Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sweet dreams are made of green pyjammies!

Here be my mummies latest finished concoction for her Tupney! A slinky, green satin pyjama number- rather dazzling me thought!!! Aren't I the lucky young miss! I’ll have to be careful not to slide off the sofa whilst wearing this 1930’s moss coloured beauty though, as I’m not accustomed to wearing such slithery fabrics! (there were a few hairy moments when taking snaps on a 2 second timer I can tell you!!!) Nevertheless it’s a joyous thing to wear, with its wide legged trews and caped top- lots of room for free movement! Just call me the Caped Crusader (nana nana nana nana.... BATMAN!)....or not!
WARNING: Lots of posy pics to follow....

The first photo I took, and a  rare 'looking at the camera' pose- funny!
Vacant expression or what!
look at how wide the trousers are!!!
one of my fave snaps- hehe!
Cheerio to all my lovely followers!
Tickety boo Tupney xxx

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Funny Valentine

Or in my case.... 
My funny and moth eaten Valeri!
 Yet again I have missed the boat somewhat with the whole valentine’s thing..... my excuse being that I was far too busy munching chocolates, opening cards and sneezing from the bundles of flowers - I was positively swamped!
Well perhaps not!
Anyhoo, here's my Valentine and he goes by the name of Val.
Valeri 'mothy' Canada to be precise!
Such a dear old soul!
I found out in one of my many home management books
 that Valerie means Valiant- quite apt me thought!

He's such a sweetie, but a little nibbled-I’m sure his poor hands have been in some tot’s mouth- poor fella! I fell in love with this little Canadian airman at first sight, and after much deliberation (I was um-ing and arh-ing for ages!) I decided to give him a new home, and my am I super glad that I did!

 I’ve decided…. I mean, Val told me that he used to work on the Halifax bomber during the war. He also told me that he got his war wounds one night when his airbase came under attack by the enemy.
His convalescence was lengthy, but Val didn’t complain as there were several pretty nurses, and an occupational therapy needlework pack by Penelope to keep both his mind, and his one hand busy!
He recovered to some extent, but he lost the use of his one hand, which meant he could no longer work on the shop floor, so to speak. Poor Val then took up a clerical type position within the RAF.  After the war he decided to stay in Yorkshire, hoping to settle down with a young lass he met at a local shindig -Val initially won her over with his mighty fine rug cutting!  However,  things didn’t work out, and this young flibbertigibbet ran off with a travelling salesman (for Kleeneze, I think?). Unfortunately Val won’t tell me what happened after 1946, so that’s all I can tell you! These days he’s quite content reminiscing with a fellow RAF veteran (Harry ‘Ginger’ Hawk) and an ex windmill Kewpie showgirl called Mitzi!

Tupney and her Val!
By the way my outfit is what I wore today!

TaTa for now

Tickety and Val xxx

Friday, 10 February 2012

The Flying Knitting Pattern Man.

^ thats the title for my first musical- I'm sure it will be a hit! ;)

Well me folkies, I have very little to waffle about, so I thought I will show you something of little interest or use!

A while ago I bought a rather interesting photo album recording the road trip of a young couple and their Morris Minor, showing their travels from Gibraltar to the Uk.
Well, I’m not showing you the Gib photos (yet!), though I will show you another photo that was found in the same album, but in negative form.
There were several intriguing negatives teasing me with shadowy outlines of dishy airmen, a Morris Eight and a Hurricane! (I would say these negatives are a sign. Don’t ask me what kind of a sign, as I couldn’t say, but I do like Hurricanes, we have a Morris eight and I like seeing photos of dashing young RAF chaps too!)

Luckily for Tupney here, I have family in the ‘know’ and I was able to get these negatives scanned, so I now have them as proper snaps! All rather Tickety Boo!
One of my new snaps immediately reminded me of wartime knitting pattern I have. The men pictured are rather alike, don’t you think? Ok, they aren’t identical, but quite similar! If I found out that they were the same, then I would probably hyperventilate.  Knitting + RAF chappy = one extremely happy girl…. No, no, wait…. Knitting + RAF chappy + expert ukulele player = perfection and one keeled over Tupney! (Yes, I’m odd, but just you wait- I have a feeling that there is such a man out there!)
Anyway, I shall leave you to gaze upon the men in question, as I have to go and and pin up my hair…
Lovely man A.

Lovely man B. with nice cardigan!

Over and Out!
Tupps xxxxxxx

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Week Five
Here's something for the Little'uns!
Perfect for little hooters...
A Hankie with a Mabel Lucie Attwell design.... Cute huh?!
(please excuse the 60 year old creases!)

Tupney xxx

Friday, 3 February 2012


My latest and greatest find! (so far this year hehe) A new game, and a wartime game at that- lovely jubbly!
‘Spotto’ is the name, and aircraft recognition is the aim (how marvellous!)- really it’s just a more informative version of ‘Lotto’ or ‘Housey- Housey’ as they call it.
You have sets of cards, all with 8 different aircraft silhouettes printed on them, and your aim is to fill the card up with the corresponding ‘named’ chips- quite simple!
On the back of the cards you have information about your card of aircraft too…
For example-
I have yet to try it out, but I tell you one thing, I’m learning my aircraft silhouettes and names before I let Pops play too!

Learn ‘Aircraft Recognition’ while you play!
Get to know which is ‘ours’ and which are ‘theirs’
A game for all ages and both sexes

Spotters, Observers, Home Guards, Scouts, ARP, Police, Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, Etc.

‘JUNKERS Ju 86’ ….. ‘I say old bean, that’s me!’
I can’t wait till I get a full house so I can shout ‘SPOTTO!’

This is my ‘ I haven’t got a foggiest what these aircraft are,
so just nod and smile’ face!

SPOTTO to the lot of you! (well the other players!)

Cheerio All
Tickety x
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