Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A "Light and Airy" Little Number...

Hullo folks, it’s me!  ^Pinch me, I am indeed real!
Yes I know, long time no bloggin’.
I must admit that I’m writing this out of complete shock. I was a little taken aback after reading Theodora’s latest, which isn’t at all shocking by the way (who could be shocked by a dashing chunky knit, eh?), but the realisation that you are lacking in the blog post department was! Golly, seeing a link to my blog on the side-lines with the words… “Pretty ShinyThings… 3 months ago” certainly made me wonder where the past three months had disappeared to.
 Has it really been that long? Oh, where have those bountiful blogging days gone?
These days I never seem to have anything to write about, which is rather queer as I don’t remember being anything other than boring all those years ago. What on earth has changed?

Anyway, I ‘m here now and I have another knitted to show off. ^^See.... SEE! (I was almost certain that I had already shown this one off, but I can’t find the post anywhere. So if is a duplicate, just ignore the last and humour me now- Ta muchly. xxx)
I should also say that this is by no means a newly finished knit either- it must be at least a year old now…. Ah,what can I say? You can always count on me to keep you up to date!
(beautiful Peggy. <3)
“Coolness personified is this neat little tuck-in blouse
knitted in Coats’ Mercer-Crochet. It only takes four balls,
so it isn’t an expensive affair,
and there is a lovely range of colours to choose from”

Enough time has since passed for me to forget all about the knitting and pains taken with this knit, although I can vaguely remember that there were a few testing times.  Looking back at the pattern now, I am pretty sure that the tiny needles used and the large cast on amount (134 stitches- ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOUR!) may have had something to do with those testing moments.

 A close up of the very pretty stitch, but my was it a pain in the (er, never mind) to  do- a lot of picking up and dropping stitches involved!

Oh and there are more ‘knitteds’ to come- including a swimsuit (it is heavenly… in my eyes, that is!), a lacy jumper suit, a zipper (waiting to be sewn up), and I have also just started another cotton jumper… so watch this space. You never know, I may be back in three months with some more pictures!

Tupps xxx


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