Friday, 20 December 2013

Everyone Needs A Grumpy Snowman!

Seasons Greetings Everyone!
This year I have finally got around to making a rather dashing Snowman for my festive table decorations!
He has been on my ‘to make’ list for years, but I usually so get bogged down by other tasks associated with the ‘Merry Season’ that I soon forget to make these silly things that appeal to me so.
The idea for this little chap was found amongst the pages of a 1951 magazine, and it was love at first sight!

Known simply as Mr Snowman to passers by on the street, but ‘Frank’ to his loved ones (well, just me!), and LAC ‘Frosty V’ Snowman to all his RAF Chums!
Like every well dressed snowman, he owns a dashing fedora, woolly ‘comforts’ scarf (probably knitted from the ‘Knitting for the RAF’ booklet!) and  a side cap for when he’s at ‘work’!


I particularly like his little cap and matching scarf...

 He was super easy to make, though perhaps a little fiddly to do whilst perched on a bed... so if you decide to make your own Snowman (???), I suggest you have all the materials laid out in front of you on a clutter free table!

 I'm afraid, the scanner has been put away, so I took some dodgy snaps of the instructions instead!


In the making and  next to the tree of tat on completion!

 I'm afraid I didn't make him as grumpy as the one pictured (didn't have the heart to!), and I didn’t make him a pipe because he says smoking is bad for his complexion!
I know I haven't given you much time to make him, but if you do feel you have a few hours spare for such a task, then I would love to see your results! You could even post the pics on my facebook page! :)
So, from the little man and me...
Happy Snowman making!
Tupps and Frosty V

Friday, 6 December 2013

Daddy’s in the R.A.F

Today’s R.A.F Friday came into my possession on three separate occasions.
You see, I have a favourite dealer that I just cannot pass without flicking through the box of old piccies  (me and old photo's- oh I get lost in them!), but it has come to my attention that the photos must get filtered, so groups and ‘familiar faces’ pop up on each visit! In this instance, the photos have appeared a bit like an unfolding story, with a new family member appearing on the scene each time. It has taken me several moths to reunite this darling family....
Finding 'Daddy'...
Naturally I gravitate towards dashing airmen, and thought I had found the crown jewels when I spied these two!
Mummy and Baby makes three...

When I found this snap, I rather excitingly announced to myself, "This must be Mummy! It's the same rocky whatsit in the background" and sure enough it was!
I'm even beginning to think that this may be their garden... :o
We three...
How cute? Mummy is perfect, Daddy has the best curly top EVER and Baby is cute but hilarious!
Mummy is such a beauty- love her turban and coat- those lapels!
And what about ole grumpy chops? I told you. Hilarious!

One stylish mode of transport parked up near the rocky whatsit,
and another of Mammy and her babbie chick (again, pulling a face!).
Then along came Brother and Grandma too...
The same babbie chick waving at Daddy?
Oh look! Little babbie is all grown up! Can't see what she is clutching though, but she is wearing a lovely little Fair Isle cardigan.... And the little chap in the natty romper is the newest addition to the clan! 

Oh and we mustn't forget Grannie! How she looks like the little chap- not sure is she's the Ma of Mummy or Daddy though- thoughts?
So there you are chums, a little play in three acts!
Cute family, eh?
You never know, more pictures might appear for me to add to the album, but we shall see...
Cheerio for now and
all the best for the weekend
Tupps x
RAF Fridays so far...

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Not So Practical Pattern...


Blimey, it has nearly taken me 12 months to finish this set!!! I’ve just looked up on facebook to see when I actually started it and, apparently, I started it on the 1st of January… Speed is obviously not a forte of mine. ;)


I must admit that the slip spent half the year shoved in box after several failed attempts of trying to complete it. All in all, the slip was rather a traumatic make for me!

 First of all, I had finished the slip perfectly (honestly, it was rather beautifully made compared to my other ‘attempts’!). I had done the hem, edged it with lace, and then tried it on only to discover it was about 4 inched too long and that it swamped me ‘up top’… it was, in my eyes, a disaster! I’m beginning to think that you didn’t need to add extra for the seam and hem allowance after all!

So, after having a mini fit, I took the scissors to hem, lopped off the 4 inches, unpicked the pretty lace (which was a nightmare) and put up the hem again- though, in the end, I decided to leave off the lace.

Then it spent a few more months in the box of doom until a couple of days ago when I decided, once again, to tackle the top ‘alf.  And after another failed attempt to sort out the bodice, I enlisted Ma’s help to fit it properly. When in doubt, call for Mummy!

The centre bodice detail and the new hem...
(really should have pressed the bodice... oops!)
My very pretty 10p lace!
 I’ve lost count of the amount of times I had to unpick those ruddy French seams to get it to fit properly!
A close up of my new powder puff hankie- I love the green and pink combo! 
Haha, not very lady like pulling up my slip like that. Ah well.....
Oh and let me now introduce the biggest knick-knacks in the world!
Aren't they peachy?
Now, the knickers were a little less troublesome, but not without their own issues.

After comparing the pattern pieces with some of my other pairs of French knickers, the mother and I decided not to add some of the seam allowances and also forgo the two (yes, TWO) dreaded plackets. In hindsight this was a mistake, but more on that a little later.

I'm rather fond of a knicker with a yoke. I think it makes them look swishy!

Right, the problem point! Now because I knew best and thought the pattern looked huge compared with the others, I decided I could get away without having any plackets at all and just have them with a bit of elastic at the back instead (the pattern called for elastic and two plackets) but....
I totally fluffed up the fact that elastic can only stretch so much, and when I got it fitting perfectly in the waist, I found I could no longer get the darn things off! (me struggling must have looked a real picture!)....
So in the end I compromised with the 'perfect' fit, as I couldn't face unpicking to put in a placket, and now have a pair of knickers that are too big in the waist.  Well, at least I can now get them on and off- which is a plus with a pair of undies, no?!
 I honestly dread the elastic failing on these knickers! :o
 I finished the knicker legs off with lace- adopting a method that I found on my first pair of vintage knickers. Rather enjoyed doing this bit... not so keen on the top stitching part, but it was quick and easy, so one mustn't grumble too much. ;)
So, what do you think? I know they wouldn't win any prices for skill or neatness, but I'm happy to finally have them in a wearable state!
Have you been making any vintage undies recently? I have plans on making more sets and also have another slip and knicker set residing in the box of doom, so I'll be back with more at some point in the future... possibly in another 12 months! ;)
Cheerio for now,
Your Tupney xxx

Sensible undies v. Swishy?
Posing in me sensible undies- 40's blue bloomers,
CWS woollen vest (bought at the weekend), and 40's woollen stockings.
What a catch, eh!

Friday, 22 November 2013

A Hankie For A Sweetheart...

(Not that I’m saying I’m a sweetheart… though, originally it would have belonged to one!)
Hello and welcome to this week’s RAF Friday!
First of all, I must, must thank the lovely Jo,( who blogs over at Objects of My Affection) for picking up this treasure for me. I’m over the moon with my new hankie and I must say the boys are rather pleased with it too (my little RAF dolly chaps). Actually, they can be found snuggled up in my cabinet underneath their new bedspread right at this very minute! Yes, I’m crackers, but don’t tell anyone hey! ;)
Anyway, it is a most welcome addition to my collection, as I had been on the look out for one for quite a while- I'm so extremely lucky!
So to the pics....
The cotton trimming on the hankie is so incredibly sweet!

^ I wonder if Tyrone gave Betty a hankie like this in the film? ;)
Nah, probably not- he was a bit of a stinker in it... lovable, but a stinker nonetheless!

^hehe, that is one unimpressed Airman... Ah well!
Oh look how it matches my little powder compact!

So "Thank you" once again to Jo... I just loves it I do!
Well, that's enough from me...
 Have a very merry weekend all.
Tupps xxx
(Oh and I haven't made up my mind about next week's addition yet. So far it's a toss up between some photos and a piece of jewellery- so stay tuned to find out next Friday!)
RAF Fridays so far...

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