Friday, 24 August 2012

RAF Friday- The Rings

More Sweetheart jewellery, but this time RINGS!

I acquired this one in Pickering. I was surprised no one bought it as I found it in a nearly empty cabinet after the war weekend- ah well their loss eh!
On the up side... I found it and its now in the TBT collection, but on the down side... its too big.
As you can imagine I'm heartily devastate, and if you have been following the previous RAF Fridays (?) then you will already know that I'm rather fond of these Perspex beauties! Perhaps it's best that it doesn't fit me, just in case I lost it or broke it....

The above ring was one of the things on my wish list and is my latest treasure- I shall be wearing this ring with great pride as I'm sure the original owner did. I cant get over how tiny the wings are- they really are teeny tiny! It's a silver one (stamped 925) with perfect enamelling too. : )  
Oh I'm a happy bunny- they never fail to put a smile on my face.

I also have plans to make my own ring from a RAF button, but I need to do a bit of designing and trial some settings first. You shall, no doubt, see the results at some point!

Here's to the weekend...


Tupps x
RAF Friday so far....

Here Comes The Bride...


  1. I am so full of jealousy right now - I need that second ring! How wonderful!!

  2. What a shame the first was too big. It is still a lovely thing to own though.

  3. The wings on the second one are so strikingly lovely.

    Wishing you a fantastic weekend, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. These are so wonderful! It's a shame the first is too big, but I love how delicate the second one is :-)

    I have one ring in my sweetheart jewelry collection--it's made of lucite and holds two tiny photos of a very handsome sailor.

  5. ~ love ~ your new blog header, btw...
    With that larger ring, you know, if you don't have a sweetie who would love to wear it (or eventually have a sweetie you'd like to give it to, to wear) can always have it 'sized'. Or in lieu of that, wear it on a chain around your neck, pendant style!

    ...just a thought...

    ..and the smaller one is TDF!!!! Great score!!!!!

  6. I just recently went to the airport here in Atlanta, GA where I saw a whole glass case filled with WWII sweetheart compacts pins etc. I so wanted to take home this goldtone heart shaped compact with lettering. My husband and I were joking about how I should break the case and flee off with it while security clips my heels. lol Well, maybe next time :)


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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