Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Chrimbo!

How cute, but how glum looking are they!

Oh dear I’m very behind on my game posts, but I’m so pooped and slightly miserable that I have decided to give them up! I think my Christmas picture to you all (above) sums up my feelings perfectly!..... Happy Christmas All!
This shall probably be my last post until the end of the Christmas festivities, as I’m usually too over come with both excitement and misery on the big day to bother with such likes as the computer- ma- bob.
So Duckies, I will wish you all the greatest merriment for Christmas and shout a hearty ‘All the best’ for your New Year too.

One last thing my deer’s (hehe), if any of you want to track Santa this year, try this.
I thoroughly recommend it, but to be honest I only ever take my Grandpas word that he is on his way,anyhow.  Sad really, as I still wait (as I did as a nipper!) for the call from him on Christmas Eve…well its tradition!

Toodles Folks
The Christmas Kid
Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Game No.6

Peg'ity- Parker Brothers.
PEG'ITY is such a gay (happy) name, don’t you think! This board game is undoubtedly a 1920’s one, and by far the earliest in my collection. I know that I seem to say this in every game post, but isn’t the illustration fantastic! I suppose it’s the illustration that attracts me to the game in the first place, and then clinches the deal when it comes to the buying…Oh, and I suppose the price has to be agreeable too! I just can’t help it; I’m attracted to the designs ….

The instructions are simple (thank goodness), and run along the lines of Othello, which is another game me and ‘The Sister’ hold very dear.
Up to four players can play, and each player owns a colour (pink for me, methinks!). The aim is to get five in a row on the board, while blocking the other players so they can’t do the same back. Actually it’s nothing like Othello! As your aim in that is to block and then overtake, so just ignore me.

I absolutely love this….
‘ please note that the board of PEG'ITY is of a natural tint which forms a contrast for the various playing pieces, as well as being restful to the players’ eyes’ 
How considerate of them, hey!

Cheerio Folks,
Tickety x

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Game No.5

Any game that incorporates the word ‘ merry’ into it’s name or advertising, is most certainly going to be coming home with Missy here.
This edition of 'The Merry game of Floundering’ has such a chirpy illustrated box, and being only 30p (I think) meant it didn’t stay long on the shelf!
Dating from the Fifties and reading on the back of the box ‘Grandma Welch 1950’ (very handy indeed when it comes to dating an item!) and I'm guessing by this inscription that Grandma gave this game as a pressie!
Made by Spears games and made in England.

Ah, look at the pretty colours...
I’ve never played this game before so I’ll read off some of the instructions…..

Most of you have fished for flounders with a rod and line, now how about trying with dice?
It is a peculiar game because you seldom catch a whole Flounder, but are liable to get it piece.
Sometimes it so happens that you are lucky enough to ‘rob’ your fellow angler of one of his ‘catch’.
Shall we join in, and see who can catch the largest number of complete Flounder?
Its great fun and yet so simple…..
How to Play.
-Separate all the sections of Flounders- printed surface upwards.
-Each player throws two dice in turn and it will be noted that each section of the Flounders corresponds to the number of the dots on the dice.
-To start a flounder, 1 should be thrown, which corresponds to the head, then 2, and so on, till a complete flounder is formed. Should two numbers be thrown and correspond to sections next required for two different Flounders, these sections may be taken.
-The player is allowed to add the score of the two dice together if the total corresponds to the next section of the Flounder required.
-Players may start other Flounders before completing the first one. Each Flounder must consist of parts of the same colour.
-Should a player throw a ‘double’ this entitles him to an extra turn.
- When 6 and 1 are thrown, the player may take a complete flounder from the centre, and if one is not available, takes it from the play who has the greatest number of complete flounders. If two players have an equally large catch, this is decided by throwing the dice.
-If no more heads are available, players throwing 1 can take a head away from the player who has the largest amount of complete or incomplete. If part two and three are already been added to the robbed head, they are returned to the centre. Flounders which already contain part four cannot be taken away.
- Towards the close of play it may happen that only one head is available.
- If part two has already been added to this head it cannot be taken away. Players continue to until the owner of the last head has completed the Flounder by throwing the required numbers.
- The player who has the largest number of complete Flounders is the winner, the next largest, second, and so on. If two or more players have the same number, they decide the winner by throwing the dice.
A complete Flounder! Hehe but only once dice- uh oh!
Cor Blimey, I’m not sure if even I understand this game now, all was going well until they started to mention the action of 'nicking' the other players bits! Ah well, I’m sure some one in my family or even I (HA!) will fathom out this merry little game in time!

I'm a few days behind, and have a few more games to go...... eek, only four days to go now ;)

Tups xxx

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Suited and Booted.

Me in my trusty siren suit. I'm holding a twig that has turned invisible! (really,I am!)
Siren Suit- wartime pattern.
Duggie Scarf,
1940's Sheepskin coat,
A 1947 pattern knitted hat.

I really am going now,
Tickety Bo Tupney xxx

Walking in a Winter Wonderland... Day 2.

I’m afraid no outfit posts today, but several of the snowy landscape! It was a grand walk, taking the route of the river until it reached the bridges and the road into town. The route was a lot longer than I remembered, but maybe that was the snow deceiving my feet, its like sand, every thing always takes a lot longer on sand! We also took the toboggan, which was a lot smaller than I had remembered too, but then again, I was probably 5 or 6 the last time it was used!
Anyhoo enough chatter…. The snaps!

Pretty Sun in the mist.
All Frizzed Up (Frozen!)
 Pretty twiggy things....

TTFN Tups xxx

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

Winter 1947?

haha- I'm looking at the camera- be proud!
Well I never, we had quite a little snow blizzard today- all very fine and dandy, but we were unable to reach our destination- A vintage fair. Oh, fiddle sticks. I hate to think what I’ve missed, some real goodies, I bet! Ah well, better safe than sorry.  We only got as far as the outskirts of town before we encountered rather hefty queues up the hill. This certainly was a no no, so our mission was abandoned. It wasn’t all doom and gloom though and apart from missing the Vintage fair,  I did manage to have fun walking round town, picking up supplies with ma, for our rather large festive family (The sister and her fella came thankfully back yesterday for Chrimbo!).

about 6 inches deep....
Everything looked so lovely, enhanced by the Georgian architecture no doubt. Snow + a Georgian town = pure Christmas card merriment and one happy bunny (or Tups!)
I togged up in a thick sheepskin, which is so unbelievably warm, so Little Jack Frost did very little nipping at anything today- not even my nose, which must be a first! I have a longer beaver-lamb coat too, I think I would be positively roasting in that one. So I certainly recommend sheepskin for warmth, folks!
1940’s sheepskin coat,
1940’s Christies hat,
1940’s vintage pattern plaid skirt.
Vintage orange cable knitted Jumper,
1940’s/50’s and the prettiest Duggie wool scarf,
1940’s vintage knitted gloves,
Morland zipper boots.

Keep warm and toastie, all.
Cheerio Tups x

Friday, 17 December 2010

Game No.4

Oops I forgot to post this last night….
Remote Controlled Driving Test
‘A test of skill’
by Merit Toys- England
c. late 1940’s and early 50’s.

This game certainly reports to be a thrilling game on the box, doesn’t it?
However charming the illustrations are, those proportions are a little iffy to say the least- the children must be minute! I know that people from days gone by, tended to be on average smaller, but not that much smaller, surely?!
I love how most game illustrations depict a brother and a younger sister combo, where usually the older brother stakes centre gaming position and the little sister patiently awaits her turn, with wide eyes and looks of longing and amazement. I’m sure this happened a lot, but with more tears and tantrums…

How cute are those!....
The game itself reports to be remote controlled- I know, fancy, and by this they mean you just control the car with a stick and a magnet- no batteries included here!
All it is, is a gear type stick that the player holds, which in turn is connected to a lattice type movable thingy (that’s the technical term ;)!) that also has a magnet on the end. When you move the stick, the lattice thing with the magnet on moves underneath, connects to the car or motorbike on top, and when you have connectivity, you can then steer your chosen vehicle around the town!

To explain more clearly, here are some of the instructions.

Insert the control leaver into the ball joint. This operates the platform which controls the movement of the vehicle. Obstacles are provided which can be placed along the route and can be varied as desired for each game or test…..  Blah, blah, blah, that’s enough for you to get the idea on ‘how to’.
It really is jolly good fun, well I think it is, and I’m hopping the Christmas day folks will do too, but I am unsure as I’m saddened by the fact that we now have a Wii- grrrrr.
Happy Friday All.
Tickety x

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Off to Lunch....

Sorry Kate, if you are reading- I did try my very hardest to look at the camera but it just didn't work, honest!

Morning/Afternoon/Good Evening All, Tickety here!
It’s been a while since I last did an outfit post, but for the last couple of weeks, I have been wearing very little. No, no, I don’t mean it like that! I have been fully clothed, but….. (Actually that would never happen, as I am indeed the kind of girl that was born in longjohns)- oh dear, what I mean is, that I haven’t been wearing anything of much interest!
Today however I’m wearing a dress- gasp! I very rarely wear dresses, not because I don’t have any, but because most of them are of the summer variety and just because I simply find skirts more useful! The special occasion? I’m having luncheon with friends, so I’ve decided to go all festive with a red and green ensemble. Unfortunately it’s not the sort of occasion to wear a hat, but is the kind of weather where one needs some sort of head covering….out comes a scarf, which is perfect as it has just started raining.
What a loon!

Today’s Attire…
Late 1940’s green/black stripy magyar sleeved dress
Vintage red 40’s/50’s cummerbund
Saks Fifth Avenue-
oow posh!
Brooch- Enamel and rhinestone mistletoe in a heart - probably Edwardian.
Hair- my own!.... set on Sunday.
Red 1940’s Jacket with lovely big shoulders (a weakness of mine)
Rayon scarf.
Shoes- well boots actually…(not pictured) 1940’s black Morland sheepskin lined with heel.

Saying Hullo to the little people!
Well that's all folks... I hope everyone is fine and dandy and having a good day
and off I tot to find the next game.

Yours Tups xxx

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Game No.3

Ha ha I’m keeping to my word so far and here’s the third game….
… Another table top bound game and this time it’s blow football.  I have a couple of sets from different eras,(having just said that I think they are both from the 1950's- twit) and one is complete with lovely dribble marked cardboard pipes as an added extra- nice!
I must admit, I absolutely hate football with a passion, so I’ve surprised myself by adding this to my list.
I must say that I'm terribly sorry about the pants photography!
Not much I can add to the description as the picture on the box is pretty explanatory.
The first box just says, BLOW FOOTBALL made in England, JLR LTD and was owned by a little scribbly monkey called Dorothy!  I guess by the graphics it’s early 50’s. ( I want the sideboard, the curtains, picture fame…) Oh, and the little goalies (stripy shirts are far more handsome than those in the second box!

Second box (above) states it’s made by Spears and is a 'Jolly Game of Blow Football', Made In England- then on the sides it says that it's ‘The Merry Game of Blow Football’. This illustration has a rather 20’s/30’s look, but for some reason I still think it is probably mid fifties- any ideas? As said above this box is complete with yucky blow pipes and the goalies with less fetching attire!
Nice Goal keepers on the left in the Stripy - belong to the box at the top of the page....
Below- the icky blow pipes.... in need of some new straws methinks!
TTFN Tickety Boo- the Christmas Kid xxx

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Game No.2

Oh, Santa’s Reindeer, I’ve been a naughty girl again, not naughty enough to be shunned by Mr Santa Father Christmas….I hope, but just enough for my posts to be lacking in the blog department.

Many weeks ago now, I started to show the games that the Tickety boo family will be playing and much ENJOYING over the three days of Christmas. I stress on the enjoying bit, as I say this with gritted and steely teeth- they WILL have fun and they WILL endure…. I mean enjoy my games!
If I recall correctly, I said that I would post about each game in the up and coming weeks to Christmas. Well, that was now three weeks ago and so far I’ve only post about one. And as you all know, it’s now 2 weeks to the merry day. What am I going to do about it? I’ll tell you what I am going to do about it…. I’m gonna post one each day from TODAY *gulp!*  I can’t believe I’ve just said that, as I obviously can’t keep to my word- oh well I’ve gone and said it, So here goes…
Miss Tuppys second game of much amusement (sounds grand doesn’t it!)

Obsevation Competition No. 2. c.1940’s
From the Easy Chair series. The box states…
‘Contents provide for up to twelve players and occupies 20-30 minutes. Serves as a pleasant interlude between action games’
To be honest I’m lucky to have my family, as I would struggle to find the ‘up to twelve players’, but I am quite sure it will play as a pleasant interlude between our action games!

How to play... as quoted on the leaflet, you participate like so….
‘ you are invited to write down on the page opposite the picture overleaf the names of as many objects as you can see commencing with the letter P’

Simple enough me thinks for the weary, Christmas turkey, pud and trifle stuffed Tickety family, but maybe a little too much for Miss Sofia Crawley (lovely name!) who gave some very cute answers! I especially like No. 42- the Wood softener- where on earth she got that answer from, I don’t know! All I can say is that her pappy must have been using it at the time…..

Haven’t quite decided on my next show and tell yet, so you will just have to stay tuned!

Tickety Boo x

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Baubles, Bangles and Beads- minus the beads and bangles!

Doh, as I’m writing this tonight (so now our yesterday, as I wrote it, well, yesterday!!) and have just looked out the window to see a new moon- arrrrrrg! I should of course now go outside to bow, turn several times and change over my money or whatever you have to do, but it’s too blooming chilly out and not to mention dark.
Anyway that’s by the by and not at all what I was intending to ramble on about.
As usual and quite common at this time of year, I’ve got myself all confuzzeled- oh, that Dick Dastardly Moon!
Christmas Baubles! That’s what I wanted to talk about. Pretty, entrancing, delicate baubles…. All vintage, of course!
I don’t believe that ‘less is more’ when it comes to dressing a Christmas tree, the ‘more the merrier’ is what I say (heartily said and maybe with a deep voice!) and our family tree is this statement personified!
It’s always crammed full with tinsel, fairy lights or as I like to call them Fury Lights, new (ish) baubles, vintage family baubles; many with sentimental value, or just baubles attached with plain old favouritism- they are all there, in a variety of shapes, materials and colours. Tis all beautiful in my eyes.

Well, I thought it was about time to share my finds before they are dispersed around the house and hard to take pictures of. While sharing the delights of our ‘is there any space left for this bauble’ tree when it is up and properly dressed!

My cheery paper tat! >
I quite amazed myself today, when I totted around the boudoir, to find my decorations in readiness for the taking of the pictures….. Cor blimey, the amount I have amassed (with the help of ma!) lets just say…. I’m all right Jack, when the time comes for me to have a Christmas tree of my very own! It’s quite the little collection. * squeals with excitement*
There’s just something more appealing about the traditional Christmas decorations- they are as mouth-wateringly yummy to me as a jar of brightly coloured sweets, so delicate are the ones made from glass, which makes them all the more precious and jewel like. The  colours are rather gaudy at times but also surprising tasteful- mind you, you might think otherwise as my definition of ‘taste’ is a lot different to others! I suppose you could say they are quaint, a little bizarre perhaps (?), but not at all flashy in the same way as their modern counterparts…….
…thought I might add, that I’m desperately trying to think of some yummy bright coloured sweets, but all I can think of are Chocolate Brazils and well, they are just brown!
 My recent finds include; a vintage glass root-a-toot toot bauble, not pictured as of yet and some ye oldie paper lanterns, which are quite a bit bigger than the ones I own already- also not pictured.  I’m waiting to show these ones off, along with my other ‘one off’ decorations as soon as the branches I intend to make are made.
^^ pretty lovelies- I especially like the ones where the design is pressed into the bauble- such pretty colours too!

Must dash, as the sofa and a hot water bottle awaits!
 Bye-de-bye Folks
                                                                                      Your Tups x


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Q and A with Tickety...

Hehe-  me in me pyjammies!

So chucks, I’ve been tagged by Landgirl1980 and these are my answers to the little interview- a little late, as it was meant to be posted at the weekend. My excuse?  Well, I wanted to post pics  and I was unable to do so as the scanner was exiled upstairs until this very day! Oh, and I’ve been feeling rotten (poop).
And without further ado, I'll share my answers….

Why did you create the blog?
Well me dear’s, I had been following many blogs beforehand and just thought to myself, that I too would like to scribble down my many (useless)  thoughts on vintage fripperies and whatnots…. Well, they would only disappear unheard otherwise…whether they are of any interest is another matter entirely!

What Kind of Blogs do you follow?
Anything that tickles me fancy. Mostly blogs written by like minded people. I like people with a quirky way of writing and a sense of humour, anybody with real passion for their interest too. To me there is nothing more lovely than someone so enthusiastic about their interests. Any blogs where I can learn more about beauty, hair, fashion, social history, etc….. oh, and any blog where I can have a good nose to see what people have been up to, their bargain finds and the alike!

Favourite makeup brand?
I don’t have one really; my favourite lipstick at the moment is a Collection 2000 one- cheap as anything and stays on for ages! Got to be good, huh?

Favourite clothing brand?
I’m going to be a real party pooper here, and say that I don’t wear brands! I don’t shop in high street stores and haven’t done so for a few years now. Most of my wardrobe is vintage or home made from old curtains….. no, no, not really, but I have always fancied having the Von Trapp children’s play clothes- I think they are rather fetching myself. Luckily for me though, mum sews and I knit, so that’s me sorted for clothes. If I was forced to pick one by someone poking me with a stick and sending me towards a cliff edge, then I would say… good old Marks and Sparks and only because I have a few of their pieces dating from the 1940’s- really nice they are too!

Your Indispensable makeup product? Changed to Products!
Because I wasn’t blessed with lovely spot free skin, I must have concealer.
Lip liner, because I haven’t inherited my fathers or Grandmas lovely bow lips (they are as thin as David Niven’s moustache!)  And a nice tube of Red Lippy- I couldn’t be without it- it’s my security blanket!

Your favourite colour?
Green, gReEn, GrEeN, green, GREEN- you know what, I somehow think it may be Green! Any shade, hue, tone or what have you, It’s has to be green. I’m particularly fond of the acid and sludgy varieties. I’m also fond of Autumnal colours- Rusts, old gold’s, you know, that sort of thing.

Santa Claus' 'phone number is 4711'- Brill!
Your Perfume?
I’m poor (out come the violins) so I can’t afford anything posh; also most perfumes overwhelm me and make me feel a little icky. However, I have an obsession with 4711 cologne. I know it’s not to everyone’s taste but I just loves it, I do.  It’s so light and refreshing and old fashioned, which is just up my street and none of that fainting on the bathroom floor, intoxicated by pongy perfume fumes with this one, which is a bonus! I have several bottles in various sizes and shapes but I’m still searching for the elusive bottle with a bulb atomiser, which I saw for sale a few years ago- I knew I should of bought it when I saw it (what a plonker!).

Your Favourite Film?
I love far too many films but I’m sensing that the man may be running towards me with the pointy stick again, so I shall share two. First up… Sun Valley Serenade- Sonia Henie, John Payne with Glenn Miller and his gang of music makers. Gorgeous costumes (oh, the ski wear!), lovely Sonia, cute plot, John Payne with very hairy hands, great Music….. Yet every time I’m a little disappointed as I always remember it to be in colour, which it isn’t!
My Second? Oh, it has to be The Muppets Christmas Carol! It’s my sisters too and it’s become tradition to watch it every Christmas eve. Those critters are super talented, aren’t they! The set and costumes are fantastic! Music so cheery and well, just so Christmassy! I’m a bit miffed though, as on the DVD they have left out the song ‘the love has gone’ (or whatever it’s called… sob, sob). In that scene also, is the bonnet I always wanted as a nipper- never did get it (strike up those violins again, maestro!). One last thing before I bore you to tears (or have I done so already?) I still get a little scared when the ghost of Christmases to come appears- never did like that bit…creepy!

What Country would you like to visit and why?
I’ve never ventured out of this country, well actually I lie, I have, and to France, but we won’t mention that fiasco….I rather fancy going on a road trip in an old motor around Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and all those sort of places, but I would have to go with someone who can speak the languages as I can’t, and to be honest, I’m not sure if I really want to go for the right reasons- I feel it might be just because I want to wear what I would class as ‘appropriate clothing’ (!!!) I say…All things Tyrolean!
 Also, Canada- the Hudson Bay area in particular and America too! It will never happen…..

To be chosen by blogger…
Because I mainly inhabit dream land, I shall share with you a television program I have yet to pitch to the BBC (of course, I hold the copy right!)…..I have envisaged Reinhart (or Rex- can’t make up my mind which- who also doesn’t exist!) and I travelling up and down the country, checking out all the 1940’s prefabs we can find, while looking into the history of the 1940’s prefab. We will also be constructing and furnishing our very own one too! The series will be called Prefabs of Great Britain. I think it’s a jolly good Idea and even planned for there to be a book to accompany the TV series- alas that’s not to be, as I have the very unhappy news that there is already a book in print (WHAT!) called Palaces for the People: Prefabs in Post-war Britain….. I’m most distressed by this revelation. I still think my title is much better *sticks tongue out*! I’m sure it would make quite a thrilling series!

So there you have it…..

I’m supposed to pass on the opportunity to answer these questions to others in blogdom, so I shall, but before I tag you, please don’t feel you have to- it’s entirely up to you, duckies!

Oh, one last thing- I’m a little behind with the thanking for the blog awards…
I do very much appreciate them- so thank you

Tickety Boo Tuppy x

Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Coat!

I promised pictures in my previous post, of my new curly top and snow outfit……

Again I used the trusty self timer which can produce some shockers of expressions, especially if you set it to the two second mode, which in turn, gives little time to get from the camera to the stairs, gather composure and look relatively nice (HA!)- It’s all rather manic if you ask me! With an abundance of pictures missing heads, the actual subject (old Tickety herself) here are the snaps I chose, that show none of the above mentioned…. As if I would let those loose on the interweb! Any-hoo here they be….

Showing off the the back of my coat and me hair!

I think my coat has a very military air -not in the colour and pattern of cloth way, but in the style of the coat top- very Battle dress like…….
So that’s why I added the two of me in a man’s battle dress blouse. A little big I grant you, but I think it would be as equally warm, if a little itchier. I think, with the right slacks and so forth it could look quite dashing and be nice and toasty!
Mind you I don’t think I would wear it that often as I did have some trouble trying to get in and out of it. You see, it was the buttoning, being a Mr. Man jacket and all, it’s all the wrong way round….. Silly way, if you ask me!

*Hat- 1940's  and has a red bobble on top!

I think I need a pipe in this picture!

*Knitted Glengarry from a 1940's pattern.*
Not that you can see it very well, but if you are wondering about the insignia on the BD Jacket, then it belonged to a man in the Royal Tank Regiment (not sure which)- even has his name inside the jacket- (sniff, sniff.)

Off I must pop as I have Christmas cards and decorations to make…..
There’s a lot of little o’s in Cheerio’s (What?)
Tickety x

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

I shall start off with a rather nice tune from White Christmas (I prefer Holiday Inn myself- thought you might like to know that!)  Isn’t Bing Crosby simply lovely…… and his whistling is something else- I can barely make a sound! You are probably thinking what on earth that has got to do with price of fish, as he doesn’t actually whistle in the clip, but you have got to agree that he certainly knew how to whistle!
I really wanted to post a clip of The Andrews Sisters singing ‘Winter Wonderland’ or even the Perry Comb-over (Como) version but couldn’t find them- HUFF!

It may be blooming chilly out, with winds whipping up a rosy glow onto ones cheeks but I say…. you can’t beat a jolly jaunt in the country, when the town is covered with an icy but powdery blanket of snow. We have only had an inch but somehow that’s enough to excite little old me….. Isn’t it funny how something so cold can make you go all warm and fuzzy inside?
While trudging through the snow, the crunch made by my sheepskin lined booted foot gave great delight (simple things for very simple minds… oh, and I said ‘foot’ but it should be feet as I do have two!). Even with the likelihood of slipping over, the snow has made me thoroughly happy and has lifted my otherwise limp spirits. This morning's walk has been like prancing around on top of my grannies Iced Christmas cake (yum). If only the snow was made of icing sugar and the pavements made of marzipan- forget the gold, I’d much rather have the marzipan!

Such weather not only causes great gaiety (unless you have to drive) but also gives us the chance to pull out the winter wardrobe that has lain dormant since the early year. I do like a nice coat, so my early forties blanket coat was awakened from the closet. It’s certainly my warmest and most cheerful coat I own and the colours are perfect for this time of year. Hat wise, I chose a knitted hat that my ma had knitted (dad thinks it looks like a flower pot- ta very much Mr!) Nothing fancy today as I was off to have my hair cut, which is now much shorter (eek) with most of my perm gone too (NOOOOOOOOOO) oh well, some thing to look forward to in the New Year. On the shoe front, I wore my Morland zip up boots which come just a few inches below my knee- thankfully they are slim legged and are far superior to Wellies, well, they are in my opinion! I was extremely lucky to find them and plainly see that they will be worn a great deal this winter. 

Pictures of my Coat and curly top tomorrow, as I forgot to take a pic today- oops!
back to the knitting....

TTFN, Tickety Boo Tupney x

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Need for Woollies.

My, it’s been mighty chilly, with temperatures fairly low due to fog and now frost, and it’s without doubt time to think about the winter wardrobe. Luckily I’ve been blessed with many a nice vintage coat, all of which are from the 40’s and early fifties, so I don’t need to worry about that… I have plenty of tweed skirts which have seen me through both the spring, autumn and on some occasions, the summer - so again, I have no worries there! Slacks- check. Hats, Berets and Scarves- check,check and check. Plenty of useful woollies- erm, well, I have plenty of said woollies, some of which are ye oldie but none of which are that useful, due to shrinkage or style!
Hang on there… how did this happen? I’m forever knitting, so why is this, the case?!  I’ll tell you why… I never knit anything of much use and when I do, I never finish it…. And here’s the evidence!
 Appalling, isn’t it.
In the picture you will see a
-1930’s cardigan/jacket (blue)- needs the ends tying in and buttons.
-1940’s red sailor type coatee, which needs the buttons…
and a sock- just one sock- naturally!
Hmm, can you tell that the making up is not my forte?
At the mo, I have an early 50’s Tyrolean cardigan on the go- with bobbles and all! With only a sleeve and a bit to go until the dreaded sewing up! After that, I have plans to knit a chunky thirties jacket to wear with my new 30’s/40’s hat which also sports a Tyrolean air….. But it’s less than 5 weeks to Chrimbo, so that will be put on hold until I’ve finished crafting some novelty (in other words useless) woolly wonders for presents!

I’ll leave you with two photos, to show off a recent knitted triumph…. Me stockings!!! Knitted in two ply- they’re just the ticket for these wintry spells! By the way, imagine the last photo all nice and in focus!

Off I toddle to try and sew a blouse….
Tickety xxx

P.S. the suit is the one I mentioned in my post about Goodwood

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hullo Playmates!

I’m not ashamed to say that I am indeed an Arthur Askey fan,  and like Tommy Trinder (sigh) and George Formby (bless him), Arthur Askey has the ability to lift any weight from my shoulders, smooth a frowning forehead and well, simply makes me smile when spirits are low. Hurrah for Arthur Askey!

I have watched the box set many a time through, taking great delight over Miss London Limited. It has the catchiest opening tune ever! Honestly, after seeing this you will find it hard to get rid…. It doesn’t actually feature our Arthur but it does include Anne Shelton’s voice of velvet (love her uniform!) and Evelyn Dall, who wears an outfit of dreams! The Captain at the end (can’t remember his name- tut tut) isn’t half bad either or as my Grannie would say- easy on the eye!

Cheerio All or should that be…. I thank you!
Tups x
….. the choo choo from Waterloo choo, arrives in platform….. do di do.. sorry x x

Monday, 22 November 2010

Uh oh …..5 weeks to go! Game N0.1

 Righty’ho ho ho my little Christmas elves, it’s just under 5 weeks to Christmas and my extended advent calendar in me noggin (started since late October) will soon make way for the choccie variety (is 21 too old for one….. naaaaah). And the count down is most certainly on. Unfortunately the excessively quick demise of these calendar dates only highlight my ‘to do’ list even more and I am determined for it not to end up like last year and in fact all the years previous, where I leave everything to last second, get rather ratty and mess up my enjoyment of Christmas eve.

This year I have taken it upon myself to provide the Christmas Day entertainment….. And no this doesn’t mean I will be hiring a brass band (however much I would like to) or to put on pantomime- oh, the mere thought sends a shiver… my acting ability is more wooden that  Mrs Santa’s wooden spoon….. That is, presuming she has a wooden spoon… I don’t know? She might have preference over a metal one! Oh dear I’m veering off course again….. Now can you see why I never get anything done in time- Huff.
No, my entertainment comprises of vintage games- naturally!  Mainly all dating from the 1950’s and all designed to either bore or frustrate you in just a matter of minutes- perhaps that comment is a little un just, I find them highly amusing myself….  
Over the next 5 weeks, I shall endeavour to show off each game that has made it into the line up for the Christmas day festivities- how exciting!

First up is…..
Table Basket Ball (Woohoo!!!!)
Bought yesterday with Christmas and my collection in mind…….it’s blooming fantastic, yet falls into the frustrating category. I think I’ve only managed to get the ball in once every 50 or so shots…. not a particularly good game for those who are stubborn,  as they will hog the ping pong ball, refusing to let go of the firing position until triumph prevails- In need of some rules methinks! Any ideas?

It’s in mighty fine condition (I think it spent life forgotten in a cupboard, cast aside for the thrills of Meccano) and states…. ‘Moulded in shockproof high impact Styrene’…. Fancy!

Off to practice!
Tickety Boo Tupney x (The Christmas Kid)
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