Friday, 28 June 2013

There's A Whole Lot Of Bloglovin'...


♥ ♥ ♥

Like so many other bloggers over the past weeks and months, I have decided to sign over to Bloglovin'. I still don’t fully understand why, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?!
Apparently I have to claim this blog as my own and put up a linky thing, which is why I’m writing this.

 Yes I am indeed Tupney (the one and only), mistress of "Tickety Boo Tupney- a dash of Worcester sauce "and I here by claim this blog as my own…. Got it Bloglovin'! Have I done it right?

So there you are, I’ve signed over and hopefully claimed my little blog baby.

I may very well be back later with another R.A.F. Friday post, as I haven’t done one of those in a while. :)

Until then,

T xxx

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Another one bites the dust...

...And another one gone, and another one gone…. Another one bites the dust (Hey, Hey!) from the knitting pile!  < Please re-read this last bit and imagine Freddie Mercury on vocals and John Deacon on bass- it works sooo much better!
Yay! I've nearly finished my 1939 zipper. I say "nearly" because I still have a sleeve head to knit first. Then.... (cue a bloodcurdling scream for dramatic emphasis) I have to sew it up  and crochet some stripy boarders (eek), which, needless to say, I’m not looking forward to.
Oh and I need to find a zip (that might help seeing as it has a zip down the front!), and buy some contrasting wool for the boarders...
Tis and odd post really, but I'm super happy about nearing the end of another project and just had to tell someone about it!

Ol' grumpy chops knitting in the gardinks.
No doubt I will be back in a year or so to show off my finished zipper. ;)
Tupney xxx

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A Candy Stripe Creation

Hullo there folks, again, long time no useless information!
I'm just one big muddled mess at the moment, so things on the old blog front have been somewhat quiet. I'm pretty sure tumbleweed would  have passed by if I had left it blogless any longer!

Anyhoo, I'm back with a lonely outfit post of a recent-ish 'me' make.
Nothing spectacular though, as like I said before, it was made by yours truly so one can't expect much! Having said that, I was pleased with the outcome... well, more so of the skirt than of  the blouse, but hey ho, they are finished at least. ;)
(Oh gee, why oh why did I say 'lonely'? Now I have "The Lonely Goatherd" song in me noggin...)

Some of you may remember the skirt from my previous holiday blog (yes I will do the second instalment at some point!). It's a nice, easy to wear skirt, which makes a welcome change form my usual tweeds, and not to mention it's terribly girly to boot. I'm not really a girly, girly dresser (I've always thought myself as more of a sideboard... ok, I'll behave!), so I have no idea why I longed for such an outfit!

Anyroad, enough babble... to the outfit>>>
(warning: it's picture heavy!)

The chosen patterns...
(Yes I can still fit into a 12-14 years!)
The finished pieces...

This outfit is one of those where it makes you feel all girlish and mischievous- so you better watch out if you see me in this skirt as I may be up to no good!

T'was extremely windy outside when I took these, hence the wind tunnel look!

Dodgy picture- makes me look most odd (I know I am but..). Good shot of my waves though (which are no more by the way!)

The Blouse was super easy to cut out and sew as it was just one piece- Hurrah! I'm not particularly keen on the whole drawstring thing and would much prefer a shirred or fixed gather instead... ah well, it looks okay I guess.


Little miss girly-wurl.

I was rather impressed with the skirt opening- no fiddly placket- just a cleverly placed cut under one of the folds at the back. The opening was then bound with bias binding (also known a Boris binding in our household), then the lap was made by folding about an inch from the cut and then fastened about 2 inches away from the left of the cut, thus concealing the opening.... not sure if that makes sense, but it truly was simple!
Now I'm still undecided about the bow- not sure if I want to attach it or not. I may at some point sew on some clear press studs to both parties so I can wear it with or without... just need the enthusiasm to sew the darn things on!
Oh and that reminds me, I had to make the skirt bigger in the waist because of the wide waistband.... gasp! I can tell you I had a bit of a shock when I placed all the pleats to the waistband to find it sat high and wouldn't do up comfortably over my ribs. All was well after jiggling the pleats a bit and cutting a new waistband though!

All in all, I'm rather pleased with the results. The skirt pattern is certainly going to be made up again at some point - perhaps in a subtle fabric? I'm not sure about the blouse, as I have some other peasant styles that are altogether more pleasing!
Here's to the next time,
Tupps xxx
♥ ♥ ♥

And here's some even sillier pictures of Miss Girly-wurl. I especially like the one with Norm the Gnome.... got to love a gnome!

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Cornish Capers: Part One

Hello There! I've finally got around to sorting out the Cornwall holiday snaps- fancy seeing a few? In this case 'a few' equates to millions...just thought I'd better warn you to the upcoming bombardment of painfully similar and large quantity of jolly holiday snaps....

I've never been on me hols to Cornwall before (we are very much a South Devon family!), so it was a whole new territory to explore! It was also an unexpected holiday, for it was only booked a few weeks before. Naturally I was rather excited and wanted a whole new wardrobe (as you do) to partner the new surroundings. This didn't happen, as it takes me forever to make even the simplest of garments, though, having said that, I did manage to run up a skirt (you can't miss it in the photos) and mammy made me a super 1 yard blouse. To be honest I hardly wore anything on hols (by this I mean I practically wore the same suit the whole week!), and so I could have taken a shopping bag full of clothes instead of the expanding suitcase!

Anyway, enough about what I did and didn't wear- I say time for the snaps!

Porthleven: our home for the week.

Reached via a visit to my beloved Totnes (and its super flea full of my kind of tat) and a cup'tea'bun break at Helston...

(oh and these are a mix of mine and P for popsie's snaps)

We arrived in glorious Sunshine...

... and I promptly got pooped on by a seagull.... yuck!

taken just outside our holiday cottage...

So clear!

Day Two: The beach and the first Pasty...
T'was so sunny and warm (don't faint) we decided to just pootle around the town (or whatever it was!) for the day. And by lunch time we made use of the bakery, bought some "award winning" pasties (fancy) and then headed for the beach....

The "award winning" pasties had to wait as I wanted to paddle. It was soooooo cold, and I mean cold- it made you do the cold - cold - cold jig!
Looks warm and inviting doesn't it!
Obviously it was the complete opposite.....
Tasting the "award winning" pasty (though I thought it was average) and having a flyaway hair moment...

Headscarf donned to keep my hair under control- this happened a lot over the week!
Day Three: The Lizard.

Ma and Pa had told me about a really old fashioned tea room on the Lizard, so I got my hopes up of having a lovely cream tea in super duper surroundings.... alas, that was 30+ years ago, and things have changed somewhat since. Let's just say it's now a crappy modern affair with no charm... bah! 

Me taking the above photos and a picture of..... well, the disappointment in the form of a tearoom!
The Lizard Peninsula... I think!

Siren or Harpy... ? Nah, Harpy... A Harpy on the rocks!
 Thankfully, we found a nice cafe to have some refreshments after our trundle down to the Lizard...
Action shot of
the making of the first (or was it the second?) cream tea of the holiday. Nom, Nom, Nom.
Think that's about all for today- just five more days to go!!!!
I shall divide it up and do another instalment of three days, then another of two days with my vintage finds bunged in... sounds like a good ideal to me. ;)
Tupps xxx

Remember this picture- it's connected to another of our holiday jaunts!

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