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Q and A with Tickety...

Hehe-  me in me pyjammies!

So chucks, I’ve been tagged by Landgirl1980 and these are my answers to the little interview- a little late, as it was meant to be posted at the weekend. My excuse?  Well, I wanted to post pics  and I was unable to do so as the scanner was exiled upstairs until this very day! Oh, and I’ve been feeling rotten (poop).
And without further ado, I'll share my answers….

Why did you create the blog?
Well me dear’s, I had been following many blogs beforehand and just thought to myself, that I too would like to scribble down my many (useless)  thoughts on vintage fripperies and whatnots…. Well, they would only disappear unheard otherwise…whether they are of any interest is another matter entirely!

What Kind of Blogs do you follow?
Anything that tickles me fancy. Mostly blogs written by like minded people. I like people with a quirky way of writing and a sense of humour, anybody with real passion for their interest too. To me there is nothing more lovely than someone so enthusiastic about their interests. Any blogs where I can learn more about beauty, hair, fashion, social history, etc….. oh, and any blog where I can have a good nose to see what people have been up to, their bargain finds and the alike!

Favourite makeup brand?
I don’t have one really; my favourite lipstick at the moment is a Collection 2000 one- cheap as anything and stays on for ages! Got to be good, huh?

Favourite clothing brand?
I’m going to be a real party pooper here, and say that I don’t wear brands! I don’t shop in high street stores and haven’t done so for a few years now. Most of my wardrobe is vintage or home made from old curtains….. no, no, not really, but I have always fancied having the Von Trapp children’s play clothes- I think they are rather fetching myself. Luckily for me though, mum sews and I knit, so that’s me sorted for clothes. If I was forced to pick one by someone poking me with a stick and sending me towards a cliff edge, then I would say… good old Marks and Sparks and only because I have a few of their pieces dating from the 1940’s- really nice they are too!

Your Indispensable makeup product? Changed to Products!
Because I wasn’t blessed with lovely spot free skin, I must have concealer.
Lip liner, because I haven’t inherited my fathers or Grandmas lovely bow lips (they are as thin as David Niven’s moustache!)  And a nice tube of Red Lippy- I couldn’t be without it- it’s my security blanket!

Your favourite colour?
Green, gReEn, GrEeN, green, GREEN- you know what, I somehow think it may be Green! Any shade, hue, tone or what have you, It’s has to be green. I’m particularly fond of the acid and sludgy varieties. I’m also fond of Autumnal colours- Rusts, old gold’s, you know, that sort of thing.

Santa Claus' 'phone number is 4711'- Brill!
Your Perfume?
I’m poor (out come the violins) so I can’t afford anything posh; also most perfumes overwhelm me and make me feel a little icky. However, I have an obsession with 4711 cologne. I know it’s not to everyone’s taste but I just loves it, I do.  It’s so light and refreshing and old fashioned, which is just up my street and none of that fainting on the bathroom floor, intoxicated by pongy perfume fumes with this one, which is a bonus! I have several bottles in various sizes and shapes but I’m still searching for the elusive bottle with a bulb atomiser, which I saw for sale a few years ago- I knew I should of bought it when I saw it (what a plonker!).

Your Favourite Film?
I love far too many films but I’m sensing that the man may be running towards me with the pointy stick again, so I shall share two. First up… Sun Valley Serenade- Sonia Henie, John Payne with Glenn Miller and his gang of music makers. Gorgeous costumes (oh, the ski wear!), lovely Sonia, cute plot, John Payne with very hairy hands, great Music….. Yet every time I’m a little disappointed as I always remember it to be in colour, which it isn’t!
My Second? Oh, it has to be The Muppets Christmas Carol! It’s my sisters too and it’s become tradition to watch it every Christmas eve. Those critters are super talented, aren’t they! The set and costumes are fantastic! Music so cheery and well, just so Christmassy! I’m a bit miffed though, as on the DVD they have left out the song ‘the love has gone’ (or whatever it’s called… sob, sob). In that scene also, is the bonnet I always wanted as a nipper- never did get it (strike up those violins again, maestro!). One last thing before I bore you to tears (or have I done so already?) I still get a little scared when the ghost of Christmases to come appears- never did like that bit…creepy!

What Country would you like to visit and why?
I’ve never ventured out of this country, well actually I lie, I have, and to France, but we won’t mention that fiasco….I rather fancy going on a road trip in an old motor around Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and all those sort of places, but I would have to go with someone who can speak the languages as I can’t, and to be honest, I’m not sure if I really want to go for the right reasons- I feel it might be just because I want to wear what I would class as ‘appropriate clothing’ (!!!) I say…All things Tyrolean!
 Also, Canada- the Hudson Bay area in particular and America too! It will never happen…..

To be chosen by blogger…
Because I mainly inhabit dream land, I shall share with you a television program I have yet to pitch to the BBC (of course, I hold the copy right!)…..I have envisaged Reinhart (or Rex- can’t make up my mind which- who also doesn’t exist!) and I travelling up and down the country, checking out all the 1940’s prefabs we can find, while looking into the history of the 1940’s prefab. We will also be constructing and furnishing our very own one too! The series will be called Prefabs of Great Britain. I think it’s a jolly good Idea and even planned for there to be a book to accompany the TV series- alas that’s not to be, as I have the very unhappy news that there is already a book in print (WHAT!) called Palaces for the People: Prefabs in Post-war Britain….. I’m most distressed by this revelation. I still think my title is much better *sticks tongue out*! I’m sure it would make quite a thrilling series!

So there you have it…..

I’m supposed to pass on the opportunity to answer these questions to others in blogdom, so I shall, but before I tag you, please don’t feel you have to- it’s entirely up to you, duckies!

Oh, one last thing- I’m a little behind with the thanking for the blog awards…
I do very much appreciate them- so thank you

Tickety Boo Tuppy x


  1. Hihi - my sister and me, we love The Muppets Christmas Carol, too! ^ ^ Great post!

  2. Spooky- it must have special appeal to sisters! Tups xx

  3. The Muppet Christmas Carol is one of my favourite Christmas films too, so it's not just a sisterly thing(!).

  4. Muppets Christmas Carol does, indeed, rock! I love the bit with the rats singing "This is my island in the sun... HEATWAVE!!" ha ha ha! I shall have to dig this out and pop it on the DVD christmas eve list!
    Loved reading your answers Tups. I also LOVE your Prefab programme idea! I would definitly watch! I think you should pitch it!! :o)

  5. I don't remember the Muppets Christmas Carol! I did see it, once, when I was a wee thing - If so many people are talking about it, I'd better go and watch it!
    Also, I have to agree with LandGirl1980 - Go and pitch that Prefab idea. I look forward to watching you and Reinhart

  6. Yes, go and watch the Muppets Chrimbo Carol, you will love it! (Gonzo and Rizzo are me faves!)
    I will see what I can do about the ‘Prefabs of GB'- but I think Reinhart will have to be able to do all the talking, as I hate appearing on camera- let alone speaking to it, (far too shy!)Indeed my plans need working on… it’s a little flawed at the mo! Oh, and don’t you think Reinhart is quite a dish in his lederhosen!
    Tups xxx

  7. *smiles* I am quite sorry - I simply had to comment on this. Specifically the usage of curtains to fashion garments. I absolutely love vintage clothing, but have absolutely no money to procure either garments or cloth. However, I often find sheets and curtains at thrift stores for extremely low prices. While I know the cloth and prints are probably horrid appearing to anyone who knows more about proper vintage - it's all I have. *smiles* And I didn't even get the idea from Maria's escapades!!!!

    But. I must add that I simply love your blog and looking at all of the pictures - you are quite fun!!!!!

    And, how is your hair cut? I have waist-length hair and dread cutting it as I have rather horrid memories of that but love pin curls.....


Ta very much for your messages folks!

Tickety Boo Tupney xxx

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