Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Thoroughly Modern Tupney!

Oh golly! I should have posted this two months ago… what am I like, eh? Forgetful, obviously!
I’m having one of ‘those days’, so I’m not really sure what to say about it (Confused. Me? Not much!!!) other than it’s a 20s style cotton dress! See how I’m struggling here. Yes, today is not a good day for words, writing, or.... well, anything actually!

In the summer I went all 'twenties' obsessed again and hankered after an appropriate outfit. I had no fixed pattern for the dress, which was just as well seeing as I didn't have enough fabric to use with any of my patterns. So, I took the bodice from one and the skirt from another. Also, as I was little unsure what the size of a 'small' lady equates to in 20s patterns!, I decided to put the pattern pieces up against an original that actually fits skinnyribbles here. Well, the last thing I wanted was to go to all the trouble of making the dress, then end up looking like I'm wearing an oversized pillowcase!

Anyroad, it turned out I'm indeed a small lady in ye olde 20's patterns- worth knowing, eh?!

...Is it just me or does she have a small head?
The original pattern called for velvet and lace (yeah, not great for summer), and had a gathered skirt.
I didn't have enough for the skirt, so I used a different pattern for inspiration and then pieced the skirt together. Actually, I far prefer the box pleats... well, on this style, I do!
Teehee, being all bashful in front of Mr Gnome...

There is something so liberating about this style of dress- nothing to restrict, cling or fuss about. It truly was perfection in dress form for the heatwave we were having at the time. Having said that, it did take a while to get used to it. I felt positively naked at the start… thankfully, that wasn’t the case and I soon found its 'roominess' quite the novelty in the heat.  

I absolutely adore the large collar- it reminds me so much of the one my Great Grandmother is wearing in this snap. <3

Collar lined with vintage net...

Detail of the armhole facing and pleats on the shoulder....


Outfit details:

Dress - A Liberty type print from stash (A Mammy charity shop find)
Shoes - Original 20s. £2 bargain flea fair find.
Scarf - Original 20s/30s. Gift.
Brooch - 20s ( Another Mammy charity shop find)
The whole outfit probably cost £5 at the most!

So, do you like? Or do you prefer my usual 30s/40s spin on things?

I shall now leave you with a relatively modern ditty. It’s rather jolly, isn’t it? No idea why I'm sharing it though!

Anyhoo, I may have to listen to this a few more times to buck my spirits up a bit.

Hope you are all well and 'Tickety Boo'...

Tupps xxx

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