonged this post long enough! I have been very kindly given  lots of  Stylish blog awards (far too many my dears, it will go to my head!).
So thank you ever so to…. Bruce , Tuppence Ha’penny, Perdita, Lindsay (vintage rose), and Miss Amethyst Hope I’ve mentioned them  all!…..

To Lina Sofia for the versatile blogger award.

And last but not least…a ‘ I love your blog’ from Nabby of This Old Life- (check it out, she makes the most amazing 30’s outfits- all very drool worthy!)

And now to the tricky part….. The 7 unknown facts about me that are vaguely interesting or even anything that you actually might want to read! (for the stylish blog/ versatile blogger)
I’m rather a bore and to be honest I don’t get up to much. So here goes nothing (of any interest!)….

1. I’m currently addicted to Mr Kipling’s Apple pies!

2. Another great love of mine is Jewellery making, and I started attending evening classes in silversmithing just after I left school! I went for quite a few years, clocking up various amounts of AQA (?) certificates- not sure what this equates to in qualifications, oh, and it doesn’t mean I’m any good at it!!! But hey ho that’s not the point… I just love having a fiddle and a good bash at a bit of metal.

Me Jewellery!
3. I have 10 vintage wedding dresses in my collection, ranging from the 1920’s right through to the 1950’s (One has actually been dyed blue- bridesmaid dress perhaps?). This might seem a little excessive, but I just can’t help it. I find them terribly romantic and so beautiful to look at. It’s odd, because if I ever were to get married- which is very unlikely, and especially so if the unknown fella found out about my wedding dress fetish (!!!) but I don’t think I would want to get married in a wedding dress- I always liked the idea of a smart suit or dress and coat combo, of course all worn with a jaunty hat! Ah well, if the dreaded day ever arrives (hehe), I have options. No doubt you will be shown the secret wedding dress stash at some point….

Here comes the bride....
4. What can be more wonderful for a keen knitter and a fan of Roger Moore…..yes, it’s a knitting pattern with Roger Moore on- marvellous. Within my collection I have mini collections/interests, and one of these collections being knitting patterns with the ever so lovely Roger Moore on. Isn’t he just something?! Him with his fine head of hair and dazzling smile…..I love them so much I have even put one in a frame!
a very youthful Roger.

5. I’m a mother of three…. A mother of three vintage child mannequins that is! Edmund Arthur (Askey), Trudy May (Trinder), and Baby Peggy Lee. They are my evacuees, and I have saved them from an uncertain future that beheld them by being occupants of a charity shop cupboard. The diddy dot, Peg, came later from an antiques shop. I’m extremely lucky to have them, and I love them to bits! I’m a sentimental of fool aren’t I, and daft as a brush at that! Notice how the two eldest critters are named after comedy legends (some may disagree with the comedy legends bit, but please don’t as I’m very fond of them.) Baby Peg on the other hand is named after one of my favourite female vocalists- Darn it! I have given you two extra whatnots in this section for free!

My Edmund Arthur and Trudy May.
6. One of the things on my to-do list is to stay at the Burgh Island Hotel in Devon. It may (fingers crossed) one day happen but I am doubtful! It’s been present in my memory ever since I was a nipper, as we have always holidayed down that way. I get all goosepimply just thinking about all the famous golden era people who have graced the sands and foot-stepped along the Hotel floorboards…. George Formby (most important to me!), R J Mitchell, Noel Coward, and Agatha Christie to name but a few! Last year I managed to get a rather excitable snap of  Tups by the wonderful gates and one naughty snap behind the fence- shhhh don’t tell anyone!

Behind the fence pretending I was one of them!

7. Finally (And now I’m really struggling) my favourite flower is Lilly of the Valley (with sweet pea at a close second!) So unassuming, and delicate, with the most amazing perfume! We have a little patch in our garden, but I keep missing them when they make their yearly appearance! Thought I might add this little snippet just in case my future Tommy Trinder/ David Niven/ Roger Moore/ Bing Crosby (list is endless) finds this blog and decides to come looking for me…. Bring some Lilly of the Valley will you! Also singing the song ‘Salome’ or ‘all over the place’ whilst playing the ukulele would please me no end too...

 ...oh and a Mr. Kip pie wouldn't go amiss either!
Mr Tommy Trinder in Sailors Three.

So there you have it, my 7 things that make me sound like a right nutter!

Your Tups x

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Mystic Mugs Horoscopes- Aquarius

*Mystic Mug would like her apologies for the lateness of this article be known to all*

January 21st to February 19th
The Water Bearer.

Saturn or Uranus rules Aquarius- the eleventh sign of the zodiac, which the sun passes through between January 21st and February 19th.
The symbol of this sign is a man pouring water from a vase.
The people of this sign have long faces, neither fair nor dark, reddish complexions, especially when cold. The hair turns grey while very young. These people are very progressive, clever, inventive, and scientific, with advanced ideas. They are impatient with orthodox people, and cannot be happy when forced to live in a conventional atmosphere.

It is considered a humane and charitable sign, yet these people quickly throw up relatives and leave the parental roof as soon as circumstances permit. They are neither lucky nor clever in money matters. It is the Aquarians who give wonderful inventions to the world, but financiers of other signs who collect the money.

Aquarian man, and even the children, love tinkering about with the wireless set, the household system of electric lighting, and they invariably improve these things. They love all kind of literature, art, music, mathematics, and lie chiefly on the mental plane.

In the business world the men are not enterprising, but are very successful in controlling large staffs and in improving an existing business. Aquarians usually find great pleasure in any work they take up, but if forced to do uncongenial work their inventive faulty will find expression, not in their career, but in their various hobbies.
When these men are enterprising it is usually in some uncommon business. They have peculiar dispositions and are somewhat difficult to live with. If their work is criticised they will be intensely irritable, as they hate criticism more than anything. Whatever they do they usually do well, but they must do it in their on way and time.

Sometimes these people have a disregard for clothes and appearance, which can be very trying for their relatives and friends. The Aquarian women share this peculiarity. The invent ability of these people sometimes amounts to genius, and it is a notorious fact that a genius often goes about unkempt and absent-minded.

Every unkempt Aquarian is not however an genius. He may be the reverse, and this would show in his particular horoscope. They are very careless in money matters, spending freely while they have it. When doing the work they like, they have no thought for the financial reward. They are generous with money, but if a definite appeal is made to them for help they will possible refuse it.

To handle an Aquarian successfully one must not only be a good judge of human character but a good judge of this particular type. They have a systematic, methodical mind, but untidy personal habits. It is useless to try and argue about personal trivialities with an Aquarian.

If you want an elusive, abstract subject thrashed out, an Aquarian man will patiently explain and argue for hours. Tell him he is wearing odd socks, and that his hat is out of date, and he will flatly contradict you, be very annoyed, and the matter will end. You will not have improved this part of him, and you have gone down in his estimation, for he will consider you an interfering, shallow minded person (cow).

It is useless to offer advice to Aquarians. Even when they pay a doctor or lawyer to advise, they generally ‘gang their own gait.’ They must go straight through life learning from their own experiences. Aquarians are fickle in love affairs, and the men are seldom in a hurry to marry. Of course, these people often do marry, usually because the prospective partner is the deciding factor- but that person is not the Aquarian.

They may not be deliberately fickle in love affairs, friendship or marriage, but unless there is a strong mental attraction these affairs are of short duration. The Aquarian man may treat his marriage vows lightly, and to him this is not a crime, because he has never had time for convention. The attitude of course, shocks his relatives and friends. When he meets a suitable partner he is an idealist. His love of a high type, emotional, but not sensual. Marriage is then a Marvellous affair. The home is beautiful; they live up to, or beyond their income.

The Aquarian woman is more practical than the man. Quite early in life she decides about a career. She is not conceited, and somehow does not expect to marry. She will start with a secretarial career, for which she is admirably suited. Later her inventive ability will work out as enterprise. She either enters a profession or runs a business, and in either she is likely to be successful.

These women often surpass men in the professions. They are not sentimental, and it is the exception, rather than the rule, if they dress well, yet they have heaps of men friends. They dress in a plain workmanlike fashion, but are sometimes untidy. They are idealists in love and rarely marry just for money, unless circumstances compel. They seldom crave for marriage or children.

The Aquarian woman is often considered changeable, because she will drop one man after another, but this is usually due to flimsy minds of the men rather than her own fickleness. A deep affection and mental attraction count for more than sentiment and passion with her. When she gets a suitable partner, marriage is usually a success. Her home always looks as if it’s lived in, nothing ostentatious, everything for comfort and use, and work minimised.

There is a very high type of Aquarian found among both men and women, who work for the benefit of humanity. They include doctors, scientists, and religious workers. They may not renounce worldly affairs, but they work for life in the interest if mankind without thinking of rewards. The Aquarian is a great lover of animals, and a large percentage of these people are vegetarians on principle. They are fond of the study of occultism, religion, and philosophy.

The Aquarian boy child is a serious individual. He wants to know the why and wherefore of everything. He has very little use ofr toys except to take them to pieces. Complicated mechanical toys, miniatures of real trains give him great pleasure not only in childhood but right through life! He is usually very obstinate, takes keen likes and dislikes to people, but will cheerfully obey those whom he likes. He prefers books and animals to the ordinary toys of childhood.

At school he is very studious- possibly too much so! Mathematics, drawing, and chemistry are his best subjects. Often he passes examinations easily and takes many prizes. He will take up sports, but is not very keen. May be indefinite about a career, because there will always be a desire for something out of the ordinary which might not be allowed, or there may be a hankering for invention, which he will be told, will not give him a living.

The Aquarian girl will not want dolls, but will have a love for books at a very early age. She passes through school easily and is a favourite with teachers and children. She has definite views about a career, as it is very important to this girl that she earns money. To her it means independence and the key to everything she wants to do in life. She does not covert riches; apart from getting independence, she has more often than not a great disregard for money.

The sign Aquarius affects the circulation. These people feel the cold intensely, but can put up with heat cheerfully. They also suffer from nervous worry and throat weakness. Both the men and women are liable to suffer from anaemia.

Mystic Mug.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Tickety goes surrealist!

…hehe,well maybe not!

While pops is tinkering with my new 50’s radio, I simply couldn’t resist the chance for such tomfoolery….

Happy Monday!
Tups xxx

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Tups in London Continued....

Thursday… Now this is more my style- The Cabinet War Rooms or Churchill War Rooms. Not only did we get to meet the wonderful Jenny/i (!) (yesterday girl) -it was so lovely to see someone else dressed vintage, and who was also wearing the loveliest tan suede shoes (certainly put my trusty brogues to shame- but lots of walking in London calls for practicality!), but we also had a glimpse into the rooms where such important military and governmental decisions were made. Such decisions that helped change the uncertain out come of war and mould it into a future of peace, and well, normality!. It’s truly a remarkable place and a real place of intrigue at that!
The importance of work did not however mask quibbles over rationing, life went on, and one of the items that really brought the whole place to life (for me) was a part ration of sugar that was wrapped up in an envelope and hidden away in a drawer (reminds me of a knitting pattern I have- for a sugar purse to use when visiting!) we don’t know we are born these days!
There’s also a large room dedicated to Churchill, exhibiting countless items of memorabilia- my favourite being an example of one of his many Siren suits- this little number was in a lovely soft red velvet- I also liked seeing examples of his art work, and was amazed at how diverse he was as an artist- such a talented man. (Wouldn’t mind one for my wall!).

Later that day, after deciding that it was too late to go to Alfie's Antiques, we made our way through St James Park and up to Buckingham Palace (we didn’t stay for tea- she wasn’t in!). We then walked up The Mall, where we heard and saw a police escort with Princess Anne (I think) in the car… down through Horse Guards Parade, then up to Trafalgar Square- so I could take a wonky photo of Nelson, back down Whitehall, where I proceeded to take more wonky photos of the cenotaph and a blurry picture of Monty, and then we walked back to Westminster Bridge for the underground. A special thanks to my ‘The Coronation and the BBC’ book for its use of its map- I wouldn’t of had a clue where we walked otherwise!

Friday…..Haha Shopping! Alfie’s Antiques was our destination (squeal with excitement!). Lovely but expensive is all that I can say- oh, and don’t go with a father who doesn’t like shopping! Bought a few odds and sods, but saw many a thing that I could of quite happily of taken home with me if money permitted…1930/40’s fishnets for one, too many lovely hats to describe for another, and all the 30’s dresses (never seen so many in one place before) they were all so lovely (and expensive) it hurt. One stall had two of my yacht heaters (my- meaning I wish!), another shop had one of my haberdasher/outfitters draws (again ‘my’ meaning 'in my dreams'…oh, what I could store in those- would be the end of all my muddles…hehe), and another had a lovely collection of tins and point of sale boards- All out of my price range, of course!.  Well worth a trip though….
Alfie's Antique Market
Saturday…I’m afraid before we departed for home more shopping had to be done! I didn’t expect to find anything but came away from one shop with a load of wonderful vintage cosmetic packaging (yippee)- I plan on doing some posts about them soon, so no pictures yet! After a quick bite to eat and some knitting it was time to make tracks- my much longed for bed was ever present in my mind, and the peacefulness of the country grew ever near-‘Yay’ to home! No doubt I will be back soon though, as however much I moaned to my ma and par about my poor legs, my uncomfortable bed, and the traffic, I did have a tip top time.... oh, and I want to spot more famous people! (The other famous person being the dark curly haired man from Garrow's Law- don’t know his name so I will leave it at that!) zzzzzzzzzzzzz! That's enough, I bored you far too much!
TTFN Folks
Tups x

Friday, 11 February 2011

Tups in London...

Ahh London, a week full of trains, more trains, the underground, and being a complete tourist. Those happy but exhausting days being filled with much interest and the luxury of not having to have a tissue welded to your nose (due to catching a cold probably from london!). Well I suppose I should look on the bright side (even if my head feels like it’s about to explode!) at least I didn’t have the cold last week.
^annoyingly off centre- V for Victory and a big- 'de boom!' IWM

Monday saw us motoring down to London and all was well! Very much so in fact, as once in London, the journey soon entered the 'Spot the Art Deco Buildings' phase-when I mean Art Deco, I don’t mean your ordinary 30’s semi- I’m looking for the white streamlined beauties, with curved lines or the bricked factory/flat blocks with their original crittall windows- the hands were pointing everywhere and we were not disappointed- there were loads! Once reaching our destination (my sisters flat) we did very little apart from the usual clean up that so often happens when we get to a holiday home- Sorry Sis!

Left: My Home (so near yet so far- weldon's knitting pattern on the sofa!) Right: Numpty IWM
Tuesday… The Imperial War Museum (again!) oh I did like being reunited with my home! ‘My home’ being a replica of 1930’s house built within the museum- very cleverly done and fitted out perfectly. I could of spent all day pottering around and it has everything you could want/need (and I do want/need!!!). It even had a Weldon’s knitting pattern booklet, casually lying across the lovely sofa as if someone had just left it while they went off to make a cuppa! Reading ‘service knits for men’ well along those lines anyway- can’t quite remember, but all I do know is that it was a knitting pattern for service wear and that I indeed wanted it!
We spent most of our day there, and I found great delight in spotting things within their well put together displays that I have also the pleasure of owning myself. These items being a temporary pack of Empire Dominoes, a book on aircraft recognition, and a booklet on 'basic wireless’ which was found in the SOE section,... so now of course I have visions of it belonging to one of the trainee agents!
After exhausting all possibilities at the IWM, we took a gander down to Westminster Bridge, and I immediately was transported to the closing sequences of Genevieve... Well nearly, apart from the fact that the wonderful John Gregson or Kenneth More were nowhere to be seen, there were more people and modern traffic, and that it was 2011 and not 1953…..the list of differences are endless, but I love the film, so I don’t care!

Ding Dong, Ding Dong...
Wednesday… The V&A, and to be honest I was quite disappointed, mainly due to the costume section being closed, which was the main reason for us going. I did however enjoy the 20th century bit... seeing a cocktail cabinet of dreams, and a utility dressing table which I visualized in some of my more humble of dreams!
After being swallowed up by such a large museum for most part of the day, I was eager to get back out into the fresh air, walking until we reached the Horrific Harrods. Now that shop is truly stuff of nightmares (not quite as bad as being naked on the train or finding yourself in a loo without a door- but near enough!) the whole experience wasn’t pleasant at all, I felt so out of place (a real county gal) and so uncomfortable- surely this shouldn’t be the case when you are shopping! Maybe it’s just that my mentality towards shopping has changed (?) as I only shop vintage now. Anyway I couldn’t wait to get out of there, it was all far too ‘in your face’ for my liking. Shopping is so much better when you have to rummage for your spoils, and not when its handed to you on an overpriced plate. Rant over and out!.....

If you want to fall asleep, then read the next instalment too (sorry it's so long!)
Tups x

Monday, 7 February 2011

Can I go another day without washing my hair?

Well me hearties or should that be 'Arr me hearties!'. It’s Peg leg Tupney here (not sure why I have gone all ‘Pirate’ on you for?)  Haven’t quite got enough energy to do my report on my trip to the metropolis, or to stage the award ceremony, so here’s a quick ‘Today’s hairdo’ post instead!

I’m super pleased at how well it has lasted…I set it on Sunday, styled on Monday, and here we are a week on, and at day nine! It’s a miracle I tells ya- and there was me thinking that the London air would make it a lot greasier- but no, quite the opposite in fact. I haven’t even needed to powder my wig to disguise the fact that I don’t wash my hair that often!... by the way I don’t actually wear a wig, though I do frequently get asked if I do don a wig! (Does make me chuckle) Hmm, still not sure if that’s a compliment of not?

Of course I cannot do a hairdo post without pictures, so I suppose I must share them (oh, do I have to!) and it goes with out saying they include funny poses... but I’m sure you expect nothing less from me- what can I say, they are my specialty! Brace yourself they are daft! Oh, and no back views as my arms are long but not that long!

Pondering on whether I should take a bite from my imaginary apple….

….. oh, just take it away, I can’t bear to look at it!

I hate photo’s showing my profile- *shiver* what a nose! And grrr to the curl dropping!

The Curly Top!
.....And  to day Ten? And to the kitchen for a hankie... I have a cold on it's way- I'm sure of it.

Tups xxx

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Just a quick post to inform you lovely people that I am indeed still alive! Last week I had a very lazy week, feeling very sorry for myself and with no inclination to blog! While this week (since Monday) I have been having a jolly old time wondering around London- Fancy! So far we have done the Imperial War Museum, the V&A, and Harrods (never, never again!). Tomorrow, it’s the Cabinet War Rooms- can’t wait ...with my trusty Brogues at the ready!
Well must go, legs  hurt, curlers to take out, teeth to brush, beauty sleep much needed, and a hot water bottled bed awaits....
Night Night
Tups x x x
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