Friday, 19 April 2013

A Flying Visit!


I was told I had to do a R.A.F. Friday today, but I’m rather busy packing suitcases ready for tomorrow (always seem to be packing and unpacking the ruddy things) so, yet again, it’s  another flying visit form me! Oh and before anyone asks, I’m not going on me hols ((boo hoo)), I’m just showing off me wares again!


I have no idea what the picture is all about (perhaps I do, but my muddled head is stopping me from decoding it at the moment!!!), but I had to buy it because I thought it was rather fun and a bit odd- oh how very me!
Middle East Madness”
Teehee, find me another picture with a camel, a nuddie woman and a Wellington in it… I bet you can’t!!! :)

Anyway, if you know anything about it (?), then please do enlighten me. ;)


 Here’s to a cracking weekend,
Tickety x
RAF Fridays so far...

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

It's all in the lap of the vintage Gods...

Yesterday I wrapped up warmly, winter knickers and all, and braved another freezing flea. Being Easter Monday meant the sheds were packed out with people (most annoying things they are too!) and when I say packed, I mean packed! Thankfully, I planned my outfit well, and I managed to stand my ground and not get pushed around too much by the drones of bargain hunters with the help of the padded shoulders in my wondrous utility overcoat! Not only do they give you the perfect 40's silhouette and far too many compliments to mention, but they also give much needed protection against the battle ground that is the Antiques fair.
Mild and meek I may be, but dare to push or shove (manners always seem to be lost in such places) then push and shove at you own risk, for it only takes a slight swivel from me for you to feel the full might of a shoulder pad whack! Well, ok its like being thumped by a half stuffed teddy bear, but it represents something far heftier… Yes, my hatred for your (the creature of the flea and not you dear chums) lack of manners!!!
Oh and why do I always find myself apologising to ‘these people’ when I’m not the one in the wrong… s’pose it’s because “I have been brunged up proper like”!!! Anyraods, I’m waffling and all I really wanted to say was that I went to a flea and came home with lots and lots..and lots) of lovely treasures!

I'm not really one to show off my latest spoils as I usually filter them into the blog with a more meaningful post, but today I'm making an exception and is about to do one of those totally indulgent "look at all the loveliness I've found, aren't I lucky" blogs!!!

So, deep breath, here's what I found...

A frantic rummage brought a wonderful selection of Leach-Way and Weldons and a 'Woman' magazine to the surface. All showcase enviable fashions (even in the maternity one!) and the 'Summer Wear' mag came with the pattern for the dress on the left, and to make the deal more jammy, I found that the pattern is complete and in my size too.... what can I say, it was obviously meant for me!
Knitting patterns are the key to my heart, so I was chuffed to find these four (plus one other) to add to my ever increasing 'to knit' list.....
I don't usually look through the autographs, as sometime they can be silly money, but I couldn't resist these ones. They inclued.. Phyllis Calvert, Michael Wilding and Anna Neagle, John Gregson and  Michael Denison...
Some twenties ephemera (beautiful illustrations are a weakness)....


A rather large portrait of a very beautiful society lady taken by a society photographer (well, studio) - fancy eh!. I'm very lucky to know who this gorgeous gal is and I'm planning on writing another post about other relating things in the near future...

Felix (???) and a Victory match book....

My most indulgent buy was this book of bound copies of 'Womans Own'.  All from 1944 and are from January to June! This certainly will keep me quiet for some time to come.
Two lovely bits of satin cut from a wedding dress which will probably be made into a blouse or something- not sure yet! 
And last but by no means least...

Bargain wool, 40's knickers and chirpy sheet music!
I've even started a new project with the wool, but it's on tiddly needles and will probably take FOREVER! :(
Phew, what a haul!
I'm rather tired after all that (not half as pooped as I was after the flea, mind you!).
The only downside is that I now have to find 'homes' for it all.... this may take me some time ;  ) and I'm now paying for yesterdays jaunt!
Have you bought any treasures lately?
Until next time...
Tupps xxx

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