Friday, 24 August 2012

RAF Friday- The Rings

More Sweetheart jewellery, but this time RINGS!

I acquired this one in Pickering. I was surprised no one bought it as I found it in a nearly empty cabinet after the war weekend- ah well their loss eh!
On the up side... I found it and its now in the TBT collection, but on the down side... its too big.
As you can imagine I'm heartily devastate, and if you have been following the previous RAF Fridays (?) then you will already know that I'm rather fond of these Perspex beauties! Perhaps it's best that it doesn't fit me, just in case I lost it or broke it....

The above ring was one of the things on my wish list and is my latest treasure- I shall be wearing this ring with great pride as I'm sure the original owner did. I cant get over how tiny the wings are- they really are teeny tiny! It's a silver one (stamped 925) with perfect enamelling too. : )  
Oh I'm a happy bunny- they never fail to put a smile on my face.

I also have plans to make my own ring from a RAF button, but I need to do a bit of designing and trial some settings first. You shall, no doubt, see the results at some point!

Here's to the weekend...


Tupps x
RAF Friday so far....

Here Comes The Bride...

Monday, 20 August 2012

A sports blouse to laze in…

(Before I start to witter on, please brace yourself for the silly photos that are about to be seen-I guess by now you expect nothing less!)

I have finally hopped out of the window into the garden to take some photos of my latest make. Yes you read that correctly- My latest make! Well, I did have a bit of help, but I’m still learning, so it’s to be expected ; )

All in all it went together fairly easily… well, apart from the front opening, but that was my lack of knowledge and once that bit was explained, I found no trouble in the rest of the sewing.

I’m rather pleased with how it’s turn out and I have plans on making some more- maybe in a novelty print and maybe a plain’un…. one for every occasion I say. (well any occasion that calls for a sports blouse!)

(I'm a little Art Deco teapot...)

Here it is with the buttons done up…
Just call me Bashful!
I look about 12 in this picture....

the back...

and with the collar open....

 Looking a right cheeky young miss and one where I appear to only have one leg!

Trying to think of a way I could look sporty-ish in such a small space- yeah kneeling is all I could think of ...


Your Tupney

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Tickety's Tip Top Tunes

Last week I promised that I would do an Al Bowlly tune. Well it was looking a little iffy at first, as I knew for certain that I had no sheet music featuring Al on the cover. At this point I was entering panic mode, thinking that my collection was Bowlly-less! But fear not, dear chums, for I went to another place in the TBT collections room (aka bedroom) where I keep the rather large sheet music, and sure enough (thank heavens) I found a piece that he did sing!

Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever come across a sheet with his picture on. I’m guessing, though I might be wrong, that this may be because he was just a singer in a band. On the whole, the band leaders were the main attraction and the singers played second fiddle (other instruments are available), therefore the band leaders were the guys featured on the sheet. Of course this doesn’t mean the singers went totally unnoticed!

Here is an example of how a 78 record label would read...
(if you care to know)
(From the film……)
(Hart and Rodgers)
Ray Noble and his Orchestra
(Vocal refrain by Al Bowlly)
Quite strange really, but today more people are likely to know who Al is (well I hope that they do) and would probably say…. “Ray Noble?....Lew Stone who?.... Roy Fox?... Never heard of them” and then look at me in great puzzlement. (I know, people already give me puzzling looks!)

 Anyway enough of my waffling

To the sheet...

I'm afraid that because it was too big for my scanner I had to stitch it, hence the bowed look! (silly stitching programme)
She is lovely though, and its no wonder that the fella fell in love with her on the Isle of Capri...

and to the tune...

So did you like Al's version?
Anyone fancy a Tango?
(obviously not with me- two left feet!)


Your Tupney xxx

Friday, 17 August 2012

RAF Friday- Here comes the bride...

Yes I know, I’m a bad blogger- how could I miss RAF Friday last week I hear you cry…or is that my imagination again?…. I thought so!
Well ducks, I was just being grumpier than usual and it was one of those days/ weekends where everything seemed to be going wrong. Well after my week long blog vacation, I’m back, and I’m ready to start shoving more of my beloved treasures into the window of your computer screens! (It’s a sign of happier times in the house of Tupney)
I gave the option of snaps on general RAF, or wedding pics for this/last weeks RAF Friday and the majority ruled for the wedding ones, so weddings it will be.
I still can’t believe you turned your nose up at the first option- just think of all the lovely airmen, but I suppose you do get the best of both worlds with the wedding shots.
Wedding snaps = dashing RAF chap + lovely bride wearing pretty outfits.
General RAF snaps = dashing RAF chap(s) + aircraft + camel or cactus

(See for me, the choice is too difficult, but I must say I’m veering towards the aircraft and camel option myself, but don’t you worry, I’ll show them off in the many Fridays to come!)

So to the joyous wedding photos

here are two of my very first adopted photos- they were pence to buy!

This couple makes me just go “bless” – they look so young. I love her sweet outfit and snappy hat. And what about Mr and his waves- Mr Whippy or what! (Nice studio shot- great painted backdrop)
Her legs also make me giggle- they are just like mine, but shorter!

 The second shows more lovely outfits, in particular the brides fab hat and the lovely pleated detail on her dress. Like the hat in the first picture, it’s not a hat that’s easily worn. I do rather like the outfit on the left (standing)- I would wear something like that myself!
Also what’s the lighter coloured uniform belt about- it’s not totally foreign to me as I have seen it before, but I’m not sure on what it is and why he is wearing it? (As most of you already know I’m not clued up on my uniforms! Haha wouldn’t it be awful in none of these were RAF!) Any info would be great on this- I should really ask my grandpapa! The bridegroom really reminds me of someone too, but I just can’t think who : (

What a handsome couple these two make eh!
I love the fact she is wearing a pair of wings at her neck too, though her bouquet annoys me because I can’t see her outfit properly. Is it a dress, a coat or a costume of some kind?  I like what I can see, and what about that hat!

They had quite a large wedding party too. The happiness in the snap is lovely- I wonder what amused the Groom?

 For a girl who loves her vintage and her wedding dress collection, these photos are invaluable for researching fashions of the time. Strangely, I’m more taken with the brides that have chosen not to wear the floor length gowns (I have far too many wedding dresses in my collection and I’m saying this- doesn’t make sense to me either!). Maybe it’s because I like the potential reasoning for their choice in outfit or maybe I just like my hats more?! I don’t know, but one thing I do know is how much I enjoy looking upon the happy and hopeful faces of the bride and groom. Does lead you to question of what became of them though, which soon depresses me, so we won't dwell on that.

And here are two wedding snaps with the lovely gowns....

Another very beautiful Bride- lovely veil I thought, but what about him? Mr man doesn't look too chipper does he- cheer up fella....

Well you can't say this chap isn't happy- what lovely smiles. The dresses are lovely, the bouquets are frothy and dreamy,  and Little Miss Bride has the loveliest dress with the most wonderful padded shoulders! This is a great snap for hairstyles too- I shall be trying them all!


And as we are on the subject of weddings, I thought I would add this in too.....

Isn't it lovely- I can't believe I'm jealous of an illustration!
Don't you think he looks like a young Roger Moore?

Don't ask me whats on page 11 either- as it's not there. I'm not a happy bunny- just look at the price I paid for the incomplete magazine! What am I going to do if I ever get married now eh? (unlikely as no man in the world is mad enough) Well I s'pose I will never know the secrets of being a beautiful bride- ah well ; )

I'm sorry that I cannot give you any information about the couples, they are all unknown and dateless I'm afraid.

So which is your favourite Bride, Groom or outfit?

Here's to the weekend...

Tupney xxx 

RAF Friday so far....

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Decisions, Decisions….

Tupney calling, and she is greatly in need of some help from her fellow vintage lovers, and any experts that have experience in attending weddings!!
I have two weddings to attend this year, and if you ask me they are like buses! If my memory serves me correctly, which I sometimes doubt, then I have only ever been to two family weddings. One of those was when I was a tot (bridesmaid, Laura Ashley, need I say more?), and the other was in the more recent of years. So with very little experience of such an occasion I am starting to panic for more reasons than one.
Firstly, I'm not keen on large gatherings (or even small gatherings for that matter- family or not), I just don't feel comfortable, being a naturally reserved (I'm friendly enough!), retiring, and socially awkward (haha) person! And secondly, which is why I'm writing this, what on earth do I wear?

The first wedding is at the end of this month, and the second is at the end of September, so no rush eh! Well time is a ticking and I thought it best that I start having a little "what shall one wear" session!

I shall start with the outfits for the first of the weddings....
(Sorry the photo quality is rubbish- I didn't have enough energy to sort out the conservatory, and I couldn't go outside because it was/is raining!)

The first possibility, with a selection of belts, hats and shoes...


1940's navy dress,
30's or early 40's navy suede/leather shoes,
40's navy felt halo type hat.
Red satin cummerbund.

1940's two-tone suede belt, with a simple 40's black beret style hat

Another change of belt ans shoes...

 Maybe go without a hat? I'm not even sure how I'm going to do my hair yet- this is me four days into the set, and looking a little messy after trying on the me hats and glad rags...

A late 30's/40's turban hat is another possibility....
(Lovely hat, but it does make me look like a pixie.)


Outfit choice  no 2.

Mid to late 40's costume.
I love the peplum on this!
Again, I'm hat-less....

and how it looks with the same simple felt....

Outfit Choice no. 3.

Lastly this yellow, late 40's, crepe dress,
(I think it has shrunk in the wash, as I'm sure it was longer and bigger on the shoulders- I need to get this sorted)
teamed with the same Navy Halo hat and shoes seen in the top left photo...
Also I must find a belt, so I look like I have a waist!

I have been quite conservative with my selection of hats, just so I don't look too strange to the normal folk attending the wedding (I'm not sure they could handle a 40's tilt hat- must ease them in gently).
The only other worry I have is.... what  to wear over the top if it's chilly or stinky weather?
I s'pose I'll think of something nearer the deadline!!!

So Girls and Boys
what do you think?
(you can post on here or on me facebook page - that is, if you want to!)

Cheerio for now

Tickety Boo Tupney

Monday, 6 August 2012

Chewing A Piece Of Straw

Tickety's Tip Top Tunes

This Tip Top tune is one of the most recent to be added to the TicketyBoo collection.
I was initially attracted by the cracking graphics, and decided to buy it without even knowing the tune! I’m glad I bought it though, as it’s extremely pretty.
Let me know what you think, as my opinions on music can differ greatly from those of you who are more normal! ; )
So to the sheet….

And to the tune…
I chose Jack Payne's version, as I always like his arrangements…. Or rather, I like his musical arrangements! Actually, I'll have to find out who did them as I would quite like to know....

much love as always
and keep those feet a tapping

Tickety and her Tip Top Tunes


Friday, 3 August 2012

RAF Friday- The Other Box

Fiddlesticks! Last week, when I wrote 'RAF Friday- The Box,' I had no idea that I was to find a real RAF box at the flea, and I'm certain that I would have thought of a different title if only I had known. Well anyway, inspiration and creativity is lacking at the moment, hence the lack lustre title, 'The Other Box'.

please ignore the dirtiness and the partly missing 'r' : )

This was the first thing I bought at the Flea, and I also picked up another hand made box from the same dealer, so I'm assuming they were made by the same chappy. Now, I'm no expert in the woodworking field, but I'm guessing he was better at the cutting out rather than the construction side- lets just say the box is a tad wonky! (yeah, like I could do any better! You should see my only attempt a woodwork- laughable) Nonetheless, it could fill a bucket a hundred times with its charm, and I'm very grateful to this lad, as I now have the honour of owning such a fine box.

Just look at it- wouldn't you love to receive this. I know I certainly would, perhaps without the 'mother' bit though. Please let’s start with my name, perhaps 'darling 'or 'you witch'- you know something more appropriate. ; ) I quite fancy having a box of my very own to put my trinkets in!

The Eagle and Kings crown- lovely isn’t it!

The other box- looks to me like it's been made from a 30's sideboard!!!

I think you could buy these panels back in the day, so perhaps he made the box from those, rather than restyling the mothers sideboard ; )

 I seem to say this about everything that I own, but I really wish that he had put his name and date on the box somewhere. Honestly, he could have at least thought about where it may end up in the future- and the fact that we, the treasure hunters may want to know!

Photos are the worlds worst and most frustrating of this example- I suppose they never think it's going to leave the family, or that it would be of any interest to anyone else if they did,... but still, it's A-NNOYING!

Unfortunately I can now no longer look at these boxes in quite the same way, after Pops suggested that I could use the big one to put his ashes in (oh nice!), with in which, mum retorted " well I s'pose I'll be in the 'mother' one..." (again, lovely!). Mind you, I'm just as bad because years ago I told everyone that I wanted my cinders to be put in my 1950's ice bucket-It’s stylish, practical and nice to look at!

Moving on swiftly- I've shown this off before here, but I thought I'd show it off again, just because I can and because of it's relevance- being owned and worn by a mother at one point. Oh and because it has 'Jim', the RAF chap in it!

Hope you liked this weeks treasures.... now just need to sort out next weeks instalment. I'm thinking either photos or wedding snaps? Decisions, Decisions....
Ta ta all,
Have a lovely weekend,

Tupps xxx

RAF Friday so far....

Thursday, 2 August 2012

I spy with my little eye….

…. Something beginning with …. Copycat knitteds!

Well I’ll be darned; the fabulous, and rather popular hand knitted pattern of its day has found its way into the Ralph Lauren collection, but this time modelled by a gal!

I could hardly believe my eyes when Mammy came to show me the “Downton” effect that’s all so prominent in sissy’s latest copy of Vogue.

I’m a knitting pattern junkie, so things like this matter to me… well. To a degree it does! What really gets my goat about this, is that they haven’t even changed the colours- was it intentional or did the powers that be think that people (well the big knits!)  wouldn’t notice the pullover design has been taken form an original 40’s pattern?

I wrote a blog post about this pattern a while ago, so take a look and see the original pattern and pullover in all its glory…

And to the silly photo's...

haha, this one makes me giggle- I must have been distracted by something outside the window, forgetting that the self timer was on.... oh the concentration... or was I thinking about those pesky knitting pattern thieves!!!

Golly, does this mean that if I wore this mans pullover I could be considered fashionable for once in my life?

Cheerio Folks

Tickety xxx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wavy Navy Wednesday!

…actually isn’t “Wavy Navy” a name given to the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve? Anyway, I'm not sure, but I'm unable to think up another name.  : ( So wavy navy it shall stay.

Don’t worry; this won’t be a regular spot on my blog, as I don’t have a lot of navy related treasures. So my deary-dos you can sigh a sigh to end all sighs ;)
I just thought I would share these two recent acquisitions from the weekend, before they get put away in the old cabinet with the rest of ‘em.

In my opinion, this little swinging pendant brooch was quite a find- mother spotted it as I was too busy being transfixed by a portable hanging wardrobe at the time. Twas really nice as well, but far too pricey if you ask me. The wardrobe thingy, not the brooch!

This portrait of a handsome young sailor has been cut out, then sandwiched between some Perspex- you must all know how I like me Perspex jewellery by now, eh! Quite effective I thought.  Oh and what about his wavy locks? Well, I do like a nice wave me. : D


The second is a little more common- and I’m only saying that because the seller had two! I picked the better of the two (naturally!) and went merrily on my way. As you can see its a ring…. with enamelling…. say’s “ Royal Navy”…not much more I can say, as it’s pretty and obvious what it is!

Ah, I didn’t tell you that it was silver, did I… and a bargain to boot! As you can imagine I was extremely pleased to find it, as I do have a hard time finding affordable ye olde rings that fit my slim fingers. I now have visions of wearing my RAF, ATS and RN rings all at once- haha! Well I can’t show my allegiance to only one of the services- it wouldn’t be fair!

By the way, I won’t really wear them all together! ; ) Yes I'm mad, but not that mad!

And before I forget, the weekend also sorted out my RAF Friday problem- big smiles.
I don't like to wish the week away as this year has gone quickly enough as it is, but I'm now looking forward to RAF Friday!

Tickety xxx

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