Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Game No.3

Ha ha I’m keeping to my word so far and here’s the third game….
… Another table top bound game and this time it’s blow football.  I have a couple of sets from different eras,(having just said that I think they are both from the 1950's- twit) and one is complete with lovely dribble marked cardboard pipes as an added extra- nice!
I must admit, I absolutely hate football with a passion, so I’ve surprised myself by adding this to my list.
I must say that I'm terribly sorry about the pants photography!
Not much I can add to the description as the picture on the box is pretty explanatory.
The first box just says, BLOW FOOTBALL made in England, JLR LTD and was owned by a little scribbly monkey called Dorothy!  I guess by the graphics it’s early 50’s. ( I want the sideboard, the curtains, picture fame…) Oh, and the little goalies (stripy shirts are far more handsome than those in the second box!

Second box (above) states it’s made by Spears and is a 'Jolly Game of Blow Football', Made In England- then on the sides it says that it's ‘The Merry Game of Blow Football’. This illustration has a rather 20’s/30’s look, but for some reason I still think it is probably mid fifties- any ideas? As said above this box is complete with yucky blow pipes and the goalies with less fetching attire!
Nice Goal keepers on the left in the Stripy - belong to the box at the top of the page....
Below- the icky blow pipes.... in need of some new straws methinks!
TTFN Tickety Boo- the Christmas Kid xxx

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